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2013/10/23 22:57:01
Confusing issue with importing assets Your welcome! Don't forget the elephants. Before import do as lamb says and press the Q key for 'two elephants'. If you count out loud saying '1 elephant 2 elephants' you will be able to import the cottage straight into the scene.

For those thinking I'm mad an 'elephant' is exactly one second...just watch Gregory's Girl!
2013/10/23 22:51:55
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) I've been having the same results. At one point though I had thought I had cracked it...I do having a model with working collision, but I cannot repeat the trick. Not only is the collision being pushed downwards it's also warping within Muvizu for some reason, and I'm just using a simple rectangle for collision. So I'm totally stuck and out of ideas now. But anyway here's a pic of some working collision in FBX

2013/10/23 0:02:25
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) I broke Muvizu Play+

After a couple of days of getting to grips with the new features I've run into a couple of problems.

The first problem is collision on FBX imports. There is collision there...of sorts but it is just not working correctly. Characters will sink through the collision yet other props will not get anywhere near the collision mesh.

There is also a problem with the character movement with the Rosie character. When you initiate the 'walk to' action by double clicking on a location, the character will not stop walking. The character will continue to walk until you press the stop recording button several times.

The new texture features are working wonderfully though. I now have a shiny new gorgeous set, unfortunately my character cannot interact with it.

One last little niggle, now that the scale has been reduced in Play+ the effects are over scaled. For example I have a nice glowing fire in a fireplace made to scale for the characters however the small flame effect is just too large to be used to finish off the scene to perfection.

Edited to add that I have sent set and model file to bugs address.

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2013/10/22 8:55:08
Standard views Ah now we are getting somewhere!

Based on this mornings calculations 1 metre in Muvizu Play + is 52.5mm in SketchUp & 3Ds Max!

The incredibly massive block behind is a metre squared block created in Max.
2013/10/22 1:07:22
Standard views Odd indeed...it seems that your Muvizu is working to the old scale...this I worked out...45 cm cube is the exact height for a chair so that standard Muvizu guy sits on it correctly.

For some reason Muvizu + scale is incredibly small, perhaps some guidance from Muvizu HQ? Please? Pretty please....with Tequila?
2013/10/21 20:55:29
Standard views Unfortunately Muvizu does not use the same scale at all...and as of yet I have still not managed to work out the Muvizu scale ratio other than...its tiny...I mean really really tiny.

To give you an idea of scale, below is an image of the set I am working on at the minute. I'm just at the stage where I'm sorting out the topology before I start adding more geometry. I've circled a small red rectangle at the front of the image which is 2cm wide by 14cm tall in SketchUp. If I was to import the small red rectangle into Muvizu it would be slightly taller than the Rosie character. Math, I am afraid, was never my strong point. Even less so now that I'm approaching senility. So I would very much welcome someone with the time and patience to work out the exact scale ratio between sketchUp and Muvizu.

2013/10/21 11:28:02
Standard views I admit it can be a bit of a pain...a bit like a sulky wife (says the bloke who's divorced twice) but if you put the collision first instead of an after thought then she will behave a bit better (says the bloke who learned its much better to have the other half live next door instead of in the same house).
2013/10/21 11:10:49
Standard views Here are a couple of tips on scene construction...

Make the clock and the wall as one model in SketchUp. That way you can position the clock exactly where you require it. All of my sets begin life as a sketch on graph paper, then constructed in SketchUp and then broken down into sections where the collision mesh can be easily calculated and which can be easily textured and aligned once imported into Muvizu.
Collision is your friend! Create a collision mesh that allows the surfaces to align correctly.
Dreeko had a good tip of importing a floor plan image onto a ground plane to help with alignment.

Hope this helps.
2013/10/21 1:45:23
FBX Finally managed to get a model finished. One thing I noticed with Max when making emissive maps is not to use a light map or indeed variations of black or white. Instead i had to use a simplified version of the texture map. So far opacity is still giving me headaches...and I'm totally stumped as to what 'shinies' are? Come on lamb...let me into the secret?

Finally I have lamps that both glow and shine!
2013/10/20 18:58:07
FBX FBX...deep joy...oh the possibilities...if only I can get models to work consistently.

Applying normal Bump Maps is not a problem. I managed to sort out the emissive maps...but transparencies are causing me incredible headaches! Particularly an emissive map used in conjunction with an opacity map.
2013/10/19 8:34:52
Rosie needs a man! Okay guy's I'm hoping the Muvizu Brains Trust can help with this one...

I'm currently working on an animation using Rosie as a main character. Now I need Rosie to have an elderly sidekick, however I cannot get the standard Muvizu characters or Sinister/Hero types...to either blend with the Rosie characters animation style and looks or to scale to match appropriately.

I would dearly love the Muvizu team to come up with a standard bloke in the same generation/type of character as Rosie but in the meantime I would welcome any suggestions on a suitable sidekick. For those old enough to have seen the Margaret Rutherford version of Miss Marple...I need an equivalent to the doddery old boy Mr Stringer Miss Marple sidekick.
2013/10/11 20:51:40
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) It's not just Ziggy...look what I got when I tried to log on Whaaaaa?
2013/10/10 23:34:26
Sketchup to Muvizu OK Guess which bit of the latest release of Muvizu captured my imagination? Go on...guess!

Well it's just a very simple box but...I like it...and the new release of Muvizu with added lumps!

Just got the door to add ... Biblical Epic anyone?
2013/10/10 23:05:37
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released Cracking site...cannot wait for the premier of this film!
2013/10/9 19:56:06
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Now then my Young Lamb

I must do a spot of wicket keeping here or at least bat for the opposing team...I hate Blender with a vengeance. After months of fiddling with the over complicated UI, I rapidly came to the conclusion that I would have a better chance of negotiating a lasting peace settlement for the Middle East than getting my poor head around Blender.

Don't get me wrong Sketchup has it's drawbacks, especially it's latest incarnation...but what do you expect when architects get involved? Check out the number of SAAB and Volvo models available in the warehouse! However by adding the right plugins to your sketchUp toolbar and learning the basic rules of modelling in 3D will have you knocking out good quality 3D models rapidly. First plugin is ThomThom's Cleanup (all plugins available at www.sketchucation.com). Does exactly what it says on the tin, gets rid of all that geometry that you do not need. Next up is Fredo's Thrupaint. Sorts out your textures and UV's. Finally there is the pen+ tools.Handy little gadget that helps draw vertices without having unwanted faces being added.

For those of a school age, don't forget that Maya and 3DX Max can be had from autodesk for free on an educational license. For everyone else don't forget there is a free converter available from Autodesk to convert your model files into FBX format.

My own personal workflow involves sketchUp for the bulk of the modelling. I then import the model into 3Ds Max for UVW unwrapping. Textures are created in Gimp ( I prefer Gimp to Photoshop) with the occasional tweak to a texture done in Mudbox.

My personal advice is, if you can use the likes of Maya, Max, Mudbox or Z-brush then take the opportunity to do so, if for whatever reason you can't then find the easiest solution. For some it maybe Blender for others SketchUp or even a combination of the two. I'm not so much getting on in years as galloping over the rapidly approaching precipice of senility shouting 'Yipee' as I go over the edge, so I'm afraid I didn't have the time or patience for Blender...apart from which, left with a future which contains the ominous possibility of the loss of me teef and a liquidised menu from Meals on Wheels or Muck on a truck I intend to steer clear of blenders for as long as I can.
2013/10/8 16:41:50
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) OK iiiiiiiiiiits daft question time! Can any of the dev team point me int' right direction for correct FBX settings (from either 3dsMax or Maya) when saving out a model ready for import into Muvizu? Seems to be working OK so far although I'm having probs with the odd artefact if FBX saved with no smoothing and a shed load of weirdness if I save and import a smoothed model.
2013/10/4 0:26:57
Coming Soon... Surely it should be a coat of arms

perhaps with the motto "Caseus planto pedere te!"
2013/9/24 0:00:35
A question of scale? I've just spent an evening scaling and importing into Muvizu and finally calculated that each model needs reducing to 6% of the size of previous models. There's no mathematics involved in the calculations....just a lot of caffeine and nicotine and quite a bit of guesswork. Only problem is that I now have troubles with smoothing groups. back to the drawing board!
2013/9/23 10:22:11
A question of scale? Thanks guys, although I'm still having difficulties.

Here's the problem. I'm designing a set. I want to build the set from scratch with each of the buildings in the set as a separate model so that I can reuse the set in a different configuration (or other Muvizu users can use it) as and when I need it. Now my initial rough build of the set is in place, as per the graphic, and I'm getting ready to start on the detail with the initial build scaled to my former Muvizu proportions. However to import the set models into the current build of Muvizu I need to shrink the size of each model in a uniform manner so that they fit together correctly in Muvizu and will actually fit inside the Muvizu world space. Roughly as a percentile by how much would I need to reduce the scale of the models?
2013/9/21 9:26:42
A question of scale? In the new version of Muvizu has there been an alteration in scale? The reason that I'm asking is that when I'm modeling new props I made a set of measures and calculations so that props would 'look right' in the Muviverse. The basis of these calculations was that 0.46 cm was the correct hight for a seat or bench when a standard character is in sitting position. Now on importing a new model into Muvizu made to my pre existing scales...props are gigantic...I mean huge....I mean bigger than the Greek deficit...vaster than a Godfrey Bloom howler...more humongous than a Lib Dem compromise...as large as a bankers bonus...as epic as a Muvizu staff bar bill...honest...they are a bit big.
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