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2016/10/31 15:38:53
Exporting from Sketchup or Blender -- Oct 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
I've got a copy here : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ALlUfF5OI9dJgR4

Hey Zig,

Another silly question. Do you have the most recent up-to-date version of your .ASE exporter? I just want to make sure the files I am downloading is safe and not full of bullcrap malware.

Thanks for the link to Sketch Up 8 BTW

2016/10/28 15:46:56
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu Hey Zig,

Thanks for the reply.

I created a UV map in Blender. My map works in Blender (in Object mode with Textures on, I see the map applied). I'm exporting to FBX using the exact settings you are using (eg. mesh only, no bones, smoothing set to face, etc) but when I import the object into Muvizu, it is just a grey box (none of my UV mapping has been applied). The UV map is the same name as the object, only with a PNG extension. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?

2016/10/28 0:13:24
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu Hi everyone,

I sincerely apologize if this question has been asked before.

Very simply, I have determined that I will be using Blender to create models for use with Muvizu in FBX format. While I have some experience modeling with Blender (I have created stuff before), I know next to nothing about materials and UV mapping/unwrapping. I never made it that far with Blender.

So here is a hypothetical situation. Let's say I have a cube object. I want one side to be black and all other sides to be a beige color OR perhaps show an image texture like stucco. Do I simply use materials in Blender OR should I UV unwrap the cube, bring it into Photoshop and then import the FBX and other UV files into Muvizu? This is what I am confused about. Does the FBX format support built-in materials, colors, etc or should I create a UV map? Has someone created a good workflow procedure when it comes to working with Blender and Muvizu?

Ultimately, I want to create objects that my characters with wear, hold, etc. Then all this collision stuff is confusing the heck out of me as well. Not sure if I need to worry about that.

Thanks guys. Great product. Great forum.

2016/10/23 17:09:24
Clara.io - Is anyone using it for 3D modelling? Hi everyone,

Well, the subject line says it all. Is anyone using Clara.io and what are your thoughts? I see that it has FBX export, perfect for bringing into Muvizu. Since I use many different computers in a given day, this may be a great free solution.


2016/10/22 21:07:36
Exporting from Sketchup or Blender -- Oct 2016 Thanks guys!! I just tested importing an .FBX into Muvizu (just the basic starter cube) and it worked!! I used the settings Ziggy72 listed.

What about textures and materials? Should I do all this in Blender and then export a flatted UV map (just like in the .ASE tutorials)?

Sorry for all the basic questions. Although I've modelled in Blender before and have a bunch of stuff, I'm still very new to 3D and UV maps and such.

Thanks again.

2016/10/22 20:16:25
Exporting from Sketchup or Blender -- Oct 2016 Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this question has been asked over and over again, but I must say that I am thoroughly confused. I know that I need to export to .ASE format to import into Muvizu BUT most of the documentation is from 2010 to 2012. Blender is now up to version 2.78 and Sketchup is far past version 8. Can someone point me to updated documentation on how to get models from Sketchup or Blender into Muvizu, and by updated I mean now (October 2016)? I have a bunch of stuff already modelled in Blender but willing to use Sketchup if need be.

Thanks in advance!!

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