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2011/10/14 12:53:37
Best Show Ever episode one complete The second part of the pilot is done, here are both parts together for you to check out:

2011/10/12 12:35:01
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I'd mentioned this one before as well. I had been using the 5 key to return the head to the starting position rather than the Release button as I much prefer using the keyboard. I guess I'll have to use the mouse after all...
2011/10/6 13:07:50
Characters Always Smiling Is this just when you're preparing the actions? That is an odd bug in Muvizu that it retains the character's initial state no matter what action you pick. Rest assured, when you go to actually direct the animation the character will adopt the appropriate face.

If this is when you're directing, then you got me...
2011/10/2 14:41:25
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ziggy72 wrote:
In fact, after that, the timeline doesn't respond to anything.

I mentioned this one earlier, and it doesn't seem to be localized the head/eyes dialog. I've found that when this happens, if I go to the regular Timeline editor and push play, then stop, then go BACK to whatever I was tryng to record it works. I don't know why, It may have something to do with the timeline's new odd focus you mentioned.

As for the microphone, I'm sure it's because the new mic is actually labelled as "none" so when you pick "none," there it is!
2011/9/30 16:39:32
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) My experience with dialog sync is this:

If you move the marker back a bit and then push play, the dialog sync is correct. If you stop and restart or move the timeline forward, the audio lags WAY behind the action. Again, nudging it back, even if just a bit put the sync back.
2011/9/30 15:08:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ziggy72 wrote:
And restore the ability to create cue points by clicking on the master timeline?

That was the only part of the old timeline I didn't like. I was constantly inadvertanly adding cue points. However, I'd gladly take back that one slight aggravation to get all the other features of the old timeline back.
2011/9/30 14:58:05
Import more than 1 dialogue audio file? And if anyone wants to complain about the audio quality, you can just say it's intention since the videos are made like we're watching a home recorded video. Very good thinking!

Looking forward to the next installment. "Should there be fireworks or something?" Still has me chuckling.
2011/9/30 13:06:47
Just like Danimal? Aw shucks , I'm going to start blushing here.

The easiest way I found to get the object to move with the character is to point the camera straight at the object and then pull it back. Trying to go side to side is really rough.

That every time you go back to "Object movement" the camera sweeps all over the place and you have to redo the settings is the biggest time consumer. It really just takes a bit of practice.

For the scene carrying the couch, we're actually standing still while the background moves around us. This also brought up an interesting snag: the camera and background, on the same setting, moved at completely different speeds. So that took a bit more trial and error.

Lesson learned: trick your way around object handling whenever you can, haha. laugh

Thanks for the good words
2011/9/28 22:05:39
Grouping objects It is possible using the Group function, but the results aren't always all that spectacular. I built a refirgerator by using blocks and it's... well, passable.

So the answer is yes, but don't have tremendous expectations. Modeling and object creation are most definitely not Muvizu's strong suits - it's all about making quick animations easily.
2011/9/28 12:43:21
New character? A floating set of lips? That is an excellent idea!
2011/9/28 12:40:35
Newbie Introduction Glad to have you here! Enjoy your stay.
2011/9/23 0:40:34
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Jamie wrote:
Could you send the set file that won't to bugs@muvizu.com and we'll take a look into what is going wrong

I tried but it was too big to attach to my email. It did have everything in it: movement, action, dialog, you name it.
2011/9/22 2:29:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) This just in from the "Really Danimal, Shut Up Already" news desk...

Opened the set in the old version, deleted imported objects, now it opens in the new version. I'll have to re-import the objects, but I guess that's better than flushing weeks of work down the drain.

I did notice the timeline still acts oddly. When you zoom in, it shunts back to the beginning of the timeline rather than staying where the cursor is now. Other than that, it looks WAY better and I look forward to using it!

2011/9/22 2:02:15
muvizu mogul demands more satire! Oi vey - I need a shot of PUN-icillin!
2011/9/22 1:18:54
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) And... nothing. Still not loading the set. I'm downloading the old update now, but it would sure be super excellent if I knew what to do so that I can use the new update with these old files.

2011/9/21 23:35:37
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) GOt home and indeed my computer had gone into sleep mode, severing the download connection. Trying again, with a nice, rapid four hour estimated download time, since it's evidently coming from the moon.

Please note that I really appreciate the wonderful and free software provided, despite my recent rash of complaints.

And just for future reference, you know, in December when my download's complete, what would I do in the old update to correct the problem to make the objects not "broken" so they do work in the new update?

2011/9/21 16:56:54
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) This morning, as a test, I opened a different set that also had at least one imported object and it did open because that was my initial thought as well. I don't know if this is one that was ever resaved in the newer version though.

I'm not sure I understand the term "broken objects" either. What about them would be broken? And the entire set didn't load. Had it been just the objects, that would have been a simple fix.

Again, I'll try the full install when I get home but I'm feeling a little worried that it won't work. Is the previous version with the new interface but not with the patch still available?
2011/9/21 15:08:20
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I'm not sure. Right now I'm at work and I left the download going when I left. It should be waiting for me when I get home. That is, as long as I my computer doesn't go to sleep and stop the download - D'OH! Brick Wall
2011/9/21 14:27:49
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) When I opened Muvizu, it said that there is a new version and asked me to update. That took only a few minutes so I had guessed it was just the corrected files as opposed to the hour long download of the full installation.

The other download files are just below the two prominent download banners. There's a paragraph that says : "if you need to revert to the previous version of Muvizu (0.16b), you should uninstall any other versions and download again. v0.16b 32-bit is here and v0.16b 64-bit is here."
2011/9/21 13:11:48
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) The heat fizzled VERY quickly.

When I try to open a set I was just working on yesterday I get an error saying the file cannot be loaded because it's an unknown format.

I didn't download the whole install, just the patch. I will try doing the full doanload and see if that helps. If not I see the only other version available is the .016 release which will also not open the set because it's in the newer version. Any chance of getting the .017 release should this happen again?

Thanks. The changes were apparent in the blank set, and "Recent" is now the default selection. This won't help much if I can't open my sets though.
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