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2011/7/19 2:11:12
v0.16b Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
Not sure I want to tackle the Skeleton map just yet

It's pretty simple. Just use good ol' trial and error. I was able to mock up a suit coat and a tattoo on a character's arm. And yes, the feature we've all wanted: the yellow belt, red underwear and blue legs of Superman. And if you leave parts of the UV map transparent, the core character shows through.

This is such a great feature!
2011/7/18 23:45:18
v0.16b Feedback Oh indeed how wonderful the Shadow slider is - love it!

And mappable textures for the characters? How sweet is THAT? This is going to make getting away from the program fairly difficult.

I didn't notice any difference in the movement system, but I only gave a quick run though.
2011/7/18 16:33:22
Download Mirrors WOO HOO! I just saw this on the Download page. Can't wait to get home and try it out!

Thanks!! Wiggle
2011/7/17 19:56:24
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Very cool! I didn't even know that was in there! Come to think of it, I don't know much of anything about Vegas. As powerful as it is, I really use it as a super simple editor.

Thanks for posting this, I'm going to have to try it out!
2011/7/15 16:56:57
Hitfilm - editor and post processing software Wow, that looks pretty sweet. I wish I weren't such a cheap bum or I'd buy it!
2011/7/15 12:59:09
Avoiding random crashes Thanks for the tip! I wasn't experiencing crashed, but when I moved to a 64 bit machine, Vegas stopped recognizing the XviD codec. In downloading the new version, it's back so I can import and export using it once more! It still doesn't like direct Muvizu output, but that's no problem with Virtual Dub.

Thanks again!
2011/7/15 12:56:38
Second Muvizu project. Very nice job on both videos. The desert island one not only had a funny tag, but it shows that the good old U.S. of A. is ruining the world with its ignorance and apathy! Woohoo, yet another feather in our cap!

U.S.A! U.S... ummm, what's the next letter?
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2011/7/13 21:36:05
Facial animation Well howdy Dreeko!
Dreeko wrote:
Or would it simply be better to use the "ball in a circle" control that directs the head position around to move the mouth shape from happy to sad (and the variants between) and have a similar separate control for eyebrows left and right with a tick box for movement in unison?

I have had nothing but poor results or 20 takes using the "ball in a circle" as it's in there currently and almost without exception use the number keys to move the character's head. I've often wished for a key control to gradually move, but almost never use the mouse as the result is not what I want 99% of the time.

I hate using the mouse. If I could never have to touch the mouse I'd be in heaven. Anything using the numberpad is an improvement in my book, that's one of the reasons I enjoy this software as much as I do. Not much of what I ever do happens "over time" anyway, I'm more of an "instant emotional change" kind of guy.

I do realize everything I'm saying is because it's what I want versus what might actually be the best approach, it was just a thought I had to implement facial expressions while taking away the tedium and manual process of actually animating them.
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2011/7/13 18:21:33
Facial animation As an afterthought, even the ability to add existing expressions to the happy mood would be nice. I love the sad and angry faces, but am not so fond of the poses the strike.

Come to think of it, I know a "nuetral mood" was discussed. Why not use that as the template? Neutral mood with an array of expressions to number key in while directing? Seems like it would really increase the ability to make convincing animations yet keep the super simple interface which keeps creativity focused on good material rather than if the left eyebrow should be up 1/2" or if the nostril should be 3% more flared. Direct, don't animate, yes?
2011/7/13 18:17:28
Facial animation mysto wrote:
Since more control over facial animation seems to be a ways off maybe if we had a few more different moods to choose from? Disgusted, shy, surprised, shocked, coy, bewildered, etc.

I've been thinking about this and I would be overjoyed with the expressions without full on "moods." Like permutations of the happy mood, but using the number key, we can give different facial expressions like sick, sarcastic, sleepy, whatever. No need to make full on actions for looks that generally only last a second or so anyway. Even different versions of the smile (open mouth, closed mouth, etc...) would be excellent.

I would immensely prefer this over facial animation. In fact, nothing could excite me less as a potential feature. The last thing in the world I want to do is have 8,000 tweakable things. I may as well break out Carrara and try to animate using that. I love Muvizu's push-button simplicity. Why not use that model to give a wider range of expressions?

Just a thought that occurred to me while I probably ought to be working.
2011/7/12 23:38:12
The bird that never flew Simply awesome! Loved the texturing on the floor and the lit lettering, which I am guessing was a spotlight gel of some sort?

In any event, magnificent stuff!
2011/7/11 12:24:42
Next release Luscan wrote:
Little early in the year for a Santa hat, isn't it? What're you cooking up over there, Danimal? :P

Oh... nothing...

(NOTE TO SELF: Abort "Project Santa Stew")
2011/7/10 12:15:46
Uploaded to YouTube, but how do I do so here too? Very nice! I liked the wandering people in the background. And check out the plug for Muvizu! Really great stuff!

To get it to post here, you have to upload it through either Muvizu itself or the uploader on the site. Do note that it can take a day or two to show up because the video is reviewed before posting. If you've already uploaded it to YouTube, the only way to get others here to see it is post it in the forum or post an update.
2011/7/9 23:22:43
Next release And a Santa hat? I would have bet money there was one in there but when I looked today there wasn't.
2011/7/9 23:22:02
Changing Moods It's not supposed to be that way, incidentally. The previous versions did adopt the new emotion in the Prepare screen, I suspect that they don't in this release is a bug.
2011/7/9 13:26:43
Changing Moods Here's my limited understanding of it:

In the Prepare Actions screen, for some reason the character retains its initial mood no matter what action you give him. So he grins even though he's slouching his shoulders and kicking the ground which is a sad motion.

In the Direct Actions screen, when you hit, for instance, and angry action, the character will perform the action but then return to the initial mood. If you want him to remain angry, you'd hit assign him an angry idle action after the first angry action.

I hope this helps.
2011/7/1 22:42:56
Easter Eggs Guaranteed to get a standing ova-ation!
2011/7/1 20:36:28
Easter Eggs ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, everyone, enough with stressing over these things

"Stressing" is for women on the Lifetime Channel. I don't bother with that, I skip directly to full blown rage. I also don't take kindly to orders either, so I'll take this as a request to ramp up the Easter Egg discussion tenfold.laugh
2011/7/1 15:16:01
Easter Eggs Dreeko wrote:
Danimal, Just do what I do and ease the pain with some feature requests.


Good call. Where ARE those pesky Waypoints? And for that matter, how come we didn't get a News Update in June? I'm also going to have to insist on custom textured clothing. How about lens flares? Has anyone considered adding a worm character? Seems to me a "sticking out your tongue while cartwheeling" character action would reap untold benefits! I know holding props is high on the wish list, but what about giving thought to hula hooping? Who else would like to see the ability to import characters directly from an old Atari 2600? What ever happened to the highly detailed room-by-room exact replica of the Small Wonder set we were promised many times over?

I'm sure there's more, that's all I've got for now. I'll put my thinking cap on though (NOTE: thinking cap may or may not be one of those "two beer can" novelty hats)
2011/7/1 14:01:27
Easter Eggs Doesn't change anything I said...

...but thanks.
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