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2015/5/4 13:37:26
Real animation - A world of pain! Dreeko wrote:
Anime Studio has all the right ingredients but falls short of the true real time direction approach.

Every so often I drift back to Anime Studio and marvel at how good it looks and the depth of its features. Then I spend three days making a character walk ten feet and remember why I don't use it anymore. In fact, years before knowing of Muvizu I used to wonder aloud "why can't they build in actions so you can make a character walk with the click of a button? Also, when did I start talking to myself?" Then I stumbled upon Muvizu thanks to one Dreeko himself and have enjoyed it ever since.

mysto wrote:
I have some new animations I've been working on that I'll be posting soon

Any Garage Band Blues stuff? You really need to get that lazy collaborator of yours in gear to crank out some more of those!Goofus
2015/4/1 13:58:17
Toon biplane in Muvizu (in FBX format) Coooooooool! Big Grin
2015/4/1 12:14:21
13 Gates Part Two They appear to be a broken image icon... Confused
2015/3/31 13:18:32
13 Gates Part Two sensesfear wrote:
Do you mean is my film a hit?

You referred to it as a hit:

sensesfear wrote:
Part two to the hit series

I believe Primaveranz was questioning why you would refer to it as such.
2015/3/20 12:32:21
Have an object drop from the sky Create a ground plane and set it to "floats in air." Raise it up as high as you'd like, then put the falling object on top of it. Use Object Movement to slide it off the ground plane and it will then fall.

The appearing on a character's head part is another story and would probably require some kind of editing trick.

This is one method, I'm sure there's more.
2015/3/20 12:29:42
Cooking and Sleeping character actions There are many poses where the character is laying down. Coupled with closed eyes, this would serve for sleeping.

As for cooking and making drinks, there are no direct actions and there is no way to import them. You'd have to look for actions that look similar to what you want and use those or use clever camera cuts to help mask that they're moving, but maybe not specifically stirring a pot, for instance.
2015/3/18 10:56:08
Fireplace fire - cap fire - flames There is a fire effect that would work well for this. Go to Create -> Effects. Select the fire effect. It'll appear as a pink box that you can move to direct the fire and it has options for size, intensity, etc...
2015/3/9 11:04:54
How do I fake lip sync? The characters move their mouths based on audio files, there's no way around it. Even if you turn on lip sync, they won't do anything without audio.
2015/3/9 10:58:46
Muvizu Ghost (1st Attempt) Nice job!
2015/3/5 22:32:22
March 2015 update bugs ukBerty wrote:
I've long since ignored messages when loading sets - they all look OK to me.....

Same here. I can't remember the last time I opened a set without getting an error message but can never find anything actually wrong. I always just think "ah, there's the error message" and then go on with my work.
2015/3/3 17:41:31
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Love Muvizu, but surely this sofftware would be the best in the world if they put more realistic avatar as the iclone6, our WOULD BE PERFECT. Maybe one day

Unless it's some multi-million dollar movie, attempts at "realistic" 3D characters always, always looks awful without exception anywhere. The cartoony aspect of the current characters lets your brain say "oh, it's a cartoon" and focus on the story rather than the inevitable distraction caused by downright frightening attempts at realism.
2015/3/3 11:03:31
Issue with Commercial License mysto wrote:
My license number was already in place. Was I just lucky?

Not just you, Mysto, the same happened for me. I was all set to paste in my license number, but it was already there.
2015/3/3 11:00:58
FBX UDK editor stuff. I've only attached a few items and in every case the object I imported was HUGE so I had to go back and scale it down several times until it finally looked about right, then used Muvizu's scale tools to finish the job. I used Sketchup for these and admittedly am far from an expert in 3D objects or importing. I hope someone else can chime in with a suggestion.
2015/3/2 23:01:05
FBX UDK editor stuff. EEFilmz wrote:
how do I "attach" items to characters?

It's done through the character edit section. If you want the gun in the character's right hand, you'd edit the right hand of the character. Along with the regular attachments, the first option will now be a sort of box-like icon. That's the one that lets you import an attachment to the hand.

It's not done by sticking the object to the character, but by making it an actual part of the character. Hope this helps!
2015/3/2 16:33:50
March 2015 update bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
And my character still seems to be breathing...

When I went to the Timeline, he stopped. It doesn't seem to take until you're actually playing or recording.
2015/3/2 16:32:44
The Future of Muvizu revealed! bigwally wrote:
Does the "don't breathe" option work for anyone else?

It works, but it doesn't show right away. I had to go into the Timeline to see the actual no-breathing.
2015/3/2 16:03:16
The Future of Muvizu revealed! chuckles wrote:
How do I get the new update ? It doesn't happen when I start Muvizu like it used to do.

It didn't for me either, I had to actually download and install the package:

2015/3/2 14:15:42
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Well that was quick - already downloading!
2015/3/2 13:20:02
The Future of Muvizu revealed! PCollimonster wrote:
new release on its way later today



Looking forward to checking it out!
2015/2/27 13:53:39
The Future of Muvizu revealed! PCollimonster wrote:
bug fixes and new content within the new release

I like it already!
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