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2011/12/31 10:34:18
Has he been yet ? Wow I won something !!! That made my day !many thanks for all the congrats and a BIG WELL DONE to Dylly and Ziggy both well deserved winners.
expect to see new movies from me coming soon
Happy new year to everyone
2011/12/24 12:15:55
Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas one and all !!
2011/12/21 15:26:15
would be great if it got past the splash screen! not sure, for me to run muvizu i have to physically remove that ati and put my g force in ,and it loads /runs fine then ,very strange
2011/12/21 12:00:27
would be great if it got past the splash screen! without a doubt I would say its the graphics card there !-had a similar problems.
2011/9/20 15:27:17
hell bound train now up just posted hell bound train at

2011/9/10 10:10:15
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. lol pretty cool idea,been trying to remake star wars new hope,just escaped the deathstar,im knee deep in bits of falcon,deathstar,various star ships,3d models,char skins , etc,when i finished will gladly share,still cant figure how to save/share my custom char skins to faves tho.
Be warned trying to make a hour long movie in muvizu does kinda destroy your will to live lol.
2011/8/23 16:19:24
grouping objects ah great i will play around with it ,im trying to build a x-wing hee
2011/8/23 14:21:14
grouping objects while trying to build something I notice in the edit options with lock unlock etc there is a group command its greyed out does this work at all or is this something to be implemented later ?
2011/8/22 16:54:17
best size to upload to utube brilliant I managed to edit the tag on one of my versions and its now widescreen

the other doesn't wanna play tho

thanks Zig !!
2011/8/22 12:05:12
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? defiantly shooting actions and sword fighting actions .this would open up alot of possibilities.
oh and they really ,really need to be able to hold objects(or have some basic objects added ,like the instruments are )
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2011/8/22 10:09:09
best size to upload to utube I am really struggling getting widescreen videos on you tube ,what size should i aim for to get a good widescreen video ie frame size .I have big problems uploading (very slow) so cant have anything too big.
because of editing ,fx etc cant upload in muvizu program(which is only way I've had hd widescreen.
been using Vegas movie studio 10 and have just downloaded any video converter but still struggling .how do i make my vids look good on you-tube any tips gladly accepted .
2011/8/20 13:54:44
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube what is also pretty interesting is after I increased the pitch by 6 (still sounded exactly the same ) youtube did not recognize the copyright on any of the music !!
2011/8/20 9:33:17
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube now managed to get a version uploaded via muvizu loader
2011/8/19 15:50:38
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Managed this today while uploading the first part of my star wars movie ,actually looks really good,did have to retexture most of it myself tho
2011/8/19 15:14:48
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube check out part one at
2011/8/18 15:09:57
muvizu star wars trailer lol thanks going a bit stir crazy from trying to edit
2011/8/18 14:30:01
muvizu star wars trailer Trailer for my current project Star wars is now up expect to see part one up in the next couple of days

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2011/8/13 11:34:40
fight scene problems sorry I have figured it out !! I was trying to do this in one take ,the "zombie" was still connected to the char movement lines ,I just have to break the scene down in to a few sections ,thanks anyway
2011/8/13 11:24:01
fight scene problems hi now its public doh !!
2011/8/13 11:17:45
fight scene problems thanks but I checked that here's an example of the problem
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