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2017/4/25 20:08:51
Digimania has gone into administration Rodrisilva wrote:
zuijlen wrote:

Let me say first of all that I was shocked to learn about Muvizu, and that I'm sorry for the Muvizu users. Muvizu wasn't for me, but I always considered it a sympathetic product. Hopefully a buyer can be found and so that the product will continue.

So while I understand you are upset, why trash other products? iClone users like myself have feelings too. In the hands of a talented person iClone is very capable and it is continuously improving, but it's different from Muvizu, which is only a good thing. I don't believe in animation having to look a particular way. Diversity is the key.
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I'm not good at fights over primacy. You do not know me well enough to understand the extent of my words. If I want and I can spend time in animation I would never choose any of the programs under discussion. I would choose those the professionals use. And yes I am capable of doing it. As an amateur my time is limited so I use the tools that guarantee me better efficiency. Iclone is certainly very good. Animating avatars so similar to humans is no easy task and requires hardware features that most users do not have. Otherwise what you see is the ice faces of most Iclone videos on internet. Show me one that not suffer from that disease. A cartoon is always a cartoon. In my opinion most fun and funny. If I want to make an animated film with humans, I choose real humans. Iclone is a good business tool. You buy it and keep buying an amount of packs to complete it. Meanwhile in this frenzy of improvements the user deviate from his goal and the fever is to acquire a better machine, or another pack but none of this substantially improves the speed with which animation is produced.
I respect all forms of animation. I love the originals. In fact none of them are usually made with these programs including Muvizu itself.

I feel compelled to add something here. As someone that invested CONSIDERABLE money into iClone5 I can say it is a good animation program IF you have the right hardware and are aware your original investment WILL lead to more investment. Do not go by their minimum requirements. I agree with the following quote 100%: "Iclone is a good business tool. You buy it and keep buying an amount of packs to complete it. Meanwhile in this frenzy of improvements the user deviate from his goal and the fever is to acquire a better machine, or another pack but none of this substantially improves the speed with which animation is produced."
2017/4/22 20:45:31
Digimania has gone into administration PatMarrNC wrote:
Ammostro wrote:
A facebookgroup where we can post our clips, sets, idea's,.. . Maybe a good idea. So we can stay in touch.

There is already a FB page dedicated to Muvizu... ZUCHAT

Unfortunately, FB doesn't offer a way to trade sets. I think a yahoo group would be a good idea, since they have an area for file storage

I also hope that if the plug is pulled out, the program will continue to work.

I hesitate to make any claims because so much is still not known... but a number of people have tested to see what would happen if the server goes down, and we feel pretty sure that Muvizu will continue to work as long as you run it on the computer where it was originally licensed.

The problem is that if/when your computer fails, you won't be able to reinstall on another computer. So if your computer is fairly new, you probably have a long time left to use Muvizu. Hopefully in that period of time, new options may arise. Put my name on the list of people who hopes that the administrators allow it to go open source, or that a buyer emerges.

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Actually I do see many groups on FB that have file areas and they do exchange files.
2017/4/22 2:51:50
Digimania has gone into administration I just got Muvizu very recently and, having worked with several other programs, could easily see how unique it is, even with all it's warts and workarounds. I am VERY disappointed and hope some good comes out of this. I was looking forward to working with it and, given the rapid pace of technology, I am hesitant to work with programs that suddenly stop working because the technology moved past the program's last version. Either way, I am waiting to see how it all pans out.
2017/4/21 8:32:39
Digimania has gone into administration I might add I do wish Muvizu would post something on this thread to alleviate anxieties.
2017/4/21 8:26:51
Digimania has gone into administration lillilulli wrote:
Guys, maybe you don't want to understand and keep ion justifying these people:
vacation or not, prolonged holidays or not...IF YOU BUY A SOFTWARE AND GET AN EMPTY BOX IS A CHEATING!
There is no holiday enough to justify their silence....

I don't think anyone is being insensitive to your complaint. It is valid and most of us have experienced the same frustration from one company or another at some point.
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2017/4/20 14:26:47
Digimania has gone into administration As stated in a previous message, SmithMicro that recently did a promo sale on Muvizu is doing one this week on Voxelise. I questioned them regarding these messages and received this today:

John replied:

Thank you for contacting Support. I do not have any information that they are going out of business. This company is digimania.

John Csaky | Customer/Tech Support
Smith Micro Software, Inc. |
2017/4/20 0:50:48
Digimania has gone into administration I got this on March 6th

Jamie Hill (Digimania Ltd)
6 Mar, 14:17 WET

Hi Richard,
We are still very much active. You can check our release history here:
I don't have any details on the next update to Muvizu but we tend to release updates 2 or 3 times a year.
If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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2017/4/20 0:45:43
Digimania has gone into administration All I know is SmithMicro is offering a sale this week on Voxelise and they are not known to sell products going out of development.
2017/3/21 6:59:51
Attempting to Ride A bird In Muvizu : Shenanigans Excellent! The music adds a lot also.
2017/3/18 22:59:44
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? Newbie here. This post mentions 5 cameras. I thought Muvizu had a maximum of 4 cameras?
2017/3/18 21:35:15
No import button on create object screen Oh geez lol. I forgot the advice I always tell people. Look at the *&^%$ screen.
2017/3/18 3:59:23
No import button on create object screen I have Muvizu Pro and do not see the import button on the create object screen like in the videos. Is it currently disabled?
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2017/3/4 1:14:33
Help me decide? I just heard of Muvizu and it looks like a lot of fun. I am considering purchase. My question is for those that have the program. (I am notorious for buying things too quickly) So, without trying to start a negative post, what did you find about Muvizu that you wish you knew before you bought it? What unrealistic expectations did you have?

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