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2011/3/17 13:27:33
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Cool set mate, nice lighting, looking forward to the sketch
2011/3/17 10:48:16
Eyes?? Love it!
2011/3/16 11:25:11
Hi all Hi commanderz, welcome aboard, you'll love it here...
2011/3/15 16:03:27
Youtube Uploading Hi Lahon, yeah looks like a big video file freeze, happened to me, I switched my
codec to divx, it made the file shrink so uploading to youtube was no problem.

Hope you get it sorted
Cheers, artpen
2011/3/15 15:48:26
Making Video Hi, it's perfectly normal, it's called render time, and it's slow, so sit back have coffee, watch tv and wait for your work of art to unfold...

Enjoy muvizu
2011/3/15 11:22:30
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Sorry dreeko, your set is class mate, top draw, well done
2011/3/14 21:17:49
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Cheers dreeko, yeah strange, I've had this set for some time, took ages,
Bloody thing, very fiddly.
It was part of a comedy I gave up on for the Holiday from Hell comp.
I think I burned myself out on the set building, and missed the deadline!!
Like ziggy, I was going to, but still might finish it if I get the time, but it's hard with
Kids n stuff... anyway I've got some lovely sets which I think everybody will love.

Glad you liked it, and glad to help out, the more stuff we produce the easier we can do our stuff with our limited time.

I hope now we can get a good jumbo jet in the 3d assets

Cheers mate
2011/3/9 14:30:42
Jim's last day good luck Jim, thanks for all your help and sound advice

Good luck, cheers mate
2011/3/9 11:08:59
Speed up, Slow down animations? Sorry neil, I missed it, sounds good anyway, can't wait to see the upgrade.

Ps, how is the dreeko dragon coming on?
2011/3/9 10:24:32
Speed up, Slow down animations? Hi team, just a little cookie crumble, I think the time-line
Could do with a speed up, slow down feature on all animations.
I know you can do this on post edit, but it would be nice to do it when
you are in the zone! .
I just think some of the animations are too fast, or to slow sometimes,
( Think Benny hill! ) ha ha, or a slow sloppy wave goodbye.....

Cheers team
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2011/3/2 13:33:36
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Arr yes, the golden era of crap computers.
I remember going into WH Smiths and seeing the ZX81, oh my god I thought!
The man showed me how to program
10 PRINT " Hello! "
20 GOTO 10
He stud back, his one eyebrow raised gently, and told me in a secret voice..........
" Type, RUN "
Oh my god, when I saw the word HELLO! Fall single file down the screen I sprinted out of that shop before the man could even show me his grand show
Stopper 3D Monster Maze.

When I got home I told my brother about this machine that you could program
And we spent all night talking about how we could take over the world with this 1k
memory beast!

I did'nt get the ZX81 with it's painful keyboard, but, santa is a kind man.
One christmas day, a little boy opened his presents to find large box
With the words ( VIC-20 ) on it. With total POWER OF 3 1/2 k memory!!!!

The boy looked to the heavens and said......
" By the Power of Commodor, I HAVE THE POWER!!!!! "

Ps can you remember Pressing the C64 commodor key?
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2011/3/1 21:11:13
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Ha ha, how times have changed, I remember trying to do stop motion with my old VHS C camcorder!
yes, horrible, it was just horrible, trying to make my old action man walk, set one pose, press record, ( 2 secs ) Set another pose, dam!! action man won't stand with one leg, dam!, press record ( 2 secs) pose, record, pose, record, pose, record.................. Brick Wall,

RESULT- ONE BROKEN CAMCORDER , One Crap movie of action man break dancing badlyCursing

So yes , Muvizu is AWESOME
2011/2/27 20:54:54
Sonotones. New video clip Nice video, nice touches..Applause
2011/2/15 11:11:10
Ziggys new animation Nice work ziggs, yeah I've heard about the do-gooders, I think these people are
The same people who banned zombie films in the 80's,
And are trying to bann video games aswell!

I think little jonny and mummy should learn to read.
Good stuff
2011/1/28 17:55:39
Keep Youutube from Blocking Music Hi Dwino, it depends on the artists, most of the time youtube will tell you if it's
Copyrighted and all you will get is adverts under your movie, so the artists still get
Money from your hard work.
I think the only artist to kick up a fuss about his music, was the little artist
Formely known as Prince.

I can't understand these artists, if animators or creative types use their music,
they make money from the adverts and also get air time from the movie.

As long as you don't make money from it, I can't see a problem.

Cheers, artpen
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2011/1/26 10:14:30
facial animation workaround Goodstuff dreeko, this workaround is perfect for a close up front shot.

I think also a brow control slider (up-down) gizmo would give fantastic results.
Think Wallace&Grommit!, where Grommit uses the brow only, very good emotion
And very funny.

I think a brow slider control gizmo would work like dream for our ardman style
Bring it on Muvizu, you know it makes sense
2011/1/21 0:39:34
Creating a story for new animated series... Hi MerdeK, Welcome to Muvizu, the place to let your imagination go wild!!

The thing to remember with Muvizu is that it's fast..... and with that, as soon as you get a silly idea in you're head, be it someone you know who you think is funny looking or strange, or something that you you're self thinks is funny and would like to re-create as a little movie.

Yeah, don't worry about the fear of thinking you're stuff might not be funny, because that's what it's all about, it's about your stuff, and only you're creations. so be proud of it and just try to get better.

Muvizu is speed animating, so go on, get stuck in and have funFroot
2011/1/8 20:04:22
newbie Welcome to Muvizu

Get creative and most of all have fun
2010/12/12 12:48:31
New character? Hi again, to go with the wrestling stuff I've just harped on about, could we have a mic-head set for our characters?
And the classic wrestler suite?

The mic-headset would be cool for sports announcers.
2010/12/12 12:30:59
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Hello fellow muvizuers, Team Cool

Just watched some silly wrestling on the box, and thought some of their moves would be good to use.

1 - The clothes-line
2 - chest beat
3 - jump and fall on bum ( ouch! )
3 - the grapple
4 - forearm smash ( you would need your victim sitting or kneeling to work, maybe the praying position? with a
Falling to side animation, or a clever camera cut to spread eagle from the ko punch animation.
5 - Throw animation, and victim animation sort of like a forward roll thing?
6 - and finally, the famous Big Daddy run and belly splash! " easy, easy, easy! "

I think people would love to see" The Muvizu Wrestle Mania, oh yeah!! "

Pay per view?
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