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2017/4/16 21:27:32
Cant do much with groups, WHY? Built a nice set, went to move an object and that started a chain reaction.. the next thing I knew, ALL of my groups were screwed up, text groups jumbled up, walls disorganized, painstakingly positioned screens all over creation, etc.. So my question is:

How do you lock groups, or can you, or other wise keep them from jumping all over the place!?
2017/3/16 20:24:32
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) As a new user the community, guys that was awesome!!! The timing.. WOW! Without micro controls like other software has, I find it hard to get the timing just right.. you guys were spot on. I really enjoyed seeing another well done depiction of what my own creations can become. Thanks!
2017/3/16 20:15:32
No Pigs Allowed https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8PDvhq66h4fQnIwaUVvc1lCLXc/view?usp=sharing_eil&ts=58c9dd7a
2017/3/16 19:25:00
Where do I put my downloaded Sets? Is there a locatyion to place sets so they are selectable from the opening dialog? Also, Is there a way to make favorites show the the object picture? Thanks!
2017/3/16 17:20:32
Sets and Favorites.. where do they go? Greetings all, I am a graphic artist, 3D enthusiast and a very impressed new user to Muvizu.

My question are:
Where do I save the awesome set files that are available for download so that they appear in the startup dialog for scenes.
Is there a way for the object "favorites" tab to show icons of the actual object.

I apologize if this has been addressed previously, I looked and could not not find the answers. Thanks for your help!
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