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2015/7/13 0:25:31
prepare sound effects not working Has anyone found after installing latest update that the prepare sound effects no longer can be changed and will not play beyond the preset effects? If so, could you please show me how to correct?
2015/1/4 19:08:39
Rosie character walking problem Wel I don"t know why, but After completly uninstalling and re installing Muvizu and all products because of another issue (Muvizu crashing after trying to load the Mediaeval helmets on the Man character, which cleared that up.), the problem still exists. (another bug, perhaps?)
I may have to avoid having her walk?
2015/1/1 20:09:38
Rosie character walking problem Hi everyone, hope the holidays were good for you!
Does anyone have a problem with Rosie walking past the double click?
When I double click for her to run in run mode, she does ok. But when I do it for walk mode she continues to walk for what seems a predetermined time after I click stop or the space bar. If I don't hit stop she will continue to walk to the edge of the world and then walk in place until I hit stop. And then she stops in mid stride.
Even when I drag the circle around she will follow it around and then continues to walk. When I drag the circle around in run mode or normal mode (and the distance is enough for normal mode to run) she stops ok. All the other characters walk fine, just her. I have uninstalled and re downloaded her again, but no difference. Maybe someone else has seen this or is it just my machine? Thanks.
2012/7/27 2:51:13
Teleportation, or somesuch Hi, I'm back again and have seen the replies. I'll see what I can do.
2012/7/25 2:44:12
Teleportation, or somesuch Hi, I'm still new with Muvizu so I decided to see what I could figure out about it. I make the character walk or run of camera screen and then give it another walk or action while off screen, then I go into the timeline and remove the preceding movement and adjust the remaining movement or action in its place. The little bar in the timeline will turn red, I guess indicating that the flow of action is interupted, but it seems to work. The appearing works the same way except the action is off screen to on screen, the other direction. Hope this works for you.
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