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2011/12/20 16:20:13
would be great if it got past the splash screen! odhear, change Vista ... is a big ****...I've never used, only l'I proved, I hope that will resolve if you change OS...good luck, Dan
2011/12/19 13:57:44
Resources Thank's ziggy72. Maybe I will test 64-bit, I think you're right, final codec has the final say ...I am new to Muvizu, and still have many perplexities, but over time will be solved (I think) ...I saw some excellent videos made ​​by talented people ... Muvizul is still at the beginning ... we look forward to new upgrade(improvements)...with new characters and features, but it looks great ... thanks team Muvizu!
2011/12/18 18:03:20
Resources Is any difference in quality between 32-bit muvizu and muvizu 64 bits? the final quality of the film is equal?
2011/12/15 21:36:59
Sketchup to Muvizu Tim, thank you for help!..finally is a tutorial for install the ASE plugin export in Google Sketchup and the link for ASE export plugin is here thanks again
2011/12/15 20:39:18
Sketchup to Muvizu finaly i found this post on Muvizu "3. Google Sketch Up - Google's 3D modeller - - Plugin or¨" and the last link work, but is just a script (code)fileWhaaaaa? any ideea!
2011/12/15 20:30:43
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks ziggy72 for your response ...i open the link but, nothig... just this: "El blog se ha eliminado. Lo sentimos, el blog de se ha eliminado. Esta dirección no está disponible para blogs nuevos"....after 3 hours nothing...dammit!
2011/12/15 18:46:41
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi, i've just downloaded Muvizu and its amazing! anyway I want to import objects from the Google Sketchup i've read this thread and it says i need the .ASE exporter plugin but when i click on the link to download it it says This Account Has Been Suspended. Is there anywhere also i can download the .ASE exporter plugin?
2011/12/14 20:51:30
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi! where i can download the plugin export ASE file google sketchup to UT3 ?...some links posted here not work...plz help
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