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2012/1/17 20:39:50
Can't save sets and can't make videos All of a sudden Muvizu will not let me save sets and it also won't let me make videos. It had been working fine and then last week everything has gone haywire. I am getting unknown error when trying to save sets and when trying to render videos.

These problems are evening appearing on sets that had previously saved and rendered without a problem.

Last week the system asked me to update and I did and since then everything has stopped performing properly. I then uninstalled the entire program and reinstalled to no avail. I have also downloaded the patch for saving sets but that has not solved the problem.

Any advice would be extremely appreciated since this is totally frustrating.

2012/1/16 21:53:35
Problem Making Video Hi:

After I uploaded the update for some reason about half way during the make video process I receive an error message "Unable to make video, unknown error." Can anyone provide a solution?

2011/12/30 23:11:31
Adding PowerPoint Slides Hi - Is there a way for me to either add PowerPoint slides to an animation or create text for animations that have greater flexibility to size etc... than is currently available when I use "Create Words" from the Muvizu dropdown menu?

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