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2012/10/30 2:09:22
Supernatural inc Episode 1 That was pretty good, little trippy too
2012/10/30 1:23:13
Just thought i'd say HI!!! to the 15 people online Hi!! lol...
2012/10/30 1:17:05
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Not really applicable for the competition but it is Halloweeny
2012/10/30 1:14:55
led zepplin Great first attempt! , lighting , background and set all well done.
2012/10/30 0:28:44
Its Halloween eve and the boys are back in the woods for some scary stories....
Don't forget to like/comment/subscribe, just to show us all that love!!!
Due to the length of the video, i assume it doesn't fit into the criteria for the halloween competition.
But we couldn't let you all go empty handed,so ENJOY!

2012/10/22 5:31:41
OUT NOW ALL NEW - Behind the Mic (5) Bloopers and outakes from Tales From Zombietown Episode 5
Yeh we screw up all the time... and now you get to watch it!!!
2012/10/9 3:20:00
SH%T YOU'LL NEVER HEAR AGAIN EP 2 OUT NOW!!!!!! Yep, we did it again, this time we went a little overboard.
Ok warnings over.. watch this....
2012/9/26 3:49:08
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EP 10 !!!!!! After a long long long haul, the wait is over peeps.
Big shout out to Dylly & Macheret for their set contributions....
Apart from that sit back relax subscribe kick a cat and watch this !!!!!!
2012/9/23 7:52:48
Christmas Assets Jingle bells jingle bells !!!! oh yeh still got halloween to get through
2012/9/12 1:11:26
What about a chat ability on the site? Just noticed that down the bottom there (in the forum section) is a "User's Online" counter, any chance of that becoming a way to chat to online user's?
Just a thought ...
2012/9/11 10:50:14
Where the #@$% have we been? A litttle explanation as to the recent delays around the office.
WATCH IT/SUBSCRIBE and then blow me a kiss.. awwwwww
2012/8/29 6:55:27
Super 10 (seconds) Congrats Ziggy !
2012/8/23 4:11:31
My First Movie Good first attempt , like the use of all the props. Keep up the good work !
2012/8/22 7:30:05
10 SEC FLICK COMPETITION - HAPPY APPLE ENTRY Yes its 12 seconds but that includes our logo....
Anyway enjoy !!!!
2012/8/13 2:49:42
Hangout?? We are going to attempt a little livestream (hangout) on google+ or youtube.
We would love Muvizuers to sit in or join us in the conversation.

Anyway never done it before and we would love to see all the lovely Muvizuers
Think this is something you guys would actually want to see???

Let me know and we will set up a date to Livestream, maybe while we work on the latest TFZ episode..

And if anyone has any tips on how the whole livestream thing works please let me know.
2012/8/3 23:35:29
NEW EPISODE - DRAWING WITH DRE - LINK & ZELDA Lev I too need to finish spirit tracks. Got over the sea finally then the missus went and had a baby. So I still have yet to pick the ds back up again. Lol.
2012/8/3 12:40:25
NEW EPISODE - DRAWING WITH DRE - LINK & ZELDA I'll let Dre know you Likey Likey.
He will be right chuffed I'm sure
2012/8/3 4:30:20
NEW EPISODE - DRAWING WITH DRE - LINK & ZELDA No commentary this time cause we are all sick and sound awful.

2012/7/26 5:49:52
NEW EPISODE - BEHIND THE MIC EP 4 Check it out ya'll bloopers from episode 9 & Friday 13th Special
DONT FORGET TO RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE , cause you love us , you know you do ... stop saying you don't!!

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2012/7/24 0:48:28
Hello a short parody Great article.. .like your website too
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