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2022/4/28 1:09:36
How to get Muvizu quicker Sorry but this is not a normal behavior for a web seller. They keep this complexe and long system to get a license. In modern times when we buy something like this, we receive it immediately using web services. We don't need ask for it and proof for it like if it was a small store in neighborhood. This is telling all about Meshmellow...

They have to come back to 21th century, otherwise cracked versions will get their place... as they are...
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2021/2/28 7:34:57
That's it, I'm done. I haven't been here for long time. Muvizu as project is dead. This company bought this software, among others, to get some money. It has done nothing during these past 2 years. Basic things like adding new characters or objects were forgotten. They haven't enough knowledge to improve things. No imagination at all. Muvizu is still the only software that allows amateurs to make animated films quickly and with little effort. Neither Iclone or web based apps will compare although some of them have more advanced functions. Others companies didn't realize Muvizu has an hidden message. As a project Muvizu is like a breeze; everyone feels it but nobody understands it.
Many users are still in love with him. More than any other, with its imperfections it managed to mobilize what is most beautiful in human beings: the ability to solve problems with ingenuity, passion and imagination. Anyone else would have died a long time ago ....
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2018/8/22 7:23:50
Então Rodrisilva, porque o seu amigo da anizu "PatMarrNC", tirou sarro do meu trabalho que foi escolhido para participar do Anima Mundi?
Ainda mandando uma mensagem: "Como gostaria de saber falar Português?"!
Além de chamar meu projeto de efeitos e nem teve nem o saco de entender o nome em inglês e português!
É bom saber que os Ingleses colocaram você como Mongul, algo que eles falaram que era só título e que eu seria também pelo tempo e experiência na área tanto no programa como na Animação!
É infelicidade que tenhamos problemas com a língua Inglesa, não que seja problema para mim, mas penso nos que querem usar e não pode, tenho usado o fórum para informar as novidades vinda do Meshmellow, mas acho que estou mais atrapalhando!
Escrevi uma vez em português no Anizu e não estava mais lá! Então em Inglês e aí ficou!


Oi Vincy
Creio ser meu dever desfazer mal entendidos. O PatMarr é uma das pessoais mais sensatas e educadas que já conheci neste forum e sempre vi nele uma pessoa agregadora e conciliadora. Nunca o vi a realizar criticas destrutivas. A barreira linguistica é sempre um problema quando estão em causa pequenas nuances culturais. Foi certamente um mal entendido.
Quanto ao facto de eu aparecer como mogul foi uma surpresa para mim. Nunca foi meu objectivo e não valorizo qq titulo. O que me move é o prazer de aprender, quer seja animação ou outra coisa qualquer que me motive. Sou e serei sempre um amador nesta àrea e noutras que não são a minha profissão. Todos são bem vindos porque da partilha nasce o conhecimento. Creio que nenhum de nós alguma vez teve a pretensão de ser um mestre da animação.
Serás sempre benvindo em portugues ou qq outra lingua. Se quiseres juntar-te ao grupo zuchat teremos certamente todo o prazer.
2018/8/20 21:14:12

Na verdade não é só para americanos. Olhando com atenção poderás notar que existem múltiplas nacionalidades. Os criadores não são americanos embora muitos e bons amigos americanos colaborem nesse site. É verdade que a comunicação é em ingles, lingua que por estar mais difundida permite o acesso fácil a vários dialectos através do tradutor google com uma qualidade que ainda não é igualada por outros tradutores. E essa a razão. Eu sou português e colaboro sempre que possível nesse site. Existe ainda o grupo zuchat no facebook que tem muitos brasileiros inscritos e todos eles comunicam em português. Não se pode esquecer que muitois conceitos do 3d e animação são criações anglo-saxonicas pelo que a sua tradução nunca é linear e facilmente compreensivel. Em boa verdade a lingua só pode ser desculpa porque quando o homem quer não existem barreiras.
2017/10/25 5:47:54
Facts First v2.0 gabewontootree wrote:
I added to CNN's Facts First video on there twitter account.

Well done! Keep making videos like that.
2017/4/26 16:45:17
Problem with transparent AVI Ammostro wrote:
How it comes that I can't put a movie created with muvizu on a backdrop in muvizu?

The way to show movies on backdrops is the one presented in this tutorial:

If the movie is too long, file will be huge and Muvizu unable to use it for sure.

I suspect that disabling transparency in muvizu ini files turns back the possiblity to use compressed formats like Msmpeg4 V2. It works for me, might work for you.
2017/4/25 19:28:54
Digimania has gone into administration zuijlen wrote:

Let me say first of all that I was shocked to learn about Muvizu, and that I'm sorry for the Muvizu users. Muvizu wasn't for me, but I always considered it a sympathetic product. Hopefully a buyer can be found and so that the product will continue.

So while I understand you are upset, why trash other products? iClone users like myself have feelings too. In the hands of a talented person iClone is very capable and it is continuously improving, but it's different from Muvizu, which is only a good thing. I don't believe in animation having to look a particular way. Diversity is the key.
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I'm not good at fights over primacy. You do not know me well enough to understand the extent of my words. If I want and I can spend time in animation I would never choose any of the programs under discussion. I would choose those the professionals use. And yes I am capable of doing it. As an amateur my time is limited so I use the tools that guarantee me better efficiency. Iclone is certainly very good. Animating avatars so similar to humans is no easy task and requires hardware features that most users do not have. Otherwise what you see is the ice faces of most Iclone videos on internet. Show me one that not suffer from that disease. A cartoon is always a cartoon. In my opinion most fun and funny. If I want to make an animated film with humans, I choose real humans. Iclone is a good business tool. You buy it and keep buying an amount of packs to complete it. Meanwhile in this frenzy of improvements the user deviate from his goal and the fever is to acquire a better machine, or another pack but none of this substantially improves the speed with which animation is produced.
I respect all forms of animation. I love the originals. In fact none of them are usually made with these programs including Muvizu itself.
2017/4/25 17:48:01
Digimania has gone into administration Perhaps this is already one of the few moments that we have left. Muvizu finished but not our will to use it. This may be my last movie with this software. We have the hope of better days.
Thank you Muvizu team for having been with us during these years.

This for you.
2017/4/22 12:35:12
A Cosmic Fairy tale Roborough wrote:

Very nice, in did.
This is why Muvizu is so magic. It allows all express their feelings, thoughts and belives. It allow us to explore happyness, sadness and for me as portuguese, a unique word without english translation "saudade". I'm starting feeling "saudade" from Muvizu team. They always treated me very well. Hope they all found the place they deserve and they keep spreading their happiness as they have done from the start.
2017/4/21 23:17:37
Digimania has gone into administration Dreeko wrote:
Yeah, it's true.

But lets stop thinking about Muvizu's demise for a minute and how we personally are affected by the possibility of our favourite toy breaking on us but instead lets take another look at the image above and realise that there are people with families and responsibilities who have lost their jobs this week. Lets show a bit more sympathy to them. None of this is their fault


I agree with you
There are people suffering right now.
For me, it is not a question of selfishness . I understand that the situation is tragic enough to not play with it.
I wish none of this had happened. We would all be happy.
The curious thing about it, whatever they say, there is no substitute for Muvizu. With all his imperfections, he is perfect.
Characters have life and substance.
Do not talk to me about alternatives like Iclone and their artificial humanoids empty of expression and where I could not find the passion that Muvizu has in itself.
Muvizu is unique and is about to die ...

It is sad.. not only for being at the threshold of Muvizu loss but above all for losing the companions of this forum.
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2017/4/20 0:30:28
Digimania has gone into administration If the end is true I have to say this is really a bad day.
Worst than a rumor is to stay frozen in this uncertainty without an answer from those who must show respect and protect this community.
However, we live in a time where the bombs explode without warning.
Hope this will not be true... silence tells me something else !

If this is the end let me greet all who in this forum and outside of it, have done beautiful things. It was a pleasure to share these moments with all of you. Forgive me if at any time I was not worthy enough of your trust.

2017/4/15 0:04:18
Problem with transparent AVI Ammostro wrote:
Hello guys,

for several days I'm trying to get my horse walking in Muvizu.The result is impressive as long as I use a solid color as texture. As long as i use a fixed texture on my horse, it looks normal.
From this texture, I made three different transparent images, one image for each pose. These images I used to make a transparent AVI. When I use this AVI on my horse, the textures arent alinged any more.

I have tried everything, scaling the UV-wrappings, turning the UV-wrappings, scaling, turning the desins, ...

What I did, was make all video sequence using an UV map texture for each pose and flip vertically all the sequence before rendering.
It always worked in after effects.

Ammostro wrote:

Second problem is that the colors went faded. Is this a problem because we use the transparancy in the AVI movie. ( I used two different programs to made the AVI, al with the same result)

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It's true. Fading is due to 32 bit AVI video with alfa channel and Muvizu is not dealing well with that.
I discovered that when we have transparency enable, the only working videos are AVI uncompressed like I showed in my latest tutorial. If transparency is unable in Muvizu config files, compressed video formats like MSmpeg 4 v2 still work on backdrops and other objects with animated textures.
2017/4/13 16:00:40
Heaven Bound Test Render I have not yet had time to watch this video in the best conditions of image and sound, but from what I can see, it brings together several predicates that are the attribute of generous, inventive and passionate people. This video reproduces the best that Muvizu has to offer and above all is a manifestation of individual freedom. Muvizu is not perfect, but he unleashes in us these abilities that we thought we did not possess. I believe that is his great virtue.It transform us, improve us, rediscover us.

Thanks for this video
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2017/4/9 23:58:14
custom character and action , Muvizu style Amazing Pat !
Expertly made. If we want to change arms movements according music rythm, we only need to rework animated texture.
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2017/4/6 0:16:56
NEW VERSION RELEASE Video on backdrops is working again with Avi - msmpeg4 V2 and v3.
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2017/4/5 22:14:58
NEW VERSION RELEASE No luck too. Unable to import any obj model. What is the obj format that muvizu can handle?
I'll keep trying ...
2017/3/29 12:31:02
Blender to ASE export Hi

New Blender to Ase export plugin updated.
- Control flow added to avoid UVmap removing in models with UV mapping made by the user (case check box is selected.)
- Corrected error when auto assigning materials in multiple meshes if mesh has any previously assigned material.

2017/3/29 11:49:14
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES angibault wrote:
Bonjour, nouvelle utilisatrice de Muvizu depuis peu et anglophone à o%, je rame un peu ! Je voudrai savoir si on peut changer l'expression des personnage pendant une animation c'est à dire lui donner une expression neutre pour une action, augmenter le pourcentage d'expression pour l'action suivante, revenir à l'expression précédente, et ainsi de suite.

L'expressivité des personnages peut être animé bien sur. Allez à « prepare >>character properties» et sélectionnez « Expressive » comme dans la figure ci-dessous. L'utilisation du " key framed animation" vá permettre de faire une animation commme tu veux.

2017/3/28 0:31:32
Blender to ASE export Hi

Thinking about those who have difficulty working with Blender I added some new features to Ase exporter plugin.
For those making simple models, painted with homogeneous colors, that doesn't need complex texturing I added the possibility to export any model with automatic unwrapping, and material/texture assignment.
If you forgot to assign a material to a mesh, the exporter will do it automatically. For auto unwrapping and texture, select check boxes in exporter options tab.
It´s an ongoing work but I want to share this tool with you.

Script and readme files are available at
(note: this is the working address - updated recently)
Hope it helps

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2017/3/23 10:20:55
problem with my wall Ammostro wrote:
And does anyone know a solution for my next problem?

I created a great wall in blender, muvizu imported it with no problem. Now I deleted some face from that wall, to make a small wall. When I import it to muvizu, I see the wall, I can't select him, can't scale or place him. I can select him with the "scene window", but I'm not allowed to scale or move it.

Thx for the solution

That usually happens due to geometry issues. If you used more than one material or uv-texture in different meshes and you joined them after. If you joined two meshes, attrib same uv map to both. Same material too. Better never join in blender. Keep meshes independent, select all and export. Muvizu will join them for you.
I'm assuming we are talking about Ase format.
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