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2017/3/23 2:49:31
problem with my wall Ammostro wrote:
Hello guys,

When I put my wall next to my tower, I have a gap on the ground. When I put him on the ground, he's also shaking a little bit. When I put him as "floats in the air", then he comes straid on the floor.
He's designed in blender, and I am sure that hes flat on the ground. I also set my origin to the wall. The tower is the same way created, with that I have no problem.

It's also not possible to place the wall against the tower, there is always an open space, even when I let him "float in the air", the gap remains.

Any idea?

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First issue is a bad centered object.To solve center the mesh in XYZ axis,align object base close to x and y axis, go to object menu, snap cursor to center, then transform, select origin to cursor.Your object Will be perfectly balanced.
Second issue is due to collision box created by muvizu import.To solve create a cube, put It in then middle of your object, make it smaller than object and rename it to UCX_ + object name. Snap cursor to center, select both object and Ucx... named collision cube, goto object,transform,origin to cursor. At This point you have correctly centered objects. NOW you can export it selecting the two objects.
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2017/3/21 22:49:42
Moving grouped objects? Ammostro wrote:

i have created a helicopter, with a backdrop on top for the moving rotors (Transparant AVI projecting). I have grouped this two objects, but when i do that, is it not possible to direct object movement? Is there an other way to do movement for grouped objects?



No, that is not available in Muvizu.
Instead, you could leave helicopter in place and use backdrop animation properties to fake movement or make another helicopter adding a plane over it, like you did with Muvizu backdrop, assigning to this plane an animated texture. That model must be ASE format because FBX isn't able to deal with opacity mask in Muvizu.
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2017/3/21 16:41:24
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender PatMarrNC wrote:
... are you willing to say exactly what edits you made? It might help people who later DL the unedited version and can't make it work
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Actually I made changes in one line code only. I made some in a personal update to allow automatic material assignment but it'is a work in progress, not available yet.
If you open an ASE file, with notepad++ for example, you will find material definitions similar to this:

*MATERIAL_NAME "textures/props/torch_ember"
*MATERIAL_DIFFUSE 1.000000 0.733272 0.472161
*MAP_NAME "textures/props/torch_ember"
*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*MAP_TYPE Screen
*BITMAP "textures\props\torch_ember.tga" # complete path i.e " C:\where is\stored\...'

If you have an ASE file that Muvizu is unable to open search for '*bitmap ' and write correct texture directory.

What is happening with original exporter?
If you store textures in another hard disk, long directory address or out of blender textures directory the original code doesn't keep track of absolute file path (look to line 'a' and 'b' in next picture). It's pointing to relative path or base directory

I changed this line code in order to get absolute file path, whatever location was. Look at 'a' in the next picture.
Another solution was to write the desired absolute path ( 'b' ) . This late solution was pretty bad because all textures must stay in textures directory.

Anyway this is a big achievement for me. Python is new to me. I have never use it before. Actually I'm only a curious not a programmer.
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2017/3/21 3:07:40
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender Hi
I have found some shining metal, surfing on internet. An old ASE exporter for blender was recently updated and is working now in Blender 2.78.
I tested it according to the associated rules and it's working. First attempts were not successful because anytime I tried to import into Muvizu it gave an error message telling me that textures were not found at stored address. I made some modifications in code to allow the script to search for original textures addresses where they were primarily stored. If you fall in troubles you can use original script but in that case it was better to create a folder in root disk and name it to UT3. Inside this folder you need to create another folder named "textures". Every texture you gonna use must stay inside this folder. Sometimes original script works without problems but it depends how long is the texture address location. Anyway I think my small code contribute has settled that.

Download and try:

2017/3/19 11:35:26
Help loading video..... doby wrote:

I see what you mean! It's a transparent video so I think it's more washed out than a normal video. Thanks!

This washed color appears in animated textures on imported objects too .
A way to bypass this is to use a second backdrop and a camera pointing to first backdrop containing original video. Assign this camera to second backdrop then adjust the brightness in camera properties.

2017/3/19 10:26:05
Help loading video..... doby wrote:
Rod, Got it to work, but has that washed out look I tried turning the light but it's still washed out any fix for that? (Looks darker before I put it on Muvizu)
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That's true
I think it's a Muvizu backdrop settings issue because if you look to video in any editor you will see that color is normal. If you go to camera properties window >> adjustment >> brightness bar and you choose a percentage around 30% you will figure out what I mean.
2017/3/17 16:45:42
Help loading video..... PatMarrNC wrote:
It would be nice if they someday get that adding an avi file to a backdrop worked out.

it does work, but only on a very specific kind of AVI. But yeah, I remember when just about any ol' uncompressed AVI would play on a backdrop. It's a handy feature to have, for sure.

After the discussion and the complaints about the difficulties in putting video in backdrops I decided to make this video showing my method.

2017/3/10 14:02:32
Multimesh animation PatMarrNC wrote:
After messing with this for the past few days, I realize that the way I was hoping to use it isn't going to work. I wanted to use it in attachments, but when loading attachments you don't get the option to pick how alpha texture is treated.

I tried that before. Impossible in attachments what is bad.
Unfortunately FBX format can't handle the problem too.
2017/3/9 16:51:39
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender What I usually do is to export from Blender to sketchup as OBJ format. I export models with triangulation, smoothing surface and materials. In Sketchup the best importer is Fluidimporter. It' s a paid plugin but you can find a free one in sketchup extension warehouse.
To export I use ASE exporter that run without problems in Sketchup 2017.
2017/3/9 16:36:46
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender PatMarrNC wrote:
Now that RodriSilva has presented such a good idea that requires ASE format, I'm finding that the Sketchup exporter takes wayyyy too long. I know that Blender has an ASE exporter and so does Milkshape. I have both programs, and I have the ASE plugin installed for Blender, but I can't get either program to export an ASE that will successfully load into Muvizu.

If anybody out there is using either of these programs to generate ASE files, please explain step by step how to do it. I must be missing a step . What I've been doing is to import an OBJ file that I modelled in Silo, then I highlight it and immediately try to export to ASE. If there are any other things that also need to be done, I'll need a heads-up!

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the secret and is willing to share it!

ASE exporter isn't working anymore in latest Blender versions. It's only usefull with 2.5/2.6 versions. That's why I never use it. The reliability of that script was not very good producing unexpected results in some models.
A good place to find instruction step by step :
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2017/3/6 20:48:13
Come along ikes wrote:
I always wanted to do a music videoclip with muvizu. This song is written and sung by my old friend Gerald Zuidema, to who I dedicate this video.

I like it.
Well done.
2017/3/6 20:45:17
Multimesh animation Hi

Experimentation in progress.
Breaking waves using flying pigeons multi-mesh method.

2017/3/5 15:55:13
Transparent Video doby wrote:
Tried using png and tga files from photoshop, putting them into virtual dub using these settings
save as .avi, pull it into mz on a backdrop, but what I get is upside down and not transparent. I have the setting in config file set to false.

Directions were for Sketch up model, but I was hoping I could put it on a backdrop.
edited by doby on 05/03/2017

Check if m_bStripVideoAlpha=False in both DefaultGame.ini and MuvizuGame.ini and try again. If it won't work it will be for sure a video issue.
2017/3/5 15:18:35
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Tangledbliss wrote:
This is a brilliant idea Rod. An english commentry for the video would be good too if that could be possible.

I made this demo with some subtitles but during render I forgot that close captions were not allowed in youtube.
I decided to write some subtitles using youtube tools . To see them you need to select subtites icon on bottom right corner of youtube window.
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2017/2/26 23:31:09
Wheels animation tricks This weekend I'm not working. So, I made another little video where camera capture "texture" is applied over custom eyes
The end result is here:

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2017/2/26 23:19:46
Wheels animation tricks PatMarrNC wrote:
I don't understand how you unwrapped the round shape into a rectangular shape that could be scrolled sideways... is that a setting in Blender?

(I understand how to make the tread part rectangular, it's the wheel's hub that remains a mystery to me...
edited by PatMarrNC on 26/02/2017

No special setting in Blender. All hand made. The trick is to have a small discrete circle in the center. See pictures below.
Seams are in red. The rectangular shape has been perfected by hand.

2017/2/25 21:19:13
Wheels animation tricks Hi

Some time ago I revealed my personal approach to bypass muvizu limitation on wheels animation. As many of you know the trick was a sort of simulation using animated textures.
Today I present you a more flexible way of doing wheels animation without the need of AVI file or any other kind of movie.

The tuto is on my youtube channel and soon in Muvizu gallery:

2017/2/25 21:09:07

Pat asked me to make available animated texture used on my pigeons set.

You can download it here:
Original pictures used in the above video:

enjoy it
2017/2/22 11:02:13
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... ikes wrote:
Thanks Rocque.
... I think Rods animated trick is especially handy in a cyclic motion.

Hi Ikes

Might be not completly true. It is always possible to do no cycling animated textures. They only do what you want it will be done.
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2017/2/22 10:56:23

I couldn't read all the menus, but am I correct in concluding that you created the animation by cycling through 3 textures, each of which only textured one of the wing positions, leaving the other two invisible?

Yes, it's true
A simple animation where each texture appears in every two frames (or more) depending on video rate and cycling frequency. Animated texture must have background transparency enabled meaning RGBA video ( alfa channel enabled).

In my latest demo I used Premiere Pro Captions for the very first time but it seems not working at wall in youtube video. I have to correct that other way people will not undestand.

Thanks for your kind comments on this workaround.
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