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2012/4/17 23:25:46
Random requests! On the rather old topic of bow ties. Make one.

The advantage to a drawn bow tie is that it won't disappear into the character when they move.
2012/4/17 22:01:17
New character? A pantomime horse.
2012/4/13 23:17:02
Add Drama! That pushed the buttons. Thanks.
2012/4/13 23:13:35
how do you backup your ipod music? Dylly wrote:
I tried one of those i-pod thingies but the needle on my gramophone just skates over the top and I can't seem to find the lever to change the speed to 78rpm...any ideas what I'm doing wrong?Whaaaaa?

Since the digital switchover, gramophones no longer play i-pods. You need to go to one of the many gramophone shops on the high street and purchase a digital needle. When fitted this should enable your gramophone to play the i-pod music as well as the zither and glockenspiel. I think the needles cost approximately £ 299.99.

Hope this helps.
2012/4/8 14:03:59
Sketchup to Muvizu That is one fantastic creation Dylly, I don't envy you having to dismantle it. It must be like Christopher Wren having to dismantle St.Pauls.

I hope when it's done it's available on here and not rebuilt on some rich Americans ranch as a tourist attraction.

As for your mouse (twitter feed), have you tried changing the battery. I also keep a USB one in the drawer in case of emergencies. Hope it's sorted soon.
2012/4/5 0:52:14
What is Muvizu? That's a great post Dylly. I agree. I only discovered Muvizu six weeks ago but it has changed my life for the better. The community is the most helpful I've ever met.
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2012/4/4 16:00:02
Zombie Arms Thanks, will copy and try to clean up.
2012/4/4 14:14:49
Zombie Arms There are a couple bits of info I would like in any form possible.

1: List of character actions with duration of each.
2: Timings of walk and run movement, i.e. gap between steps. Obviously they are different for each mood so there would have to be timings based on mood.
2012/4/4 13:32:47
Object movement Just a thought but what about filming a real ball bouncing then putting it on a backdrop?
I'm sure with a little time and effort good results could be produced.
2012/3/31 20:09:41
The Project Vortex Excellent, it's got a real 80's feel about it and a great premise.
2012/3/31 15:55:41
The Spirit of Muvizu That was an interesting video, Dylly. Thanks. The thing I like about Muvizu is the very fact that it forces you to think creatively. I have yet to find something I wanted to shoot that I couldn't make work with a little creativity and lateral thinking.

I have spent several evenings lately just messing around trying to create interesting effects and shots. It's amazing what you can achieve with a little patience. Messing around with lights and transparent backdrop images is my current field of study, you can get some really cool imagery using this method, especially if you set the ambient light to zero and turn up the shadow sharpness and intensity.

If Ridley Scott had Muvizu, Blade Runner would have been an animation.
2012/3/30 20:05:14
Which video editing software do you use? Lightworks, like most editors, works best if you use uncompressed video, you should then be able to export it ok.
2012/3/29 18:32:35
Voice actors? We need em. I am in the same boat as you re voice acting talent so if you need a gruff miserable English ( Sussex ), old fart in your films count me in. Big Grin

p.s. I can do moderately cheerful sometimes if you need that as well.
2012/3/27 1:34:53
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks fantastic and we could do with a good bridge and shop front. Lots of possibilities.
2012/3/22 22:46:28
Favourite ever cartoon? Who Framed Roger Rabbit.....

The Original Pink Panther.....

Tir Nan Og......

The Inventor......

2012/3/21 16:22:22
DECCA'S DRINKING DILEMMA Great video you two. You can see a lot of work went into it.
2012/3/17 19:16:13
how do i make a character sit? In prepare character actions, at the bottom of the first page, there are two buttons that set the initial state.

One is for the emotion and when you click the other you get the option to make them stand or sit.

Hope this helps.
2012/3/15 23:09:44
Help finding character action Great!!

Thanks Ziggy, that probably explains why I couldn't find it. Big Grin

On the plus side, I did learn that "grab podium" from the politics theme does a similar job but with the arms slightly bent.
2012/3/15 18:27:02
Help finding character action Hi all, I am looking for the character action with both arms outstretched as per the Muvizu Trailer in the last community review but I don't seem to be able to find it. Any help would be appreciated.
2012/3/11 3:51:38
Collision Schmollision Thanks Ziggy, saved me a lot of learning and work.

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