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2012/3/5 9:52:12
Character circles after movement barrys wrote:

One question...

Did this circling effect appear after you drew a tight and winding path in front of the character? If so I think our own internal team spotted that a while ago. I'll check to see if the bug's been fixed in-house.


Yes it did for me. Not too tight but I was testing character movements/actions and had quite a long path that looped on itself several times with the odd small loop. Hope this helps.
2012/3/5 9:47:23
Sketchup Texture Images Thanks Dylly, oh guru of gurus in the cloud.

If you do find that Sketchup tool please PM me with it as well as posting. I'd hate to miss it.
Until then I think I'll just settle for the paint by numbers approach. There are enough good models to make that work.

On the plus side at least I've learnt how to fiddle with textures in Sketchup ( thanks ziggy72 ) and how UV and AO maps work. It's amazing what you learn when you get into Muvizu.

BTW: Does anyone know why they called Sketchup after a tomato sauce?

Thanks again Dylly. Your advice has saved me a lot of fiddling and time.
2012/3/5 1:24:03
Sketchup Texture Images Sorry Ziggy I replied too soon.

All that does is download the texture image to use as a pattern. What I am actually interested in is the Mesh Image so that I can create ID textures and Ambient Occlusion maps. Can you or anyone else help with this please.

Thanks again for trying though.
2012/3/5 1:12:12
Sketchup Texture Images Brilliant!!! Thanks mate. I know I should read the manuals but when it's just one little bit of info it's usually easier to ask.

Thanks again Ziggy72.
2012/3/4 21:54:39
Sketchup Texture Images Hi all, me again.

A quick question as I'm bone idle and would rather be animating than searching through forum posts. Someone here knows the answer I'm sure as the level of expertise around here is amazing. OK, flattery completed here's the question.

How do I get a flat image UV file/s from a Sketchup model so that I can draw my own textures with The Gimp? We have the texture maps for the characters on here and I can use them but if I download a Google Sketchup model how do I do the same?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
2012/3/4 13:30:54
Acting Lessons. Thanks, me too. Bye Bye Life.

I have played with Toon shading quite a bit and you can get some really good, arty, hand-drawn looking effects.
2012/3/4 13:25:42
Character circles after movement Snap Dylly, I can't duplicate it either. I had the same problem yesterday using 0.19b patched.
I read the thread and attempted to produce a video demo but I can't get it to happen now. Have tried all possible walk options including changing them mid walk, in the same environment that produced the bug yesterday.

If it happens again I will definitely make a video to show the problem.

Sorry not to be more help but at least we know it does happen.
2012/3/4 3:11:04
Acting Lessons. Hi all, this is my first full Muvizu video. I have only had the program for a week.

Apparently the best screenplay Oscar went to The Artist, so I thought I'd pass some comment but apparently dialogue is out of fashion for screenwriters.

All praise and criticism gratefully received.
2012/3/3 13:57:14
Group Movement Thanks both of you. I thought that might be the case but asked just to make sure. I have found a workaround with backdrops but its a shame as I had some really cool lighting effects that would only work if the car group was moving. Didn't turn out too bad though..... It's the police car at the start I was asking about.

Thanks again for your speedy advice. I really appreciate it. If only all forums were like this one.

2012/3/2 16:18:22
Group Movement Hi all, my first question as I've only had Muvizu for a week. It's probably been answered before and I have searched on here but to save me hours reading every forum post could one of the wise and learned members give me a quick answer please.

I have a police car with lights and effects all grouped together so that I can move them around as one object. I wish to animate this moving down a road, preferably with static scenery so that the scene is illuminated by the headlights. I have tried but Muvizu won't let me animate the group.

Please help me great gods of animation in the cloud.
2012/2/27 0:06:52
Which video editing software do you use? I use Window Live Movie Maker for quick edits as it takes Xvid.

For more substantial work I use Lightworks. It's FREE and is used to edit feature films including The King's Speech, Pulp Fiction and Batman.
It takes a bit of learning and you must read the manual but it is extremely powerful and is chock full of effects. Oh, did I mention it's FREE!!!!!!!!



Try it out, give some time to learning its features and unusual interface and you won't want to use anything else for big projects.

Hope this helps.
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