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2012/9/19 22:08:06
Here's That Rainy Day... Fantastic work Mysto - it is really atmospheric and complements the song perfectly
2012/8/14 22:09:52
me first real muvizu movie Great sets and direction - very impressive!
2012/8/8 12:13:39
Dreeko's Tutorials Another brilliant tutorial (thank you)
Must admit I have always assumed the directional light should be positioned at the light source but you are positioning it at the subject with much better effect. Is this the way it is meant to work?
2012/8/1 20:35:52
Dreeko's Tutorials great tutorial dreeko - really appreciated. It is the additional touches like the use of a second light that make so much difference to the finished look. Thank you
2012/7/12 14:22:33
Need a model or set made? Woztoons

If youb take a look at my video here

- I could supply this excrement to you!
2012/7/7 14:46:22
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations Dylly!
2012/6/19 16:18:10
Channel 4 competition All

C4 has an interesting competition which appears to allow animations


2012/6/15 12:29:31
Character object properties > visibility and size OK - thank you Jamie
2012/6/14 22:50:31
Character object properties > visibility and size Don't know if this has been suggested before but would it be possible to have animated properties for characters and /or objects which allowed you to change scale and /or visibility?
2012/6/11 11:39:44
Muvizu needs you! I'm waitingwith proton pills at the ready
2012/5/23 20:41:17
Janni's Got Talent Are you gonna come clean?

Is this the future of Muvizu?

Is this a commercial Muvizu?

Whatever it looks fantastic - a brilliant showcase.

If you haven't seen it already get the Easter Egg code off the facebook page - you will be astounded!
2012/5/17 12:29:28
Need a model or set made? Absolutely brilliant Dylly - thank you very much. I really appreciate all the effort you have clearly put into this and - of course - it looks fantastic.
I can now work on my "Gammon and Eggs" animation
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2012/5/4 12:04:25
Dreeko's Tutorials Fantastic tutorial and great effects - thank you very much
2012/4/17 22:34:31
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? works on mine too though I've never earned a penny!
2012/4/17 16:06:16
Random answers to random questions gimmick wrote:
And where we could find the secret link to download the secret version with all these secret features? Creeped out

You can request to become a tester on this forum post
2012/4/17 12:26:51
waiting for godot again Not mine - but Emcon's thought I would give it a little plug

2012/4/17 12:08:40
Random answers to random questions Dreeko

Excellent tutorial - much appreciated - great tip re google maps as well.

One of the things that makes your animations stand out is the lighting - a tutorial showing some of the different lighting you have used in your sets and how you achieved them would be really useful!


2012/4/13 11:24:19
Need a model or set made? Dylly
are you familiar with John Shuttleworth?
He did a song about his agent Ken Worthington and a camping trip he had with his wife

I'm guessing he would have a smallish but comfortable tent - suitable for a down to earth middle-aged couiple with higher expectations

Ken has his own twitter account here!/kenworthingtn
2012/4/12 20:57:38
Need a model or set made? Dylly
a very generous offer there - I would love a simple camping tent for an animation I want to do. All the sup models I've tried have had flaws.


2012/4/5 9:10:02
What is Muvizu? Dylly

I agree with everything you say and if there was ever a shining example of how good the Muvizu community is - then it's you!

Personally, I have spent hundreds of pounds on Iclone, Crazy talk Animator, Anime Studio and Toon Boom Studio over the years and have nothing to show for it having never ever completed anything. Within weeks of having Muvizu I had my first animation on youtube.

You wanna make sets? Great because that's the one part of the process that I don't really enjoy so you can help me out anytime too!

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edited by toonarama on 05/04/2012
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