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2011/8/11 10:04:28
Which video editing software do you use? Hitfilm does look good (if processor intensive) and you can download a workable demo of both the Standard and pro versions. I have used the companies products for many a year and been very happy.
Because of this I have a "40% off" and a "20% off" voucher code for Hitfilm Pro. The vouchers must be used by the end of this month and can only be used for the Pro version.

I can't afford to buy it just now so will not be using the vouchers. If anybody here can make use of them just let me know in a reply to this post. Each voucher can oly be used once.

PS Berty

I have Sony Vegas Platinum Home Studio (or whatever it's called) and have no problems (so far) with loading Muvizu content.
2011/8/10 12:51:49
John Beswick - impressive new animation Muvizu maestro John Beswick has an interesting and highly impressive new teaser on Youtube

2011/8/9 10:21:37
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu toonarama wrote:

There is also free software out there that will let you download your animations from Youtube so all is not lost.

Actually - forgot - from your Youtube account page you can download any of your own videos.
2011/8/9 8:38:14
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu bigwally wrote:
IKind of puts me off of the entire Muvizu concept entirely. Don't expect much from me from now on. Muvizu has become a dead-end.

I appreciate your frustration but please don't give up on Muvizu.

You've produced some excellent animations which demonstrate a real talent and it would be a shame to lose you.

This is bound to be a copyright issue and nothing to do with the Muvizu team; they may not even realise what has happened. The same thing would have happened whatever software was used.

There is also free software out there that will let you download your animations from Youtube so all is not lost.

all the best

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2011/8/5 10:14:16
Alternative ASE export Loaded those models up into Muvizu and I have got to say they look great ans also loaded up very quickly.

From what I can see Biturn will have a stab at coverting most file types although i had a couple of failures converting last night. This could open up a whole new source of free and quality content. (I have found many SKP files mess up when loaded into Muvizu)

I also noticed that Milkshape was claiming that it could "export your model to the new Unreal Tournament Skeletal System, the .PSK files." I guess it would be hoping for too much to say there is some potential here?

Thanks again Tripfreak!
2011/8/4 22:07:23
Alternative ASE export Thanks very much Tripfreak - that is a great find - extremely useful
2011/8/3 20:15:29
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Wizaerd

I kept having the same problem and the trick I use is to insert the link in HTML mode (button above) - nice animation by the way!

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2011/8/1 15:19:52
MIIVIES Marco_D wrote:
Have you noticed the amount of money they charge to render a movie? EEK!

oh dear i thought it was free!!S&M Abuse
2011/8/1 12:28:00
MIIVIES Interesting new animation maker here which could possibly be used in conjuction with Muvizu for some interesting results
2011/7/29 12:09:23
Sci-Fi Dungeon Loved it and I thought the camera shots and editing were spot on!
2011/7/27 15:46:34
Instead of waypoints... Wizaerd wrote:

Keyframes are most certainly not a Flash thing, they are a standard element of any type of animation,

Yes I knew that! I was just trawling around the 'net for a definition of the differennce between KFs and WPs

PS Wizaerd - how you getting on with hitfilm as i'm thinking of purchasing too?
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2011/7/27 14:09:59
Instead of waypoints... Neil wrote:
Maybe I'm being thick as usual, but I'm not completely clear on how keyframes and waypoints differ. Care to enlighten me?

Disclaimer: Not an official response. :p

Seems to be a Flash thingy where a “keyframe” stores every setting of every “layer” item on the current canvas at a particular point, whereas a “waypoint” just stores one setting.
2011/7/27 9:16:06
Instead of waypoints... Dreeko wrote:

No no no!
I didn't mean that there should be a couple of versions.

Well - just shows we all have slightly different opinions (!) but (in my little mind) the junior version would be a simpler version than the current one and the full one would start to introduce the advanced features.

It would be interesting to have a Muvizu HQ view on all of this ....
2011/7/27 8:41:07
Instead of waypoints... I agree that it would be best if the non-commercial version of Muvizu remains free (who wouldn't!) but I still see some sense in having a couple of versions
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2011/7/26 22:02:11
Instead of waypoints... I agree with the idea of a junior version and an advanced version - otherwise there is a danger that the application may "fall between two stools" and become too advanced for the younger users and too restrictive for us oldies.

Toon Boom (although it has a price) offers an excellent range to entice in all ages.
2011/7/25 12:06:26
Imported object collision Dreeko
I faced the same problem in my last animation and this is how i botched it.
a) imported (forklift truck) model without messing about with collision

b) unchecked "can be stood on" and checked "can float"

c) moved (standing) characters into position and scaled model so they looked like they were sitting.

I know it looks crap (as I was in a rush) but I thinkk it would have worked if I'd been more careful about character positioning and shot composition

I tried to use the method of using a invisible backdrop to "lift" the characters but the collision properties of the model would not let me do this.
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2011/7/15 14:46:55
Hitfilm - editor and post processing software Hello all
Anybody who is looking for a video editor and "cheaper" After Effects type processing software may want to consider Hitfilm (

You can download a "trial" version for free which simply limits the output and comes in a standard (£105) and ultimate (£285) version.
The manual is a bit skimpy but video tutorials are starting to appear.
If anyone decides to buy the ultimate version before August 31st I can give you (one person only!) a 20% off voucher so please just ask.

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2011/7/15 11:08:55
HARDSCRAP Latest adventure of "The Hard". A bit disappointing but time pressures meant I had to rush it unfortunately.
Finished "paying my dues" now so Ill be able to move on!

2011/7/13 22:18:56
import texture This is the way I do it in sketchup
1. Opened the materials window
2. Select tab and pick "In Model" materials from drop down list
3. For each material in the model RC and Export Texture image to wherever you want to keep them
4. In Muvizu import set USE ID TEXTURES to NO
5. RC on object and amend the textures to the ones previously saved.
6. Sometimes the image is not the correct size. To fix this go back into S UP Materials window and select the material you want to change and select EDIT tab and then adjust the tiling size numbers at the bottom. Trial and error to get to the size you require. Then you will need to re-export.


2011/6/29 8:32:30
Can't load a favorite character or sometimes a set Helo Chuckles - see this post regarding the issue
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