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2012/6/8 14:55:54
Unreal Engine 4 - demo showcase
2012/6/4 11:03:43
Random requests! replace, copy and paste the evenements would be great on the timeline !

and also a vertical grid with minutes, seconds & frames
2012/6/2 10:37:08
Festa della Repubblica Maybe these Italian colors are Scottish humor about jubilee...
2012/6/2 9:12:16
Random requests! Hello,
By "old one", you mean 0.18 or 0.19 ?
2012/5/31 10:05:14
Banging my head against a wall... For Muvizu 64 bits & Sony vegas, I use "ffdshow video codec"

MJPEG 1 pass quality
quality 100
min quantizer 2
max quantizer 4
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2012/5/31 7:46:47
Random answers to random questions With the key "S" you can cut the clips where you want on the time line. Then, delete the unwanted parts and drag & drop the interesting parts

these virtual cuts don't affect the original media.
2012/5/29 15:26:56
Introductions! Hello Mike, Are you the winner of the crazy Muvizu recruitment n°22AYM389? Cool
2012/5/24 11:44:34
Janni's Got Talent Muvizu's auditions are rather rock n roll... Cool
2012/5/23 13:08:09
Deconstructing The High Bridge Hi Dylly,

In your pictures, I don't see the import bug
But I confirm that strange import artefacts are common. (in particular with concave items and with textures mapping.

A SketchUp import wizard would be great. And in the menues
Properties/Colour1/Image1, some additions like
2012/5/21 11:11:41
Beautiful Video Very nice & poetic
2012/5/21 11:10:08
Update message for v0.19 ok, thank you
2012/5/21 10:58:51
Update message for v0.19 hello,

When I launch Muvizu 0.19b 64 bits, I get a window with a message "download & install update".

What is the weight & the version of this update? Should I say yes?
2012/5/21 10:49:04
NEED HELP WITH SETTINGS And in Vegas, you could very easyly crop the 1280x720 rushs to get a 960x720 final movie (HD 4/3 ratio)

The positive point is to get an HD movie
The negative point is to direct in 16/9 then edit in 4/3

In Muvizu, I don't know how to get a 960x720 codec.
2012/5/18 12:32:47
Coming Soon... "Parade" is the last Tati's movie. It's an humoristic circus show. But Tati uses also silhouettes in "Playtime". in the picture below, a lot of secretaries are in cardboard

PS : hmmm... at the moment, the masterpiece Playtime (1h55) is on youtube with some english sub-titles...

2012/5/17 11:24:26
Coming Soon...
try to put over 130 Muvizu characters

Like the director Jacques Tati, you could use silhouette audience in your movies.
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2012/5/6 11:38:15
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... 1280x720, it's just the size of image but there are many codecs HD 1280x720. For example in Muvizu :

- Xvid mpeg4
- microsoft video 1
- cinepak radius
- intel IYUV
- huffYUV
- ffdshow MJPEG

Xvid mpeg4 is very good alone with Muvizu but not good if you use an extra editing software. ffdshow is better for that

I confirm that Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum is fantastic
2012/5/4 21:12:02
Dreeko's Tutorials Very interesting tutorial and a very nice b&w thriller environment
2012/5/4 21:08:45
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) hello, A small info for people who use Muvizu for cartoons and other softwares for 3d realistic Movies : this weekend only, moviestorm max is 50% off
2012/4/21 12:56:59
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. Hello,
The logo is a choice of Muvizu company. In a few cases, they accept to remove it, for example if :

- your video is very interesting for them
- you are a significant tester of Muvizu
- you have negociated a commercial agreement
edited by gimmick on 21/04/2012
2012/4/21 11:23:09
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. The watermark is here because the software is free
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