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2012/4/6 0:04:19
Free scriptwriting and storyboard software I stumbled on to this site looking for storyboard and scriptwriting help. This looks interesting, but I haven't tried any of the software yet.


This site offers Screenwriting, Story Development, and StoryBoarding software that all works in conjunction with each other. Might help one flesh out ideas while sitting in front of the computer.

A couple other links:



I HAVE NOT downloaded, installed or previewed any of this software, so please take caution and investigate at your own risk!! I do plan on checking them out, so if your scared, you can wait for my reviews. If anyone else wants to check them also and post reviews, that would be most acceptable.
2012/4/5 1:31:04
What is Muvizu? Yes! Like WozToons, I only started 3 weeks ago and I agree with all posts above. The Muvizu community is the best on the net. The software is great, but the community keeps me here. Thanks, EVERYONE.

And dylly, you can make my sets ANYTIME! :P
2012/4/4 19:33:26
Unable to save 'boy' character Thanks. I imported a decal for the chest. That must have been the culprit.
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2012/4/4 17:19:51
Unable to save 'boy' character Muvizu 64bit.

I'm unable to save the 'boy' character-type character to favorites. The 'save' function is is in it's normal place, but it's faded out and unclickable. Anyone else have this problem, or is it just my installation and machine?
2012/4/2 1:19:44
Muvizu Icon Really?? LOL... I haven't seen their logo. I'm gonna look it up.

Wow. I guess you're right. But different enough. Still, I'm gonna make another one with a white M with black border on the red background.
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2012/4/1 19:31:37
Muvizu Icon I created a Muvizu Icon for the desktop.

I give it freely to the community.

Icon: MuvizuIcon.ico

The link will open a new tab displaying the largest icon size. Just right-click on the image and save it to your computer. This file contains 6 icons: 512px, 256px, 128px, 48px, 32px, and 16px.

After you save the file, you'll have to manually replace the icon in the Muvizu EXE properties. If you've ever changed an icon before, you already know how to do this.

Hope you like it.
2012/4/1 16:37:07
Camera movement Well, maybe I'll play around with it some more and see what happens. I forgot about using keys. Also, I thought the mouse wheel was for zoom?? Hmmm, I have some exploring to do.
2012/4/1 10:48:54
Camera movement I have found that camera manipulation while filming is incredibly difficult. This can be made simpler by implementing a start and stop position for a camera's movement. That way the camera will smoothly move from one position to the other. The movie-making game "The Movies" had this feature and it was very nice.
2012/4/1 0:47:49
The Project Vortex Thanks WozToons and skylike! I live for feedback.

This was my practice run. I learned a lot.

I learned that moving cameras around while filming is really hard to do.
I learned some details are unnecessary, like the pen that's on the desk by the computer. You can't see it in the Muvi.
I learned how to use video editing software (AVS).
I learned how to lock the soundtrack in AVS so I don't keep splitting it and replacing it.
I learned that voice acting is harder than I thought. My wife's a natural, it seems.
I learned that making a Muvi creates a LOT of files. Especially when you're learning. lol

Can you spot the mistakes?

The man's glasses look like they hurt! They disappear into his temples.
There are more footstep sounds than footsteps.
The shot of zooming to the monitor ends a little too short and you can still see the monitor frame.

Anyway, I have some things to work on -- pretty much everything. :P

I got an idea -- time to get busy.
2012/3/31 18:18:17
The Project Vortex Thanks, dylly! Your comment makes my day

Darn spellcheck on my phone.
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2012/3/31 18:10:47
The Spirit of Muvizu That's a cool video. I did some photo manipulation and music making on my phone. Phones are amazing these days.

Like Woz, I love the lighting effects in Muvizu. So easy to make moods and cinematic scenes.
2012/3/31 18:02:54
Muvizu remakes That's really funny. Great directing, dreeko!
2012/3/31 4:39:02
The Project Vortex My first. Enjoy!

2012/3/30 21:28:13
Which video editing software do you use? I did use an uncompressed file format but was unable to produce an acceptable export. I tried several different ways to no avail. Frustration got the better of me, I'm afraid, and I tossed Lightworks aside for AVS, until Lightworks gets a little more user friendly. It's under development, so it should get better soon, and I'll probably switch then.

UGH! Now that I bought AVS, I figured out the Lightworks issue. However, AVS is still a slightly better video/audio quality with easier to use effects.....so far.

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2012/3/30 19:06:10
Error while saving Just wondering if there is any news concerning this? It's not urgent, just curious.
2012/3/30 18:49:55
Which video editing software do you use? I've been trying to use Lightworks, but I have no success exporting correctly. The features and editing abilities with this is amazing and I hope I can use it someday.

Windows Movie Maker works fine for me, but seems to be too basic for what I want.

Tried Wax, but audio didn't work. Didn't like the way it (GUI) looked and felt, either.

I'm gonna try AVS next. I'll edit this post with my findings.

AVS is my answer. For 60 bucks, I got the editor AND everything else they offer. The editor was very easy to figure out and use.
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2012/3/30 3:13:51
audio import problem I'm having a problem with the vocal tracks I'm importing. It seems that Muvizu is clipping the first milliseconds off if the track. I thought I could correct this by adding some silent space to the beginning of the track with audacity, but its still being clipped. I also tried adding a short tone to the beginning of that, but that didn't work either.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Nevermind, I figured it out. It's just the slow computer not keeping up with Muvizu. After rendering, the track sounds fine.
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2012/3/30 0:48:58
Voice actors? We need em. Well, I suppose I can join this wagon, too.

I can do some pretty good 'dumb guy' voices - American english. I must admit, I have no acting training, so my 'talent' at this is highly questionable and up for debate.
2012/3/28 12:12:55
Just to say Hi Sounds like a possible collaboration brewing...
2012/3/28 2:39:23
Sketchup to Muvizu Wow, dylly! You are an inspiration! Great work, as usual.
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