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2012/3/28 2:34:40
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Hello Lynn22 and welcome to the Muvi-zoo of looniness, friendliness, and massive talent! I hope I can produce shorts as great as I've seen so far. These guys around here are fantastic with this program.

Good luck with your Muvi making!
2012/3/28 2:25:24
Just to say Hi That's funny, you guys. I started a couple weeks ago, and I'm starting to feel like a lizard-- Tongue out, tongue in, tongue out, tongue in...

That said, I'm addicted. Am I addicted to Muvizu, or to the taste of air? Doesn't really matter, I guess.

Welcome to the clan, Ed Wood! Perhaps you and I can work on Plan 9 together? I found the script, created all the characters, and started to build a couple sets. Then I realized it was too large of an undertaking for a first project. Now I'm on my third idea, and I believe I just might have a chance to produce something. Big Grin
2012/3/26 4:10:30
when i try to add a character it tells ERROR That error simply means that your view is too close to another object or the floor to spawn the character. You can get this error with trying to spawn objects, too. Just back away from your set and spawn the character or object out in the open, letting it fall to the ground. Then move it into position.

Good luck with your muvi! I'm still working on my first one, too.
2012/3/23 15:02:25
Favourite ever cartoon? HAHA! Looks like he forgot to texture it! :P
2012/3/22 23:26:29
Favourite ever cartoon? I was always a big fan of Looney Tunes. The ones mentioned earlier, and how about the two drunk mexican mice talking about Speedy Gonzales and Slowpoke Rodriguez? Later, Tiny Toons were pretty funny.

Fat Albert was (and is still) great. Loved the drunk bum on the park bench! HAHA!! And the Brown Hornet!

Anyone remember The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers?

I also liked early Voltron and Robotech.

All you sci-fi fans look up Star Trek - The Animated Series. It was a bit before my time, but I'm having fun watching the episodes with my kids now (on Netflix).

All the new Pixar cartoons are excellent.

Others include: Watership Down, Secret of NIMH, Heavy Metal, The Simpsons, Moral Orel (gulp), Ren and Stimpy, original Pink Panther and Tom and Jerry...

EDIT: I just remembered my all-time favorite. It was a Tiny Toons episode where Daffy Duck was trying to get his script to the big Hollywood director.
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2012/3/22 22:37:12
Error while saving I sent an email to the Bug Division.
2012/3/22 22:12:42
sketchup materials on models Are you making the planes face the correct way in sketchup? (My one and a half cents worth of help, being new to this too.)
2012/3/22 15:04:46
...upload objects for others to use? Yes, it helps. Thank you.
2012/3/22 1:35:48
Error while saving Hay Dev Crew!

What does this mean? (see screenshot - http://haymanquarterly.com/images/MuviErrorCap.png)

I can't seem to make changes to my set and save it. I always get this error.
2012/3/22 0:39:50
...upload objects for others to use? I have been making little object assets for my projects and thought it would be nice to let others use them if they wanted. But I didn't want to upload them to the Muvizu site incorrectly. I have them as .ase files. When someone downloads them, they would have to color the model in Muvizu. Is this acceptable?
2012/3/20 22:42:03
A Screenshot Thanks, Jamie. I think I get what you're talking about. I may try it, but my set is getting pretty cumbersome for my semi-weak computer. I may have to duplicate parts of the set, or something, to size it down some.
2012/3/20 16:00:59
A Screenshot Thanks guys, for satisfying my infantile need of a pat on the back.

Is that a tarnished mirror behind the bar or just rusty metal? The long view down the whole pub is nice with the lighting you've gone for - what's the story going to be?

The effect worked, then. That is a rusted metal texture used to simulate a mirror. (Mirrors would be a cool asset, by the way.) The story is one a friend of mine wrote (if he gives me his blessing to use it). It's got a noir feel to it with a nice little grabby ending. It's probably a little too serious for Muvizu characters, but I think I can pull it off.

Again, thanks for the nice comments!
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2012/3/20 2:11:02
A Screenshot I just wanted to share/showoff/get feedback on my progress so far. I need to shorten those stools a bit, but what do you think so far?

2012/3/18 10:15:47
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. ---
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2012/3/14 15:29:22
Ambient Occlusion Maps Luscan -- thanks. I loved it.

When I'm walking a dark road,
I am a man who walks alone.
2012/3/13 16:01:55
After Update, model colors gone! ugh. I've been working on building an airplane cockpit. I used sketchup and imported the parts to Muvizu. After some persistence, I managed to get my model together and colored. Then I saved my work.

Muvizu has been prompting me to Update, so I decided to do so. After the update, I noticed things loading a little faster and thought that was nice. I also noticed that my saved project was now showing up under the 'recent' tab. The thumbnail looked fine, and I loaded it up.

HOWEVER, after it loaded, the texture colors are gone! The model is back to it's 'import pink' color. I opened the properties tab to change them back, but the colors were still in the properties tab!

I tried changing them again, but to no avail. My next line of attack is to start over and import the models yet again.... unless someone knows a fix for this.

This is all quite frustrating, but I'm learning a lot!
2012/3/13 2:33:52
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. Thank you, everyone! I've been able to get it working. It ain't perfect, but it'll do for now.

Here's a screenie --

I ended up separating the floor, a single seat (duplicated in Muvizu), and the cabin top/sides/inst. panel. I used the Ziggy trick on the cabin. The rest worked out fine. Still have to insert the windows. Not in screenie, but the trial run worked, so it seems like everything's working so far. YAY!

How do I save this set? And can I group these objects together and save them as one favorite object?

EDIT -- ugh. Muvizu doesn't want to save my progress with the windows in place. Stay tuned.
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2012/3/12 15:37:40
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing.

Ok -- thanks dylly, I found the texture tab -- again (ahem) -- but, as you can see (or not), I can get my character in the cockpit, but the block collides and will not enter. Strange. Perhaps I need to start over.

My plan, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is to start from scratch. I'll detach the floor and chairs of the cockpit (split the model per massimo_bo) and create them separately, creating collision maps for each as well.

Is this a good plan?

Also, does anyone know how to make the windows transparent? I was thinking of just completely removing them, but if I can make them transparent, it would be better.
2012/3/12 5:01:42
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing.
Another alternative is to use the DIB method otherwise known as Dreeko's Invisible Box (pat pending). Turn off the collision of your model (unclicking can be stood on) as Berty says, and then use the small box object in Muvizu. Change the properties of the box image to 'none' and the box is now invisible and you can slip it inside the pilot's seat. The box now acts as a semi permanent collision mesh, yet has the added benefit of being size adjustable in Muvizu.

I was going to try this, but I can't find the properties of the box image to change it to 'none'. I assume the 'small box object' you are referring to is the yellow 'small cube' object in the 'abstract' catagory?? Anyway, when I go to edit the box, I only find the usual edit properties...

I can get the character to fly thru the cockpit, but the block finds a collision, even with the 'can stand on objects' off.
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BTW massimo_bo --- Mona Lisa Smile is beautiful!
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2012/3/11 10:30:49
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing.
Firstly have you turned off "Can be stood on" on the object. This will allow your characters to walk through your object.

Ok, I did this, but now there are no collisions whatsoever. Perhaps I'm just too much a novice for this. I might have to create the model without the seats and use Muvizu seats, or something.
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