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2012/10/3 9:45:56
Never able to import Video...Need Help Step 1+.... Thanks Jamie, I have had this issue even w/earlier versions of muvizu, and I have a 64 bit machine, and used 64 bit codecs on earlier versions, and i think i have 64 bit codecs now too ....not entirely sure though. I think I am 64 bit all the way now, I KNOW I was before like, 6 months ago etc, (back then I had downloaded codec paks like k-lite etc) but then I deleted them or something and had trouble recently trying to download codec paks that were I scrapped that idea too...and now I have the latest muvizu I am running...but the problem has always been the same. I was so frustrated before with it I said screw it I give up, but now I am the point where I'd like to do some things with it for sure, but still, no luck!
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2012/10/3 7:54:32
Never able to import Video...Need Help Step 1+.... I always get the same error message noo matter what .avi file i try to put on a backdrop or in muvizu period. Obviously it can be done, I just do NOT know what the problem it b/c the video is HD or not or?
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2012/10/3 6:57:10
Opening Set files I keep getting this OH ! that's Genius my friend!...I see, so you put the version of Muvizu in the suffix - I get it...Never thought of that! I have another file that has a BUNCH of characters and a few models in it as well, and my fear is a set like that, or my sets created involving a ton of work etc will be lost if this keeps happening. What do you mean "don't" save the sets if I want to use them again in extreme version? and how do you "roll back" to a previous version (when you need to)? I am only using the extreme version of Muvizu. Thanks ukBerty - EEFilmz

ukBerty wrote:
EEFilmz wrote:
I just saved a plain set with the 2 characters I created so i could go back to them easily

EEF - I have such a set which I have used for over a year now, and it still opens fine. I have now saved the custom textures in there as well as this has been fixed.

However, you must make sure that you don't save any sets you wish to use again if you're using the Extreme version, or save them as a different name, as Muvizu don't guarantee that these will load in future releases. I always start saving sets with a suffix - e.g. "Characters22b.set" when we get a new version, just in case I have to roll back to the previous version (I've learnt the hard way !)
2012/10/3 6:11:14
BILLY JOEL - Piano Man
2012/10/3 1:21:12
Opening Set files I keep getting this @Jamie, in this instance, I didn't create an elaborate set, I just saved a plain set with the 2 characters I created so i could go back to them easily (I was still at the nursing home at the time); Now since the latest Muvizu update. I guess maybe that as the issue? I dunno. I don't really wanna go back to an earlier version though. I guess I would just have to do it all over again, but is this going to happen to ALL my old set files? because that would really be a NIGHTMARE and really make me turn green (and not in a good way!).
Jamie wrote:
EFF - The icon you see is basically a saved image within the file that windows displays rather than the default Muvizu icon. So seeing the thumbnail icon doesn't mean anything is working with Muvizu.

The favourites are saved on the computer you were using Muvizu on at the time, not in the set file. So if you've saved them on the laptop and transferred the set to your desktop the favourites won't be available either. This is also the case if you uninstall and reinstall Muvizu, the favourites you've made are removed when Muvizu is removed.

Normally when a set gets to this point, of not loading, there isn't much you can do. If you created the set in a previous version of Muvizu you can try going back to that version and open the set file there, remove or delete things, save and try loading it in the latest version. This might work, but then again, it might not. If you send your set file into we can take a look and see if there is anything we can do.
2012/10/3 1:16:25
Opening Set files I keep getting this @ukBerty - No decals were used I created a joker type character and a detective type on same set and saved it, but I don't think I favorited the characters? I'm not sure, but that set file no longer opens so I can't use the characters ugh!
ukBerty wrote:
EEF - Is this the problem with saving favourites/sets with characters with decals on their bodies or skirts ?

This is the only time I've seen this error, but these sets would have saved but not opened at the time.

I hope not as there is no way round it.
2012/10/3 1:11:00
my latest adventure lmao wtf, once again you cracked me up! - Too funny! - EEF

fazz68 wrote:
Hello, its my first time in the muvizu forums. so hello to you all

here is my latest D and C adventure, hope you enjoy.

2012/10/2 5:18:48
Opening Set files I keep getting this On both Laptop/home pc, I keep getting this when trying to load certain set files and then the file won't open! ALSO the Favorite characters that I created for those Set files wont appear and do not show up in the list, although when i first go to open the set file i see the preview w/the character in it, then it wont open, and the characters aren't available!...HELP!? and I get 1 or 2 other messages that prevent me from opening them too!

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2012/10/1 5:14:40
IST VIDEO Thanks, rendering is another word for when you actually "make video" the computer renders it, I.E. "draws" it for you. The flickering to me looked like something happened in post-edit, it reminded me of like when ya used to dub over a videotape in the middle of a segment, so no changing the character wouldn't cause the flickering. cue points you can create (in the timeline) there is a little diamond shaped icon, when you click that it appears along the timeline at the point you clicked it. It's an invaluable point of reference when trying to get the timing down corrrectly for an action or sequence. Check out the How To videos on Muvizu site here, that's how I started learning it before I downloaded it, and then play around with it. If you watch my KISS video Psycho Circus (or the other one too) but check out Peter Criss on Drums, I used to to the extreme on him to get the timing down on the drum rolls, snares, and Cymbals etc, also I used it on the other 3 too, but I just used that as an example - it takes time and patience, but that's part of the fun of muvizu. - I look forward to seeing future vids from ya!
- EEFilmz

littlegene wrote:
Thank you.....well i tried 3 times to get what i wanted not sure about the flickering could it be because i was changing the character actions too much ???...ive yet to learn about rendering ?? cue points ??etc

Again fantastic job with regard your videos....truly inspirational

All the best
2012/9/30 22:39:16
IST VIDEO Good 1st vid littlegene, why was it your 3rd attempt? Also what was the flickering going on the it with your editor software or?...Overall nice setup too!

Thanks for your reply on my update page about my KISS videos, alot went into them yes, and it took a bit longer too, because for some reason, I had some rendering issues on a a few of the shots! but in the end I got em rendering correctly. I used the TIMELINE and cue points for each instrument/action and it is tedious but the result is accuracy, and pretty cool. I would've changed a couple things on mine but I did 4 vids into 1 and didn't catch it until it was complete, but there'll be more vids, don't forget to Fan, Rate, Subscribe, ETC...EEF

littlegene wrote:
Hi All,

I'm loving how great Muvizu is. Anyway please checkout my first video ( my 3rd attempt ) and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time.
2012/9/28 10:50:18
Get well soon Eef! lol....While that recreation by "Dylly" is very impressive indeed, and quite accurate I might add, almost "spot" on! in a K-9 sorta way...there's no "K" in Bingo right?...I think it is Dylly who is Dallying those codes and blocking EEf's notifi...Oh crap I guess I blew my own cover here and now the codes are coming in again...B-12? No no that was the chewable candy at the Nursing station, I - 43...True EEF is, N-9 (that's Asian for "I know"...or NO?), and "G-O" was the operation code name that has now been compromised! since Agent Dylly outsmarted the blue hairs and the antidote has now been retrieved and administered, and now the real-"EEF" is back...code "REEL-EEF" is back! I repeat...

I think there's been a bit of an 'invasion of the body snatchers' scenario going on with Eef. Ernie may have gone into the nursing home but...

Let me present my evidence
On first appearances Ernie is displaying all the symptoms of someone who has spent some time with the Blue Rinse Mafia and quoting random Bingo numbers...

"I am back at home since 9-15-12"

But however he now claims he's not getting notified of the coded messages Muvizu agents are sending him, but passes this off as intoxicants in his system!

"I am still medicated"

He then goes on to mention 'sponge baths' with 'cute asian nurses'? Surely not!

I ran my suspicions past Dylly the beagle who took it upon himself to perform a reconstruction of the scene.

So far he has not received a sponge bath from a nurse, either asian or cute!
2012/9/28 8:03:32
Animating Objects!!....?? Danimal, do you have any idea as to how much pitching up is necessary? I tried 3% in videopad and from youtube, i noticed it said it matched 3rd party - I have a vid I don't want the sound to stray far from original, I know it's possible because I've seen some vids on Muvizu that the sound was def alot like the original sound (from music/movies etc) ?
My only goal is get my vids up here on Muvizu and not have to make several versions and do several uploads like i have in the's a pain and sometimes it doesn't work

Danimal wrote:
If you pitch it up, even just a bit, it will sneak through. I and many others have used that trick to get away with sneaking in music.
2012/9/28 7:53:12
Get well soon Eef! ROFLMAO you guys are great! Thanks for the support! Dylly you & Dreeko and all crack me up!

I am back at home since 9-15-12 but Oddly I didn't get notified of these postings! I just stumbled upon it!...Normally I get Email notifications etc...weird...although I am still medicated w/pain meds as needed lol

On a side note, I intended to make a nursing home vid w/my new laptop while healing up in the Bingo Hall, I didn't have the energy after all those sponge baths from the cute young asian nurses YAY!...
Although, It may still be coming Soon...
2012/9/28 6:08:27
How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good... No harm done Urban, actually wish I didn't have to do that at all, it's more work!....Like I said, just wanna post my stuff here, wish I could do it directly. I actually Don't know how to really do it so I can get it uploaded here thatas the problem.
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2012/9/28 5:49:19
How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good... Hey urban, are you an accountant for KISS or something? because I am certain they are NOT gonna give a **** about NOT losing anything from me making a video with muvizu software and oh yeah YouTube isn't losing anything, Muvizu isn't losing anything, and neither are YOU! So get off your high horse man, and don't respond to me unless you can HELP me do what alot of other muvizu animators are doing which was how I learned about it ok? I am only speaking of doing what other Muvizuers do, so like them, I can get my muvizu animations on the MUVIZU WEBSITE, because I HATE making 2 versions of the same video, and Uploading 2 versions of vertually the same thing, because well, I TRULY appreciate muvizu, it's users, and any help they offer to make my life a little less stressful than it is already Thank You for pissing on my wheaties! I happen to like KISS' music and alot of others so, unless your here to help me do what other muvizuers do (which is how I found out) about it, keep your tale of whoa out of my query here. Your pet peeve is NOT mine. I am going to continue to use Muvizu software, and YouTube only because it's required for upload, and there will be more KISS videos I am sure of it now, and Urban check this out, what "I" create artistically, is MINE. Hollywood alters everything and makes it theirs, Muvizuers do it, EVERYBODY does it it's called creative licence. Artistic Licence and Artist's like me have laws protecting my work as well. I am NOT SELLING or PROFITING ANYTHING nor am I breaking any millionaires rice bowls so RELAX!......Thanks for insightfullness and your unwelcome banter on my issue. Now go pick on someone else I'm busy trying to just have some FUN with Muvizu software and share it on!

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2012/9/27 18:50:34
How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good... Dreeko, what I mean is, for copyrighted music/movies etc for it to be able to upload onto Muvizu's website...How much is needed? because I've seen vids that sounded Exactly like the original, but I know from past experience I couldn't get vids to upload that had copyrighted sounds unless I changed the pitch, but this time I wanted it very close to the original sounds, and wondered how far from the troph do I have to go..? I'm trying 3% and see what that does 8) - EEF
2012/9/27 17:29:33
KISS-Psycho Circus

1st video(or 4)since I had surgery etc, you wanted closeups, you got e'm!, you wanted the best, you got the best! KISS-Psycho Circus!
2012/9/27 9:56:34
How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good... How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good enough to upload to Muvizu when editing in videopad? I'd like to know so I can stay as close to he original audio as possible

Thanks EEF
2012/9/26 20:20:46
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? actually I am now finding vids/info that say I can do that in VideoPad...which I use!Lucky me! so I am gonna try that when I get to that point soon and if that fails I'll post again lol
2012/9/26 19:47:56
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? Thanks @ Fullmetal but FCPX only runs on a mac, and I have a pc, otherwise that'd work...good tip otherwise! - EEF
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