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2011/7/7 12:18:31
import texture Hi Nicoknight,

The Sketchup exporter has some problems with textures - if you open up the .ase file you will see entries like:


If you change the file path to the ones that match your textures it should work.

Take it easy,
2011/7/4 22:03:34
Live Action Short Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine (that Marco and luscann also used to work with) wrote and directed a short that is currently being hosted on Virgin Media Shorts called "Monsters Under the Bed":

I think that they have done a pretty good job and not showing the parents face is a good touch.....

2011/7/4 22:00:27
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) Hi Mach,

Try the Softonic Italian site:

Take it easy,
2011/6/26 16:11:55
Cheap(ish) laptop Hi everyone,

I just tested out Muvizu on my work laptop to see if it can run and I had pretty good results - it was usable with multiple light sources (with individual shadows) and multiple characters. It won't replace a good desktop or a high-end laptop but it gives decent results as the frame rate only started to suffer when I put individual shadows on.

It's the HP 625 Turion which is normally about £400-£450 but Misco are doing £100 cashback until the end of the month, so you can get it for £331.99

2011/6/26 10:44:48
Meet the Medic I think that Valve use Max and Maya - but I am not 100% sure.
2011/6/24 13:31:47
Meet the Medic Two years after their last release Valve have done a new video: Meet the Medic!

They have also announced that Team Fortress 2 is going free-to-play, which is perhaps the greatest video game news ever.....
2011/6/20 20:49:57
After Downloading and installing... I guess your pole might cause some friction burns......
2011/6/20 18:17:07
After Downloading and installing... Wouldn't naked pictures of you playing video games get you expelled from the fire service? Or is that why you spend so much time on Muvizu? Aaaah they joys of "Gardening Leave".....
2011/6/20 17:50:29
After Downloading and installing... Be thankful that none of you resemble an internet weirdo......
2011/6/20 12:57:17
After Downloading and installing... C3LTIC-D4GG3R wrote:
I have just downloaded Muvizu (32 bit) now i don't have a clue how to start animating...... i have tried to open the files but nothing happens !?!?!?!? have i missed down loading anything, it says i havn't installed some main part.

Hi CD,

Could you let us know what the exact error message is so that we can have a better idea of the problem?

While you are doing that I just wanted to check a couple of things:

You said you downloaded Muvizu - was it from our site or one of our mirrors?
If it was a mirror did you download an .exe file or a .rar file? If it was a .rar file you need Winrar/7Zip or another compression tool to open the installer.

Did you get Muvizu installed correctly?
If so, did you install the new versions of directx and your graphics drivers? This fixes most startup problems and links can be found here:

Please let us know how you get on.

Take care,
2011/6/14 13:52:25
Computer not fast enough? mcmillan-ra wrote:
According to Microsoft: "The net result is that a 64-bit application might run slightly slower than the same application compiled as 32-bit, but it will often run slightly faster."

So someone who works for Microsoft was asked if 64-bit would perform better and his answer was "mibbies ayes and mibbies noes"........
2011/6/7 9:40:19
New version she no work Hi Geoff,

The new version works on xp as well as windows 7 - but there could be a problem elsewhere.

Could you please let us know what the error message says if the IT guys have updated to the latest DirectX and Nvidia drivers?

2011/6/6 13:14:11
Sound Effects / Background Audio.....want more? I could call multiple audio tracks the holy grail, but that's holding objects. Maybe this is the Turin Shroud of Muvizu?
2011/6/6 13:12:35
Here's a new one Hi Danimal,

That's odd - the resources should all be saved in the .set file (unless I am mistaken) although it is possible that the decals saved on characters aren't being saved with the rest of the .set......

Could you please try sending the set to as they might be able to see what the exact problem is.

2011/6/6 13:08:57
nothing available in the program Hi Bitter Melody,

Could you try installing Muvizu somewhere else? Perhaps C:\Muvizu ?

Sometimes Vista and 7 can be a bit picky about the programmes that can write to your Program Files directory.....

Take care,
2011/6/2 20:34:09
Problem with New Upgade Luscan wrote:
glasgowjim wrote:
Really? Is it on any 6 series cards? If not were there no Alpha Blends in the Unreal 3 engine when the game was released?

The reason that I ask is that the 6 series cards were on the official minimum specs from Epic....

Yeah the 6200 didn't support alpha blending. The 6500 did because it was the mid range card at the time and all the ones after the 6200 did.

Wow....... I always thought that Nvidia kept the tech available to each generation of cards the same, but just altered speeds and ram amounts. I guess I was wrong!
2011/6/1 18:37:50
audio crash again mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hi Jim,

Artpen has sent us one of the files - it seems to work fine here. Not sure what on earth is causing this at the moment.

Hi Robert,

I miss the being able to ask you retarded questions before posting them on the forum........
2011/6/1 18:37:04
Problem with New Upgade Really? Is it on any 6 series cards? If not were there no Alpha Blends in the Unreal 3 engine when the game was released?

The reason that I ask is that the 6 series cards were on the official minimum specs from Epic....
2011/6/1 12:55:58
Problem with New Upgade The 6200 has shader 3.0 support - I am not 100% sure about alpha blending though - the Geforce 6 series of cards are the first ones that were capable of running UT3 so I would imagine that it does have it.
2011/6/1 12:50:37
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" Can I guess NVidia?

The reason that I am saying that is that Nvidia has generally had weaker anti-aliasing performance than ATI over the years.....

P.S. Woo - 600 posts.
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