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2014/1/20 17:06:59
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets credit me... dont credit me.... im really not that bothered. all assets i make and upload here i make for my own videos. if someone else has a use for them then thats all good. do i expect any financial reward for them now or in the future? nope (unless you want to bung me a few quid when you become famous Big Grin ) i enjoy making assets as much as i enjoy making muvizu animations, its all part of the fun for me.

over to you urbanlamb Big Grin
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2014/1/20 16:06:31
Cartoon-Cartoon that was pretty cool, i like the look of it. it reminds me of rhubarb and custard (an old cartoon about a cat and a dog if you dont know )
2014/1/20 15:58:20
Help With Sony Vegas no. why would it? two totally different programs that do totally different things. unless theres some magical thing im missing and i can make muvizu sets in sony vegas
2014/1/19 13:22:30
how to change background while the scene is going all backdrops are able to change the picture whenever you want. its all done by animating the picture on the backdrop. i did look for a tutorial but without going through every one i dont know what tutorial it would be on. so...

its all done in there. prepare your images using the little boxes then switch to direct to animate them when you want them to change.
i would say the text effect you are talking about was done in editing with whatever software they use. or you could do the same using transparent png text image on a backdrop. using editing software is the easiest of the two, far less messing about thus more favourable
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2014/1/19 3:07:18
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) dont know if you aware of this but your rosie characters hair adjustments seem to be all out of order

the sideways scaling does this

moves the hair up into nowhere and theres no height scaling.

and the left/right/up/down adjustment seems mucked up

just thought you'd like to know
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now i woke up today and thought to myself "hang about.... you was messing about with rosie's hair the other day when playing about with the wolverine hair attachment and it was working fine"
and it seems the add hair attachment does work fine as does some of rosie's muvizu hair but not all of them

so some work ok and some dont......

all rosies with scaling turned up to the max and i think you will agree thats...................

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nothing like a bit of ACDC blasting out on a sunday morning to upset the neighbours Big Grin
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2014/1/18 1:51:45
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
I am about to start writing a wee song that I will in fact sing which is enough to make anyone run for the hills but.. for this .. it must be done.

i look forward to your video even more now Big Grin i love it when muvizers aint afraid to let rip with a tune or two Big Grin
2014/1/13 23:19:50
First EVER sale! click the question mark up in the corner of muvizu and a drop down menu appears then click on licence and follow instructions.
2014/1/13 22:11:48
Character movement and movement editing. use the sit or stand action when you are directing.

if the character was made to sit in the prepare character actions he will sit down again when you stop the scene but not while its actually running. im not sure what you mean edit a characters movement after the take.
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2014/1/13 21:43:47
First EVER sale! Rocky53204 wrote:

Now to figure out .fbx import...

exactly the same as .ase import making fbx objects well thats a whole new can of worms lol
2014/1/12 22:38:54
another new start checking in.... heres some basic adding textures to sketchup models tips without using uv maps
it would help more if you had a screenshot of whats happening so we can see what the problem might be
2014/1/11 1:32:01
Coming Soon... mate this will be a totally newish evil dead penned by me (and some classic bits borrowed from sam raimi of course ) i didnt want to remake the original version word for word. the setting is still the evil dead but with my characters and story line. hopefully ive done it justice within the limitations of muvizu. still plenty of blood and guts in there
2014/1/11 0:33:39
Coming Soon... the main story in the cabin is done and in the bag im just working on the ending (still...the ending keeps getting longer everytime i sit down to work on it) but i keep getting side tracked making stuff Big Grin
2014/1/10 23:56:33
Coming Soon... yes mate its free. dreeko wrote about it in a thread a while ago http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic3223-dreekos-extra-bits.aspx?Page=0
its fun to muck about with. you can make some really weird stuff with it.
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2014/1/10 22:48:13
Coming Soon... hey welcome back woztoons long time no see @artpen just lately ive been using a bit of everything. the ferengi stuff was done with sculptris and blender. urbanlamb gave me some blender coaching over the christmas period and its finally sunk into my brain after god knows how many times ive tried to learn it Big Grin
2014/1/10 19:15:25
Coming Soon...
continuing my love of star trek assets.... the ferengi... to an asset page near you soon
2014/1/10 5:06:23
Change clothes colors no problem
2014/1/9 15:04:51
Change clothes colors crop your png image around the edges to remove whats around the heart image. it looks like stuff thats been left over from when you removed the background.

no box should show.

if you want a png pic of a heart just type heart png into google or whatever you use and theres probably tons of them already done. you can tell the ones with a transparent background because it will show up as a checker pattern.
2014/1/9 5:47:26
Change clothes colors just turn the image into a png file. using your coral draw you should be able to cut round the image you are using so there is only the part you want then copy and paste it onto a transparent background and save as a png file. then when you add it to the t shirt only the bit you copied will show.

mind you after watching them tutorials they make it look a lot more difficult than it actually is lol.
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2014/1/9 4:23:14
Change clothes colors
click here.
2014/1/8 5:12:17
Add a graphic to a t-shirt two ways to do it.
1, create a custom texture for your character using one of the uv maps found on the asset page and a photoshop type editor.
2, or the easiest way. click on edit character.. click on decals... there you have a choice to add a graphic to the chest or the back, or both if you want to.
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