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2012/12/23 18:05:04
How to sync the effect to a move (repost) im not quite sure what you mean. you add the power-up aura in the character customizing options,

prepare it in the prepare character properties

and control the direction in direct character properties

do you mean the aura starts when you start the scene?

if so untick the aura active box in the character customizing screen. you can also direct this too in character proprieties
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2012/12/23 16:16:51
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself... hello senpal, im pretty new here myself and they are a friendly bunch always willing to help if they can. enjoy
2012/12/23 16:12:19
How to sync the effect to a move (repost) every bit of syncing up that you do in muvizu is done in the timeline, just slide the segment you want to sync up to left or right till it matches what you want. so you want power-up action to sync with power up aura.... see picture below. just fine tune it to how you want it.

2012/12/23 2:22:10
FIVE MINUTE MYSTERY excellent love the black and white, very atmospheric. old time radio rocks !!!
2012/12/22 2:14:16
The Sweeney

just a idea floating in me brain for now
2012/12/19 13:57:21
The Avengers Pt2 urbanlamb wrote:
haha that was awesome maybe we should put together a muvizu tv network with all these series would be fun

sounds like a good idea if you want the old adverts to animate, the avengers recordings have lots of old adverts on them, but i cut all of them out along with the narrator. each episode is about 15 mins long but about half of that is ads

theres some interesting stuff on the Avengers declassified web site...
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2012/12/19 2:57:49
The Avengers Pt2

merry christmas
2012/12/16 0:32:24
Coming Soon...

coming very soon.... the avengers pt2. just a couple of scenes to finalise
2012/12/10 3:35:16
Random requests! a simple character turning movement of 90 degrees would be nice, instead of taking two steps to get there just one step
2012/12/6 21:20:20
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) ziggy72 wrote:
For Fazz68 and anyone else who doesn't have telescopes for eyes (really Microsoft, what are you thinking?!) you'll have to adjust the font sizes for the system yourself - here's a quick 'how to' :

In your Display settings (or Personalised settings for Win7) you need to go to Windows Colour and then, in the Item drop down box, select Icon. Change the font size here and you change them for the desktop icons as you'd expect, but this also changes the size of the fonts in Windows Explorer across the system.

The other important one is Menu, which dictates the size of the fonts on the Start Menu and the Menu bars. Finally, Message Box's font size should be increased too.

For readability, I like Verdana as my default font (size 17 works well).

Hope this helps - these HD screens are great and all, but they don't half scale stuff down, and the interfaces of programs don't usually let you scale much back up.

Brilliant !!! cheers mate, i can see again i usually dont venture into the computer settings because im not that computer savy and im afraid i'll mess something up. thanks again.... full screen and readable text..... brilliant !
2012/12/6 15:32:27
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) wow.... i always thought muvizu was supposed to look like that (with the big white borders at the bottom and on the right) and that was for the timeline and other windows to sit in. just used the default setting fix and now have a glorious full screen..... awesome Big Grin, trouble is now i think i might need glasses coz i cant read anything on my screen properly anymore.
2012/11/24 11:28:57
how create an transparent window and a sinkhole? http://videocontent.muvizu.com/3D/22449/Almost-no-Collision-Wall-Set
walls and windows
2012/11/22 13:02:24
how do I make an object or character disappear? i dont think you can. an easy solution is make two identical video's, 1 with the character and 1 without. Then when you edit your final video you can make it look like the character has vanished by cutting them together.

at 4 mins 27 secs in is the effect im talking about
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i meant to add, if you use a cross fade transition when editing they will fade out slowly.
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2012/11/20 13:16:45
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) lovely update, no more camera swapping to get the logo back... bliss. loving the new content and so far it all works like a dream. No Samurai swords though.....
2012/11/18 18:35:17
Falling objects MadDoctor wrote:
I tried the gravity method, but it doesn't appear to be falling. Can someone help? I just turned the gravity to 100 and clicked record. It doesn't appear to be moving at all, actually, manually or otherwise.
Also, my project is basically an anti-littering pollution kind of film, and I'm trying to have the bottle prop fall into a ground plane with the water texture.
edited by MadDoctor on 18/11/2012

hello. float the bottle at the height you want it to drop from. pull up the direct object movement thingy, set movement speed to 100%. press the direct button, when you want it to drop use the E button on your keyboard, this will move the bottle down so it looks like its dropping. thats it

if you want it to drop through a ground plane, do the object movement first then add the ground plane after so it will go through it.
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2012/11/17 4:01:01
The Grudge thank you urbanlamb. to make the movie id like to make, the muvizu gods will have to grant us samurai swords to play with but i do have a few ideas buzzing around my head.
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2012/11/15 23:40:13
The Grudge Dreeko wrote:
Very atmospheric and great direction. Well done!

thank you Dreeko, glad you enjoyed it
2012/11/15 23:36:44
The Grudge Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Very well done! I forgot how creepy I found that croaking sound until I heard it there, haha. I went through a wee phase of digging these Asian horror movies too - I loved Ju-On: The Grudge, Ring, A Tale Of two Sisters, etc. Ju-On: The Grudge 2 made absolutely NO sense to me what-so-ever, but the first one was excellent!

what i really love are the dodgy japanese splatter B movies, they are so over the top. i think i might have a go at making one with muvizu.
2012/11/15 4:21:20
The Grudge Another love of mine japanese horror movies. Here's my take on it.

2012/11/3 14:53:43
My thinkings id love to see the old characters have the same fighting moves as the new ones, they could all have a proper punch up. En Garde!
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