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2012/12/25 14:17:35
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar The only drawback to this contest that i could see was that it was a first come first win type thing being that some people had to work and all makes it hard to meet that kind of dead line. But atleast they are giving away a 2nd prize which makes up for it. Congrats to who ever made it in time! and Good luck to everyone else that got entered in the 2nd drawing
2012/12/25 14:14:23
Merry Christmas I would like to just take the time to tell everyone in Muvizu Land Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a very happy and safe holiday! And a very happy New Year!
2012/12/23 15:42:40
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself... welcome to the community Senpal!
I think you will find a bunch of great people here that will help! Looking forward to seeing your creations.
Good luck and happy animating!!
2012/12/14 13:49:39
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 I was hoping you was gonna say that. looking forward to seeing it
2012/12/13 22:30:35
My 150th Muvizu Video ! The Glums at Christmas congrats on 150th umm i guess it's 151st now since im a late poster lol!! good job on the video!
2012/12/13 22:26:34
Jingle bells at Muvizu Nice start to your Muvizu career and look forward to seeing more from you!
2012/12/13 22:21:31
New for 2013 looking good Dreeko...I am curious though isnt that wheelchair missing some fuzzy dice or something
looking forward to seeing what comes out of this one.
2012/12/13 22:18:38
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 looking good. All I want to know is....please tell me....that the rest of the movie isnt text to speech. Please oh please! but l am looking forward to seeing what is coming next hehe!!
2012/12/9 21:06:47
Random requests! Im with you on that Ziggy would be a great addition!
2012/12/9 15:53:29
how do i make a character sit? same as above but you may have to right click on the vehicle and click on can be stand on box toggle on and off to see which will work best. Dreeko has a little tut on this here it is

around 7:09 i believe hope this helps
2012/12/9 15:26:26
Boats in Muvizu

I would like to hide the Muvizu logo and stick it in the opening credits but if it cannot be done, it doesn't matter much to me.
edited by Craig1998 on 09/12/2012

Since Muvizu is beta so the logo is embedded but to remove it you must email them and it is mostly for videos that are being done for profit and are considered on a case by case bases. hope that helps.
2012/12/6 2:23:07
Sappy Christmas Videos and the like enjoyed the many diffrent scenes Urban had alot of diffrent things going on. I enjoyed it!
2012/12/4 2:09:41
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE TFZ CHARACTER ? Sorry Skylike for the late response your post got lost I think. But as this series is on my to watch list. I watched your last episode and liked it very much. I happen to like the guy with the pill on his shirt so what ever his name is lol.
2012/12/2 18:24:51
the WEFT of time look forward to seeing more! how many chapters are you looking at doing if I may ask?
2012/12/2 17:28:27
how create an transparent window and a sinkhole? try zooming your view out some before importing an object that usually does it. or way out sometimes
2012/12/2 17:24:28
the WEFT of time My curiousity is peaked here I must say. Is this based off a game or something?
2012/11/30 21:42:38
It´s Christmas That was really good Rob. Music went well i think. Nice camera angles and cuts also. over all great job!
2012/11/29 18:01:23
Caption Me! Lol Mike cant top that one!! I am still laughing!! mainly due to the fact that it resembles my ex wife lol oh the joy you just gave me!!
2012/11/25 12:43:55
Magical Misery Tour Super loved it. You now have my curiousity peeked so I will now have to go look up this infamous Rolling Stones magazing interview. Once again outstanding work!!
2012/11/24 21:01:49
My thinkings I was wondering when holding objects would pop back up. But you all have in fact added to the point I was trying to make. So I will try another way of putting it.

The Director of a movie (users) has a script and props, music, voices recorded, sound effects and characters, they start animating the movie and they get to a scene and the director (users) wants it to be a certain way but just cant happen characters cant move that way or hold something etc. SO dircetor goes to character creation department(Muvizu Developers) and tells them what he needs. Character creation department (Muvizu) says cant be done or not at this time. Director (Users) woud be like" what do you mean it can't be done! thats what you get paid to do! make it happen!! I'm the director and thats what I want!! Your job is to create characters and animate them so we can make this movie!!"

Okay thats just an example (real world kinda thing) but close to the way Muvizu will work actually. We are the directors and Muvizu is the character creation department. Eventually this is the thorn that will dig deep in there side.

We will always need or want something and it will be Muvizu's Developers job to get us that. I know it sounds more harsh then attended but eventually I foresee a paid for Muvizu version so In a way it will be true. And in order to compete and stay in the hunt to make money all these little things will need to come to light. Otherwise everyone just go grab a copy of blender, Maya, Lightwave and start the long process of creating an animation.

I love Muvizu and honestly want to and hope to help it become what I see it can become. Something really great. but this one little problem of having to depend on developers to create what users need could be a problem. Maybe the developers already thought of that ..maybe not. I don't know. Im just putting my thoughts out there that came to me one day and was wondering how they plan on working around this major obstacle. As we all know as we all still here cranking out more movies and they are becoming better and better we all beleive Muvizu has the abiltity to be something more then a 3 minute youtube video.(well atleast I honestly do) but there is alot of work ahead of them. And with user limited to what they can use and the amount of work arounds we have to do to acheive those goals its going to be a long road indeed.

The better the movies get and better content that comes with Muvizu I think the bigger and bigger Muvizu will become. Developers have there job cut out for them I think or if it gets to bad I guess there is always open source route like so many waiting at the door.

So there it is maybe a little more sense in what i was trying to say. Not trying to say i want this and that or mad cuz i didnt get it in this update but just curious how they plan on going about in the future of content creation and demands. Or maybe I just confused people even more and I just need to keep my thoughts to myself lol.
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