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2013/12/3 19:35:21
I've been trying something new! Dreeko wrote:
...What would make all the difference to us when it comes to creating new attachments is having the characters themselves available to us as objects!

If we had this, then we could create them to the correct dimensions directly on the character. After that the only problem left would be scale.

I mentioned this before in the forum to a very minor ripple of interest which is why I created the scrooge example video

I was curious about the FBX import and was wanting to try. I do wish there was a trial option that allowed maybe 5 FBX imports or so to see if it was really worth it and get familiar with workflow.

Now that Muvizu allows fbx import for character accessories, it's almost essential to have the characters available so we can design accessories in 3rd party software. If not, accessory building is only hit and miss on scaling. Muvizu could be smart about this and protect themselves by giving us the character mesh unrigged perhaps? It's sort of like giving us a UV map that we can alter. I guess if someone really wanted to take the time you could rig the mesh if made available, but that seems like a lot of work just to animate the model in external software? Plus that rig will not be exacltly the same as the Muvizu rig. If we just had the mesh in a standard T-Pose... that would make accessory building so much simpler. What say you Muvizu??? Are we asking for too much (this is a valid question, I'm really asking if this would be too much)?
2013/12/3 18:56:56
Composer that just got some free time... Many thanks Dr. Who. I can do much more than what is one those demos; so if you do need some music in a different genre feel free to drop me a line and who knows maybe I can hammer something out for ya. Great monicker btw... I use Dr. Who as my user name on a bunch of different audio forums.
2013/12/2 20:08:09
Composer that just got some free time... Hey Muvizu gang...
I've been neglecting my Muvizu duties, but I may be finally making my second animation. I do have some free time for my first passion if anyone is in need of composition work. I've got a very professional studio set-up with a Pro Tools HD system and a full suite of Vienna instruments plus countless other software and vintage analog gear. I have plenty of experience scoring films and syncing music to picture. My scoring is traditional cinematic orchestra or synth based. My current soundcloud has a few scores on there. "Over the Mountain" was a simple Vangelis like score for exactly what the title states. The other scores are more orchestral based; Stoic Theme and Mars the Bringer of War were made for a director to showing what I can do in the orchestral realm. Feel free to have a listen and let me know if you need some quick scoring work.
2012/11/1 18:47:23
Help With Sony Vegas Hey guys many many thanks again! Using the uncompressed format worked like a charm. Unreal how nice it was not to see tiling! The only issue I had was that when I used the xvid codec my clips seemed to be much more detailed and crisp. I used the iYUV codec at 720p and it worked well, but the clips didn't look as sharp. I'm just wondering if there were any settings or somethign that I was missing. The video is presentable as is but looked a bit better with the xvid codec (aside from teh nasty tiling). THanks again guys at least I have a video I can finally post!
2012/10/23 22:43:20
Help With Sony Vegas urbanlamb wrote:
haha you can make your 20 minute long movie in muvizu the problem is the uncompressed clips are so huge that anything longer then 1 minute your pc will not want to play it that is why I say 1 minute. Its a "windows pc thing" lol. You can in fact render the entire 20 minute clip from muvizu but your pc will choke on it and says its not recognizable. So the cure is to limit the clip to 1 minute (2 gigs) so i make my clips all 1.99 gigs which is about 1 minute
edited by urbanlamb on 23/10/2012

Aaaaaah.... Now I seeCool Most of my clips are 2-3mins. Looks like it's all about changing camera shots.

Thanks again!
2012/10/23 22:11:28
Help With Sony Vegas Good gravy!!! You guys are awesome. It's pretty unreal how helpful this community is. So it looks like uncompressed is the way to go. I guess I'll have some pretty big files though. So is urbanlamb correct that you can only generate uncompressed clips at a maximum length of 1minute? That seems awefully cumbersome. Any workaround on this asdie from being smart with camera shot riiiight around the 1 minute mark ?

Ziggy - I had read somewhere on a forum that if you increased resolution to a maximum output it would help. Initally the video settings at 720p just like in Muvizu. Then I tried just about everything hoping it would work to no avail. Just wishful thinking on my part.

Thanks again guys. I just may get my first vid out after all!
2012/10/23 18:08:35
Help With Sony Vegas Greetings all!

I've been trying to get my first video out but am having a bear of a time with it. I have several clips from Muvizu that I have rendered and am trying to edit them in Sony Vegas Pro Version 12. When I import a Muvizu clip, it plays fine. ONce I move the clip, trim the clip, insert a transition or create a video fade between two clips the clip becomes pizelated. Sometimes the it will correct itself but more time than not, the clip now becomes pixelated at the transition. Also sometimes the clip that is fading in will be totally balnk for a few sconds and then the video will show. I've tried all different types of output formats, I've disabled video acceleration during previewing, i've tried to double render and a bunch of other tricks I've read about on the interwebs. I figured I'm come on here since I can't have ben to only person havnig this issue. My computer specs are prety decent so it doesn't seem like it's a hardware issue, I'm guessing it's more a codec issue. Specs are listed below:

Computer (laptop):

  • 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM Quad-Core
  • 16GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 1.5TB ExpressCache Hard Drive
  • nVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M Graphics (2GB)
  • Muvizu videos rendered with the following settings:

    1280x 720 hd720
    Xcode Mpeg-codec
    Profile level -Xvid hd 1080
    Single pass
    Target quantizer 4.00
    Anti aliasing checked on
    Using Direct X 9

    Using Muvizu version MZASS-v0.22b - build: 2012.09.11.01R (64-bit) DX9

    In Sony Vegas I have set up my project as HD 1080-24p
    I've tried Pixel format 8 bit and both 32 bit options to no avail.

    I've also checked the option to make the project the same as the imported clips to no avail.

    I've treid rendering in all sorts of methods; as hd-720 with mpeg codec, Hd-1080-24p, Sony avc, Main concept avc Internet 720p & 1080p and nothign seems to work.

    If anyone can give me some help it woul dbe GREEEEATLY appreciated. I'm wondering if I should hcange codecs, but have heard nightmares about changing codecs. I can make movies just fine and render them in Muvizu with the codec, I just can't edit without pixelization. Bummer....
    2012/8/15 21:15:39
    2nd Post.. 2nd Question... I'm Cluless Today! Great suggestion! Never fails to amaze me how helpful people are on this forum. I'll give it a whirl tonight.
    2012/8/15 18:59:49
    2nd Post.. 2nd Question... I'm Cluless Today! OK so obviously I'm a total noob, but have finally figured out my way around the Timeline and how you can use it to edit event. Simple question... can you cut and past events in the timeline or edit them in any ways other than:

    1. Right click to edit start point
    2. Move the actions by selecting and dragging
    3. Delete specific actions by selecting and deleting

    Are there any that I am missing? I'd love to be able to extend animation duration or cut and past specific selected animations. Is that possible in Muvizu? If not can you snazzy developers add it to the wish list??? I hate asking or things from free software developers. GOtta say this is the coolest peice of free software I've ever used. Bravo Muvizu!
    2012/8/15 18:42:21
    Issues WIth Character Playing Keyboard I guess it was just an optical illusion that the character was standing and I must have had hit sitting by mistake. Great to know though so I won't spend hours trying to get him to play while standing. THanks again Dreeko.

    I think you are asking the optimum settings for video and audio? I think there is a thread with the recommended settings for importing *.mp3 and *.avi files. As far as *.avi's I've importer standard NTSC avi files with no issue. I import lo-fi mp3's into Muvizu and then replace the lo-fi mp3's with wave files in video editing software. Hope that helps.
    2012/8/15 17:07:13
    Issues WIth Character Playing Keyboard First Post!

    And it's a weak one... I'm having a strange issue in a music video when I want a charater to perform keyboard (synthesizer) playing actions while standing up. I have the keyboard placed infront of him and prepare the actions, but when it comes time to animate; the keyboard playing actions are greyed out. I cannot select them. However, if I put the character in a sitting position the keyboard playing options come back. I've been able to get the character to play standing up once or twice but it's been by total luck. Is it perhaps the location of the keyboard or something else I'm missing? Thanks in advance Muvizuers!
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