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2014/10/23 21:17:11
DreamWorks competition hello all...

It's been a long time.... I was here in the beginning when it all started..

I remember when muvizu was the new kid on the block.. and the prospect of what muvizu was going to be capable of was nothing short of exciting!

Admittedly, I lost touch when all the new greatest updates went to paid products... and frankly, at least in my opinion there wasn't enough incentive: prizes, competitions, or a large centralized area for everyone to share there models "just sets?"etc....

Recently, i returned once again seen the dreamworks comp, and though oh, that might be fun, after looking online for idea's, I realized dreamworks wasn't which was dissappointing, but no problem. So i choose, to recreate and the intro to the movie "The curse of the were-rabbit". Which i was a fair way into, created all the sets and custom objects etc.... I realized just how much work it was going to be and decided, Why? it's just not worth it..... I don't even want those dvd's. Pixar set Maybe, but honestly not even then. The work involved for such a comp. and lack holdable objects without spending money, just wasn't worth the possible prize.

but like I said this is just my 2 cents.....
2010/8/11 9:25:04
Animated Gif's Does or can Muvizu use/accept animated gif's for like screens ETC.....
2010/8/4 9:34:40
open door? @ jamie

Oh thats perfect thx exactly what i was looking for. Using a .PNG just create a wall texture and place a transparent area for the door."Flawless victory"

Thank you everyone else for your suggestions. I'm sure jamie's suggestion will help many...

Only one question what did you use for the door opening.

Did you screen shot the door then just animate it post render AE for example?

Edit... Oh i see it's not your vid...srry
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2010/7/30 22:08:02
open door? Perhaps this is explained already and i missed it. Maybe it's easy and i'm having a brain fart. How or is there a way to have the open door from the home set be on a wall so you can see through it?
2010/7/28 17:34:21
Suggestions / Modifications interesting notion. "IF" that was done then would that give us five total cameras? 4default plus directors camera.
2010/7/27 20:49:42
wish list/suggestions Wow, thank you very much for answering me so thoroughly. grouphug
2010/7/27 20:37:34
Raindance film festival 2010 freakmoomin wrote:
Surely this should be fine?

as long as muvizu is the main bulk of the work........but any extras should defo be allowed. From this logic that would mean no photoshop for images, no audacity to re-work audio etc.....

in terms of outputting large, then maybe this should be in the guidelines instead, so that any output from the entries can be used?

Items imported in muvizu (i.e. Photoshop images and audio would be contained with in the .set) But, IF you wanted to say add credits at the end muvizu currently has no "easy" way of doing this. So it would have to be rendered via muvizu then, brought in to after effects to have them added. Doing so though brings about the paradox. Becuase now these additions are not included in the .set. However IF they would be willing to accept the .set and AE work file they could pretty much render the movie any size they choose. I mean To my knowledge muvizu only has a maximum output of 720p anyways So if they wanted it any bigger they would have to use another program anyways. Includung the AE work file if it would be accepted would could in fact be helpful as the prerender would already be done for them. Anyways I'm currently scripting my entry for the festival. So i'm just trying to work out the details as what i can include.

Last point, And ill hush..... IF in fact you or I use the muvizu joiner to join together many different renderings to mke a single clip. I myself use after effects to join them. No offense to the joiner I'm sure it works fine but AE allows for much smoother transitions between the clips. With out the uses of AE tho you will still be left not with a single .Set but "many"
2010/7/26 21:19:11
Raindance film festival 2010 This looks really exciting. How ever a have a couple of questions if i may?

I was reading terms and conditions. And was wondering? To be a valid submission we can only use muvizu? Does this mean that I'm not allowed to use after effects for any post render fx's. For example, Like I did in "spacey" for the scroll, the flames and screen rotation?

2010/7/26 20:50:18
wish list/suggestions First, Let me start out by saying, I love your software. It's truly an honor to be included in such a huge step forward in animation history.
Realizing "beta" is only a step on the path to perfection. I have a few ideas/suggestions for your quest.

*option for multi-monitor. The ability to float windows such as the camera view ports out of the work area.

*option for hud and/or shortcut keys to move characters around. Moving characters close to other objects can sometimes be difficult when the clickable area is hidden in a wall or under object.

*Perhaps separating character movements from gestures in the time line. Rerecording gestures when movement has been previously recorded. Movement is erased and must be rerecorded. perhaps and easier work around may just be the ability to just place gestures on the timeline from the list. This way timing can be adjusted as is now but without rerecording.

*moving objects perhaps in the same manor as character or might be achieved seemly by inputting x ,y and rotation over time in a frame by frame basis like rotoscoping frame by frame. Or perhaps just applying gestures to objects such as the charactors but only with 90 degree rotations.

*as above but with cameras as well. Or more cameras. Not sure which would be harder on resources but either one would be spectacular.

*Additional rendering codec's like quicktime. or perhaps the ability to add em via a plugin folder.

*Ability to further skin characters. As with the face and chest areas but with the hole shirt and pants as well.

*perhaps the ability to place voice tracks directly in the timeline consecutively and be able to slide them back and forth for timing. This would still allow for a single voice track while still giving more user control. IF this is done perhaps adding one more track in the same manor just for background noise,fx,and music etc......All in all this adding many more options with out much more valuable resources being used.

* the ability to turn lights on and off at certain times via timeline instead of just on or flash.

*This maybe a long shot but worth mentioning. Maybe a collaborative effort on new character and object designs. I'm sure many people in our community like myself have a lot of experience with 3d software like Maya,3dmax,poser etc…….would be more than willing play around with new designs. If we were told what formats and such that is required to be compatible with muvizu there could be a place in the forums for submissions. where you the admins could decide where they should be integrated in new updates or perhaps available for download. Just and idea that could help you help us.

Thank you for time. Sorry for being long winded. As I mentioned before you have an incredible product. I plan to be around for quite some time to come. Cheers to you and your crew I'm sure you guys have put in some long hours and hard work. I believe I can speak for everyone in the community and say thank you we appreciate it.

2010/7/17 18:37:13
Question? Explicit Language in vid? I recently did a scene from pulp fiction. And of course as with the movie there is strong language. Didn't know if this would be a problem or not. As I'm currently waiting for my recent video to be moderated, I guess I'll find out very soon. Thx in advance.
2010/7/17 18:20:59
Muvizu thoughts?? In one word, "Revolutionary" Tho still in it's infancy. It's growing up more every day. Having worked with many other 3d software for years. Muvizu is great for getting projects and proof of concepts out the door easily and quickly. With Muvizu you don't have to worry about design right away and can get straight in to the action!!
2010/7/17 18:04:18
Object Animation - especially changing position Thanks that's a good idea. That most likely would have been easier. But i was using all four cameras. What i ended up doing was shooting the movie twice and using aftereffects to cut em together.
2010/7/15 23:07:50
Object Animation - especially changing position Completely agree My animation requires a table to be kicked over. Now I'm stuck tring to figure out a work around.....
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