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2012/12/20 18:11:23
Voice actors? We need em. @woztoons you're so right
2012/12/20 17:51:38
Voice actors? We need em. @Jamie Thanks! Might send some demos to an agency for a laugh! Hope the Christmas party was a bit of a blur

@Kerry Couldn't hold a candle to ya....obviously! If you need a reference Dreeko's your man!
Between us girls....why do boys always want commitment when girls just wanna have fun !
2012/12/20 3:03:34
Voice actors? We need em. Here's my attempt at an american girl!

2012/12/19 16:31:09
Voice actors? We need em. If any of these voices are any good to ya I'd be happy to help.

Can also do a pre-pubic girly voice
2012/12/19 16:19:03
Treasure Hunt vids 17th & 18th Dec. 2012 Working fine today!

Merry Christmas everyone!
2012/12/18 20:17:22
Treasure Hunt vids 17th & 18th Dec. 2012 The same video is showing twice for the 17th and the 18th Dec. this meant to be the case?
2012/11/25 22:08:56
Character actions @InsaneHamster

Cheers for that...went for an alternative instead.

Happy Muvizuing!!
2012/11/24 19:12:13
Character actions Thanks Urbanlamb. Have searched through the lists but didn't quite find what I'm looking for. Might just try a different approach.
2012/11/24 19:00:46
Character actions How do I make a character who is standing hit an object on the ground with a hammer? I went for an idle singing pose to give the impression of holding the hammer. The object I want to hit is a 2 inch thick square plate.
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