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2014/1/6 9:27:56
How do I download my movie as an mpeg file? look times in here - it's described in Muvizu wiki

have fun
2014/1/1 0:12:44
happy happy..... i wish...... for all muvizu-ers

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2013/12/25 11:37:39
take it easy and have nice days yes you're right, thank you - with sea noise would be better. I will take your tip me to heart and take more sound in the movies. thanks for the link - I hope you have nice christmas days ;-)
urbanlamb wrote:
haha cute and looks like your getting to learning some modelling and things which is always fun

needs a bit of sound though some sea noise would have been good here is a nice free site to use for sound effects no strings attached to sounds on this site lol
2013/12/24 9:59:44
take it easy and have nice days an attempt to get you to smile ;-)

2013/12/14 17:10:08
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? hello fazz,
thank you verv much for your effords - then i have to wait - until monday - when the staff will be back.
your instructions were perfect and i followed them accordingly
have a nice chrismastime ;.)
2013/12/14 14:51:47
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? So for youtube he has loaded vidieo - but it does not appear in the gallery - how do I connect the channel with Muvizu - I do not know - oh oh
fazz - but thank you

fazz68 wrote:
upload it through the muvizu site. big red button above. you have to link your you tube account with muvizu. all will be explained along the way.
2013/12/14 13:17:39
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? how can i put my video christmas competition - load it into the gallery? on youtube it is but how do I get it in the gallery of Muvizu?
merci for your reply
2013/12/14 13:03:25
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! and here is my first contribution for Christmas for you - and my first ever in Muvizu;-)
have beautiful christmas days ;-)

2013/11/30 9:15:05
FBX UDK editor stuff. urbanlanp - as you probably right - but it would be great to have the pipeline - which would facilitate the work. but it's true the pipeline is too expensive. So I'm learning more diligently, step by step blender to make it right :-)
have a nice day

urbanlamb wrote:
snoopy I would not spend money on this if your using blender because the obj format export from 3dxechange into the autodesk converter will result in the removal of any of the maps etc so your wasting your money. You will end up with an object that is identical to if you exported from blender to muvizu. The only benefit of having this exchange is to finish the work on the object.

blender -> muvizu will result in the same thing

The purpose of the unreal fbx export options are to keep the information intact for muvizu to interpret and if there is no unreal support in the pro version then save your money unless you have intention to use the 3Dexchange for iclone movies.
2013/11/29 11:25:09
FBX UDK editor stuff. hi toonarama ;-)
yes I know - thanks for the note - I wanted to test whether the pipeline version is better times - but you're right - maybe I should use the pro version to 3dxhange and fbxconverter also. is very expensive, the pipeline;-(
thank you very much

toonarama wrote:
Snoopylino -also be aware of the limitations of the trial version (see below) and it is worth knowing that the cheaper pro version of 3dxchange allows you to export OBJ files which can then be converted into FBX files using the free autodesk converter.

Can only export 15 times and If you export 1 character with 3 motions in one FBX file, you will spend 4 export times

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2013/11/29 10:12:49
FBX UDK editor stuff. hi staff - Thanks for the answer - I'll check now time ;-)
Jamie wrote:
Hi snoopylino,

The error message you are getting means that your fbx contains something that is not licenced for Muvizu:Play+ (to state the obvious )

FBX can contain a lot of different type of things, such as lights, characters, animations and cameras. Muvizu:Play+ only supports static mesh objects for import. Most 3D modelling packages will include things like lights and cameras in the scene by default and FBX will, by default export these as well. In blender there is an option to export 'only the selected items' so you can select the model you want and only export that. Have a look in your FBX exporter and see if there is a similar option but if not take a closer look at the scene and try to delete anything except the object you want to export.
2013/11/29 9:34:24
FBX UDK editor stuff. hello,
I've got a problem - I use the pipeline (trial version) and when I want to import the fbx file in Muvizu this message appears

the function you want to use now is not licensed for this version
what I'm doing wrong. is it the export settings of the pipeline?
wanted to try the pipeline. but it does not help me with this error

a tutorial would be really great urbanlamp

urbanlamb wrote:
Its not hit and miss for me I have been using it exclusively in fact every asset on the gallery has been run through the exporter in Iclone I hesitate to create a tutorial on this because its promoting iclone and so I dont know if muvizu would want it on their site, but I would imagine the pro version would work I upgraded to pipeline so can't say for sure as I do a lot of game engine stuff and its got excellent integration for both unreal and unity even if you use maya or 3dsmax its actually faster to run the exports through here for unreal engine etc.

I can create a tutorial but it would be for the pipeline version I think they removed this from the other versions its a very powerful tool so I would not be surprised if its not limited to pipeline

basically use the unreal configuration and remove the merge opacity from alpha channels (you want that to stay intact) uncheck the support for the skeletons and animations it will throw and exception error at this point as the meshes should be without this and leave it on cm unless you want a massive object.

You can then add all missing maps etc and export you will have to build collision into the model first using your 3d modelling software and have everything properly mapped out and ready to accept the maps.

I have found the pipeline works flawlessly for muvizu, unreal, unity and anything else I tried.

Anyhow if i get time I will create a tutorial but it will not be in the wiki or uploaded via muvizu it will be on my channel only and I guess I can put a link on the forum but since iclone is a competitor I dont think it would be accepted here (logically I would say no as well if i were to moderate it so )

also if your experiencing issues its likely on the muvizu end I have found zero issues from the exporter end they have all been something that relates to muvizu however on my last set of assets I made I found any bugs gone from muvizu so it should work 99.9999% of the time however you need to worry about the integrity of the model and understand the udk collission etc in order to set the model up correctly
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2013/11/24 10:42:12
Polygons a "study" :) also i would like to create hair in blender - and I can not make it, it's so hard.
if I see how great you're doing, I am always amazed at what you can so everything - super
I need for it certainly still weeks or months;-)
2013/11/19 19:23:24
fbx export mesh become a flicker I make no texture - I only use the material - diffuse and choose a color.
can it be that? I have to use a texture?
thanks for the video - I'll look at me tomorrow - and see what I can do with it. thank you so much for your effort and hugs
2013/11/19 18:45:18
fbx export mesh become a flicker I used diffuse and specular material is at 0 - so no texture laid on - I'm despair - all tried it - and triangles are also ok. normals also.
if I do not get in I grabbed the blender failing to
but thank you very much for your help
can you super good with blender - and I'm not just
2013/11/19 18:17:59
fbx export mesh become a flicker

this is what i mean ;-(
2013/11/19 18:01:46
fbx export mesh become a flicker how can i put a pic in here? than i can show you what i mean urbanlamb
2013/11/19 17:18:08
fbx export mesh become a flicker hello all ;-)

if i create an objekt in blender and I import it as fbx file for muvizu - the object has a flicker across the surface
can you help me ?
what am I doing wrong

when I work without subdivison surface - then it is normal - but then my object is not smooth enough. even if I only put one smooth - it is the object flicker
would be grateful for help
thank you
2013/10/15 16:24:11
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? than we strongly hope that we will be profis in using blender

Mike_Num_5 wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
i think the trouble with using blender after you have been using sketchup forever is the fact you cant do everything with just your right hand on the mouse very rarely touching the keyboard. blender is very keyboard orientated, shift this and hold that and such. i have watched blender tutorials over and over and still find myself forgetting which key does what and going back and watching again. but i wont be beaten and eventually that knowledge might finally sink into my sketchup brain

Yea, I know how you feel.

I used to use Sketchup to model, (or rather to start practising 3D modelling), and the controls are really intuitive and easy to use. So I also found it difficult to change from them to Blender.

snoopylino wrote:
pity that there are no standards

I also agree here, I wish there would be a set of standards that everybody uses to make this sort of thing easy, but alas, the world just doesn't want it to be so
2013/10/15 15:13:17
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? hi mike,
thank you for your effort. I'm from Switzerland and my english it is still a bit difficult - here I try my best - so excuse my bad english. to look at programs tutorial about 3d is not so easy - it gets better, but I have to learn both the language and the program. I try it on - thanks to your help here. you are very nice and helpful. thank you
blender I'll watch now and see what I can do with it.
merci bien :-)
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