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2011/6/1 12:47:39
Problem with New Upgade Thanks Guys,

My video card is nVIDIA 6200
512 MB

I have updated the drivers from the nVIDIA site but the problem continues.

2011/5/31 14:15:15
Problem with New Upgade No I did not have any Luck with this, I did install with Direct X but I still get the Error message.

Thanks for your input tho'

2011/5/28 10:48:11
Problem with New Upgade Hi,

I have been using the "old" version of Muvizu with no problems and really enjoyed this superb programme.

I have down loaded the new version Twice but keep getting the same Error message (below)

Any ideas ??

Thanks very much for your time,

2010/8/3 12:36:25
Error msg - first time running Yes I am having the same problem, pity because this seems a very good programme, maybe you should warn downloaders a bit more strongly to avoid wasting a download..Anyway good luck with your project, it looks VERY COOL .
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