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2013/6/3 4:48:14
Graphics Card Reccomendations I'd upgrade my Vista machine if it was a tower rather than a laptop, so yeah, I'm at a loss until I can save up for a better machine.
2013/6/3 4:03:15
At last, I finally found this great software! Hi!

I've tried this program out a little bit on two of my computers I own, It lags a lot on one and I'm getting errors in another (see Tech Help thread). From what I got out of using it on a laggy Vista machine, it looks fairly simple, and intuitive and after watching some of the YouTube video tutorials, it looks like I can make some fun stuff from this cool piece of software.

I have a few ideas for YouTube in terms of skits and music videos for techno songs I write. I just hope I can run it smoothly on my Windows XP computer soon before I loose these ideas. I'm so excited I finally found something to do animation with that's so simple and fun!
2013/6/3 3:58:03
Graphics Card Reccomendations So I've used Muvizu on a Vista machine and it really really lags due to the fact I only have a Pentium T4200 processor.

So I installed it on a Dell PC with Win XP, a dual core processor with everything installed as required, and now this error shows up:

Most likely, my card needs an upgrade. What kind of XP compatible graphics card is recommended so I can keep this version of Muvizu from lagging or running slow?
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