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2013/8/27 22:19:01
More pie in the sky suggestions :) You are refering to iclone Urban aint you?
Yes I mentioned the software that shall not be named!

These features just are not going to appear plain and simple.

Muvizu is never going to come close to Iclone for features especially now with their animation pipeline but I dont think it is trying to anyway.

Muvizu is a horse of a different colour.
What colour it will end up is anyone's guess ( including the Devs lol!)

I just hope it isn't brown If you know what i mean!
2013/8/27 22:07:58
Batman parodies compilation Yeah I know of all those things you suggest.

I wanted to use Bitly for my own reasons.
I wanted it as one video file instead of a playlist
and I have used the Batman pic you refer too already. Sometimes thumbnails dont appear straight away to all users.

Thanks for trying to help anyway but trust old Dreeko. i know what im doing
edited by Dreeko on 27/08/2013
2013/8/27 20:48:55
Batman parodies compilation Enjoy!

2013/8/27 18:51:18
I've been trying something new! glasgowjim wrote:
I gave the Mudbox trial a go and enjoyed it - although I was terrible. Your Batman is pretty impressive - how long did you spend on it?

It took a good few hours but i was trying to learn it at the same time from scratch. A lot of the features are built very differently from what you would expect. Steep learning curve!
2013/8/26 16:27:12
I've been trying something new! Thanks folks!

It's good to try different things now and again. I'm dabbling with caricatures now!
2013/8/11 17:17:52
I've been trying something new! I have shoved Muvizu to the side at the moment and been having a go at 3D sculpting instead!
Not bad for a first go I think!

2013/8/8 13:56:04
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ukBerty wrote:
I can now load all sets - fantastic news.

What happened!?

Muvizu giveth and Muvizu taketh away
2013/8/1 8:25:32
[?] How is this done? Muvizu_Admin wrote:

We really do know how much you all want Dreeko's dancing cat to be able to pick up his bag!.

You say this but do you really know how important this is?

By not letting us pick up our bags you are destroying the planet!
Shame on you Muvizu...Shame!
2013/7/31 10:22:51
[?] How is this done? urbanlamb wrote:
Yes well this strategic leak was to much to ignore tis no longer a secret once that video went up haha. I just dont know how far along they have gotten with the other puppets in their collection yet. Obviously they are confident it works though

*goes to make some props*

The 3d assets section in the gallery should perhaps be made into subsections for all the user created hand held or character addition objects to come!
I'm sure Zubox must have some good ones to share too!
2013/7/30 22:42:22
[?] How is this done? MrDrWho13 wrote:
And I thought this was a secret....

It is now shown to be working in a zubox video so I'd say that the cat is fairly out of the bag. Dancing round it in fact.
2013/7/30 20:47:05
[?] How is this done? Yeah, as Urbanlamb says this feature was made briefly available to some members of the muvizu forum community who are testers. Testers are users (not muvizu staff) who test the latest versions of the software free for bugs, crashes, how the program behaves with new features etc. They then report back their findings to muvizu who tweak the software and then release another build for the testers to go over again in their spare time. This process is repeated until Muvizu hq reaches the stage where they think they haves a solid enough version for public release. The object holding feature was supposed to be in its early stages. Perhaps the clip from Zubox which shows the feature in action was made during the testing phase and only released recently. If not I think it would only be fair if we as users who tested the feature for them were allowed to use object holding as Zubox now seems to be.
Anyone have any views on this one?

2013/7/15 21:03:47
Iron Man 3 MrDrWho13 wrote:

*dramatic music*

Dreeko Re-vamped....

No more fun and laughter....


I never said that!
2013/7/15 10:26:45
Iron Man 3 Mike_Num_5 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

Single most horrifying thing I have ever seen on the site...

No sleep tonight then.

If you are scared just by my avatar alone then the forth coming sketches from the rebooted Dreeko may not be for you

2013/7/14 10:44:56
Hats importing/ MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ok, I think this image may explain better:


Put a blindfold on him and change the hammer for one made of marshmallow and you may be on to something.

The image of trying to make the wrong peg fit suits Muvizu to a t!

Nice one!

2013/7/14 8:30:42
Iron Man 3 MrDrWho13 wrote:
HOLY ****.

Now you know what lies beneath the sock!
I call this avatar 'Talk to the hand'

edited by Dreeko on 14/07/2013
2013/7/5 22:56:48
Iron Man 3 toonarama wrote:

Looks like he's done a runner....

You don't get rid of me that easily!
2013/5/28 10:08:28
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Thanks for the comments folks!

This video has accumulated just under 400 views in a day! More than my previous video has accumulated in a month!
Youtube is a strange unpredictable beast!

2013/5/27 9:01:42
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman)

Hope you enjoy, comment and share!


2013/5/26 22:21:20
Coming Soon... Busy week!
Is there another sort!?

Looking Great Zig! I canny wait! Darth Lightsabers
2013/5/26 12:08:24
Coming Soon... Coming this week to a Muvizu Gallery near you!

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