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2013/4/24 17:47:50
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! urbanlamb wrote:
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Now I'm really confused!
2013/4/24 16:17:06
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! ...anyway, this is going way off topic!

This thread is for bathing me with compliments about my new video! LOL!

2013/4/24 16:05:24
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! urbanlamb wrote:
I want to continue and my heart is broken because I CAN'T.

Oh No!

Don't be broken hearted!!

I may have missed some of your recent posts but could you explain exactly what is the problem you are having at the moment that is preventing you from using Muvizu?

I thought that the main problem was that the timeline was opening with all items displayed causing a lag but now it opens with only animated items showing as default. This solved it for me.

The ability to move up and down the timeline is something which I actually find easier to do now with the snapping turned off and the zoom feature seems more fluid too.

If you could describe exactly what your problem is then I'll try and replicate it to see if it happens at my end. Maybe that will help Muvizu HQ if two of us can describe in our words what is happening?

Again, sorry if I have missed your previous posts explaining your issues.

2013/4/24 15:39:07
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Very strange... I had no problem scrolling back and forth. I did take off the snapping options to make things easier.
My clip was about 3 mins too...

I'm not at all fond of Iclone. Muvizu is far more user friendly in my eyes.
To each their own though!
2013/4/24 14:24:09
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! toonarama wrote:
Loved the sketch - just my short of humour and you made brilliant use of the new features in PLAY to animate the eyes. Fantastic how you managed to get all his feelings across using only his eyes and voice.

Thanks Toon!

Yes, I sometimes find that I'm better keeping the Character movements to a minimum!

2013/4/24 13:09:17
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Dwarf wrote:
maybe I miss files or something like that ???

Yes, i think you missed this -


2013/4/24 11:09:00
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Post number 1000!!! whoohoo!!

Here is my latest strange little video created this time using Muvizu Play for the first time.

I'm pleased to report that I did not encounter any crashes and the whole creation process was as fluid as before (I used a very simple set mind you to be on the safe side!)

The separation of the eye lids direction from the pupils is a great addition, as is the double click to enter properties.

Anyhoo... Here it is!

Arnold and the Box

Hope you enjoy, comment, share etc.

2013/4/24 10:54:36
New website feedback thread Thanks Ian!

Looking better on the phone now!
2013/4/24 10:52:55
Time to say goodbye. Emily wrote:
We lost a good one

Indeed we have!
Chuck buckets of money at the guy!! Don't let him go!!

Good luck Marco!
Hope it all works out for you!

2013/4/18 21:35:06
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Only show if animated,
Filter opening with subsections collapsed,
And more improvements to follow!

Aaahh! (Dreeko sits back into sofa with a warm satisfied feeling that all is once more alright with the world!)
Time for some wine I feel

Here's to Neil, the timeline saviour!
2013/4/17 23:19:39
Movie not in Gallery? mdrive wrote:
Hi, I upload a video last Friday and still not showing in he gallery. Can anyone tell me why?
edited by mdrive on 17/04/2013

All videos are manually moderated and the Muvizu staff do not work at the weekends. Also there has been some time intensive post update release fallout for them to deal with which may have caused the moderations of videos to be nudged down the 'to do' list slightly.

If you uploaded via the website or from within the Muvizu program then it will appear at some point ...honest!

2013/4/17 22:41:12
Failure to plan is planning to fail! While our sparkly new Muvizu is back in the garage for a tune up, rather than climbing back into the driving seat of the old Muvizu I have spent some time looking over some of my future video ideas. In doing so (and inspired by Ziggy72's & UkBerty's ambitious feature length movie plans!) I have come across some interesting and helpful videos on the subject of constructing stories.

Here are a couple which I found interesting..

..and this one which has 12 parts in total. I've only posted the first one here. If you want the rest then they are on the same guys channel..

As Muvizu is so easy to use and so quick to produce animations I find that I tend to run at full speed into my videos so I can get on with starting the next one!

Taking time on the content to be animated is just as important as the finished animation it's self I have discovered!

I hope these videos will be of use to someone and Hopefully others will post more also

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2013/4/17 21:58:23
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion urbanlamb wrote:
when I clicked that Hide option it was just a visual fix and those eleventy seven million items were actually still loaded into the timeline even if i couldn't see em Cause i sure was lagging after i clicked hide

I'm sure functionality will win over visual aesthetics, cos as you say, If they are merely hidden and still causing a lag then that aint good
...A clutter is still a clutter even if it is swept under the sofa out of view

But (and as an atheist this is a strange thing for me to say...) Sometimes you just have to have faith, and in Muvizu I trust!
2013/4/17 21:33:30
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion ziggy72 wrote:
Yes, quite right Urban, I should really have said "my version of UrbanLamb's idea". My bad

I wouldn't worry about the whole who's idea was who's thing. We have all made so many suggestions over the years that we have all probably had the same ideas at one point or another!

cue video..

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2013/4/17 16:13:16
Double click camera window - CRASH I can't replicate this crash either. Don't know if that is good news or bad?..
2013/4/16 10:18:27
Superman Episode 4 is done urbanlamb wrote:
I think most people look at superman as an american he wasn't

That's right. He was Kryptonian
2013/4/15 17:39:50
saving set error Does your set open fine though despite the error as mine does?
2013/4/15 17:11:53
saving set error Ditto I'm afraid...
Same message ...although it seems that the set it says it had an error with opens fine?!!..

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2013/4/15 17:06:13
New website feedback thread MrDrWho13 wrote:
ok... hmm

I can imagine you lot saying 'uncultured swine!'

No. I was actually thinking " tut! Kids these days!"
2013/4/15 17:01:14
New website feedback thread It's a maniacal laugh from emperor Ming of Flash Gordon fame
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