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2012/3/29 22:11:57
Voice actors? We need em. Dylly wrote:
jihane26 wrote:
i have seen the videos of audacity
and it seems that you can change your voice with this program (which is free) so i am going to test it tonight and ill tell you.

Changes in pitch etc are quite effective with audacity...timbre (male or female) is something I've not managed to crack yet...but I'm sure there must be a plug in for it somewhere.

Yip audacity is good for pitch change and also if you wish to speed up or slow down audio without changing pitch then go for tempo change.
2012/3/28 9:26:45
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Welcome one and all

Two phrases to remember -

1. Direct don't animate
2. Where's my dragon

2012/3/27 20:48:44
Just to say Hi Ed-Wood wrote:
Ive just joined up but have been using Muvizu for about a month. I like it so much I had to join up. Tried other animation soaftware but this seems so easy. More enjoyable as the other softwars make u stick your tongue out trying to figure out what to do next. Anyway
Watch this space for my first presentations

Ed Wood

Welcome! I still have tongue out moments but probably best not to talk about them....Blush
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2012/3/26 14:21:44
Group Movement Alas no
Animating a group of objects is not possible in Muvizu

They would all need to be animated separately
2012/3/26 10:07:22
Staundoone episode 3 Shameless plug alert!

Staundoone Episode 3:
Mrs Chow The guys get more than they bargained for when they visit Mrs Chow.

Staundoone is a comedy series set in a fire station in the not too distant past Created using Muvizu. Written, voiced and animated by Dreeko (me )Thanks to those who helped with the wonky fire engine (namely Glasgow Jim and Emily) Please remember to comment and subscribe Thanks D

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2012/3/21 11:22:25
A Screenshot I've mulled this one over before.
The effect i had in mind was to have a scrolling view showing on the passenger window of a car by the use of masking and reduced opacity.
2012/3/14 21:52:41
Ambient Occlusion Maps woof!
its getting intense in here

Time for the dancing hotdogs
2012/3/14 16:27:09
Ambient Occlusion Maps KerryK wrote:
James! You better not talk smack about my man Bobby Conn! I will seriously take you down!

True story. You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.


What a maniac! It's like The Jackson Five meets the Darkness!.

Brilliant stuff. Never heard of the guy before! Applause
2012/3/14 13:08:26
video injection Luscan wrote:

When importing video into Muvizu for use on background objects I tend to find that using Xvid encoded videos will give pretty good results. There's a lot of compression and resizing that goes on in Muvizu when you bring a video into the application. When we produce the Week in Review videos we tend to greenscreen the videos in later (that is, set the colour of the display in the set to a very bright colour and then use another external application to overlay the video).

Hope that helps.

hello folks!

The best codec for me has been motion jpeg, when it comes to displaying video on the television object.

Xvid was far too glitchy
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2012/3/11 7:50:38
Muvizu remakes HayManMarc wrote:
Loved the Father Ted! Where did you get those airplane seats?

Glad you liked it. The plane seat came from google warehouse via sketchup.

2012/3/10 23:28:02
HayManMarc says "Hello" Welcome!
If you have any questions about the software or need any help with achieving a certain effect just ask. This is probably the friendliest and most helful forum you will find!

2012/3/9 22:29:39
Staundoone Uncovered Thanks forThe comments folks.
Can't believe how long it has been since the last one!
2012/3/8 22:08:05
Staundoone Uncovered Here's another one...

Staundoone Uncovered episode 3

A brand new episode of Staundoone titled "Mrs Chow" will follow soon. In the meantime I hope you enjoy.

Please remember to comment and subscribe.

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2012/3/7 18:12:05
Produce a tree being cut down movement I would suggest editing

Show a shot of the tree.
Cut to extreme close ups of someone swinging arms with appropriate sound fx
then show a cut down tree.
If you wish to show the tree falling then animate the movement of the tree object rotating it to the ground and only show the upper part of the tree during rotation and finish with a final shot of the tree lying down.

2012/3/6 12:12:45
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Applause
2012/3/6 9:11:12
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Looking good Zig. Whats the collision like? Can we place items on the shelf?
2012/3/4 10:18:29
Character circles after movement Dylly wrote:
This is something I noticed just yesterday...and couldn't work out how to stop it. Any ideas anyone?

An example vid to show the problem please. I can't remember experiencing this one from how you describe it.
2012/3/2 23:05:47
Group Movement As Dylly says, work around the problem.

You will come across a bucket load of these kinds of stumbling blocks.

Problem solving in Muvizu reminds me of the old Hollywood movies and the level of inventiveness they had to employ to create the special effects of the day -

They used back projections to give the illusion of movement (eg driving down a street)...
..and we have backdrops

They had miniatures to give the illusion of great distance...
..We have scale options.

etc, etc.

If fact Muvizu is a digital modern day equivalent of the early days of film with movie enthusiasts seizing a new technology and squeezing the life out of it to create their own little masterpieces.

Years ago moviegoers would watch a film with outstanding special effects and think "how did they do that?"
Nowadays it is just assumed (and rightly so) that it's all down to computers. For me, something is lost from the experience because of this. I want to be initially in awe at the effect, then find myself scratching my head in confusion at the mystery technique. I want to feel that the effect is clever and not that the magician has merely pushed a button.

This is what some Muvizu users (Jonbez, UkBerty etc) have managed to do..and ironically with a computer program!

I have played around with this software since August 2010 so I think I'm fairly familiar until I watch a shiny new Muvizu cartoon with some mystery special effect included and think "how the feck did he do that?" and sometimes when the solution comes to mind it leads me to think of a different effect that could be used at a later date.

Yes problems can be a great thing when it comes to Muvizu

2012/3/1 16:33:33
Can't wait for this! Fellow users!
You have to see what's coming!


Should be "incredible"

2012/2/27 9:55:15
I am not Michael Caine jonbez wrote:
Can u do an arnold schwarzenegger ?

Given some practice and buckets of steroids ......probably, yes!
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