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2011/9/13 12:19:07
Random requests! Textures option for hair.. Any chance?
2011/9/11 20:20:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Danimal wrote:
Is it possible to sneak in one last request for the patch? I can't imagine this would need a whole update:

When going into any of the "create" menus, or even the New Scene menu, the default is "Online," which is an option I for one have scarcely, if ever, used. The old default was "Recent" which makes much more sense from a workflow perspective and is far more useful.

Any chance of reverting to Recent as the default? Just wondering.

2011/9/11 19:22:32
Extras!! simonheffer wrote:
So to go with that would be a 'talking' action whereby the lips move without needing to sync with dialogue. Or maybe have unsynched-talk as a dialogue option.

Hopefully yes, that had occurred to me also

If you could prepare the character with the actions you wanted them to perform and they played them out randomly then if a character was cloned to create more extras then i imagine the random aspect would prevent them from performing the same actions at the same time.
2011/9/11 19:09:23
Extras!! Yes folks, this feature has been a long requested one, but the main point of my post was to suggest the automated animation feature for extras and to see what the other Muvizu-ers thought of that?

If you have a scene in a bar for instance and you have two main characters in shot but behind you would like to see many extras chatting, laughing etc, at the moment we have to prepare and direct the animation for every single character.
A feature which could make a character/extra become automatically animated without direction throughout the scene would be an immense time saver.
2011/9/11 16:30:26
Extras!! When we create characters who's purpose in the scene is purely to be standing around in the background chatting to another character or performing some other mundane task as an extra would in a movie, wouldn't it be nice if we could just stick them in the background and let them get on with it rather than have to animate everyone of them?

So here's an idea..

How about we have a mode for characters where we could make them an extra?
"What the hell are you gibbering on about now Dreeko?" I hear you cry.

Well Imagine you could prepare a characters actions as you do already but there was a tick box we could tick which would have that character perform all our chosen actions randomly throughout the scene without us having to direct the animation. With this in place we could just put them in place and let them get on with it and concentrate on animating the main characters.

This obviously would be even better if we could copy and past characters with their prepared actions included also.

So what do you all think of this one?

2011/9/10 18:13:18
another transparent video test Outstanding Toonarama!

Could you explain the exact settings for sony vegas please

2011/9/8 22:45:35
CrazyDave wrote:

I don't have a copy of Sony Vegas or Premiere Elements but I'm interested to know if it is possible to get transparent videos out of them without having to go the PNG route, perhaps by using an uncompressed codec format?

Dave using uncompressed output from SVegas HD Platinum 10 I was able to output a video which could be loaded directly into muvizu.

tell us more!
2011/9/7 9:02:07
Create a crowd? paulparker wrote:
Quoling wrote:
What's the best way of showing a crowd? - I have tried creating lots of characters and then duplicating them as a "group" but I got a fatal error....so how would anyone else give the illusion of a large crowd?

How many characters in your group ?

you can shoot a "group" with a green screen, export a movie and import in a backdrops (with transparency background).
Do the same with a second group...........maybe ?

Yes that would work if imported as a still png image with transparency. You can't import video with transparency... Unless you use crazydaves new method

2011/9/5 23:29:06
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. ziggy72 wrote:
That is a very good idea Dreeko, and would give me an excuse to do a Muvizu version of a scene from an infamous film that's been on my mind for a while...

Stop teasing!
What film you gonna do?
2011/9/5 18:59:48
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. After trying out the latest version of Muvizu, I tried the "load online content" option and it works a treat! The burger box set which I uploaded to the Muvizu site a while back downloaded and opened in the application at blistering speed!

The ability to instantly have access to all the uploaded sets from within the program is a great feature.

But it could be even better if there were more sets to choose from!

So, with that in mind I thought that it would be nice for the users of Muvizu to upload a set or two (or all!) which they have created for the Muvizu competitions that they enter.

Think about it.
Not only is Muvizu totally free to use for non commercial use. Every now and again they offer up some top notch prizes (eg. laptops, workstations etc.)purely for some small clips.

I think it's time to give something back, and user created content (sets and 3d assets) seem the obvious choice I reckon.

A competition that I thought may be fun would be for users to recreate a scene from a movie of their choice, post the clip (or screenshot) and upload the set for judging .

I don't know what the prize could be, maybe a badge of honour displayed in their posts on the forum? who knows, but I think it would be pretty cool if the community put some effort towards boosting the user content.

I know I'd like to be able to instantly download maybe a set from the matrix, star wars, pulp fiction etc, wouldn't you?

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2011/9/4 8:20:24
Another odd one Danimal wrote:
Nothing at all to do with the software, but every time I try to post a comment on a video I get this dreaded message:

Sorry, we could not post your comment at this time.

When I click on the video to open YouTube, it posts just fine. Something wrong with the interface here? And I did already check to make sure my account was still lined to YouTube and it is.
Any thoughts? Thanks!

Don't like the sound of that at all! This must be tested at once!!
If anyone would like to watch my new movie and attempt to leave a comment purely to investigate this problem ofcourse!
Then click on this link...


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2011/9/1 9:48:00
Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view I didn't realise that either. Maybe that will change when the big website shake-up comes.

2011/8/30 9:44:33
Just a quick... wiggles wrote:
Hello everyone my first post. Like Dylly I bought a new laptop especially for running Muvizu. I've just watched the tutorials again and I'm looking forward to posting my first video, I'm excited about the update too.. at last after months of waiting I can now finally get started animating!

Hello Wiggles

Hope you enjoy your new laptop and looking forward to seeing your Muvizu movies.
If you have any problems or need some help with making, then this is the place to come. There is always someone willing to lend a hand.

Have fun!


2011/8/29 10:31:55
How can I yankiankit1 wrote:
I have imported the car interior into my set,but I am not able to place a character in it,what should I do now? I want a conversation between 3 characters inside the car...........

Try de-selecting "can be stood on" in the car object properties box.

Hope this helps.

2011/8/26 11:52:33
Newbie.... pyrrho wrote:

Now, is there any chance that we could all play nicely for a bit?

vince (Muvizu MD)

Eek!, Of course we will. Just don't shoot the mistaken Irn bru drinker please..Gun

Note to everyone else:
Back away from this thread. Nothing to see here... Move along!Whaaaaa?

2011/8/25 22:38:17
Newbie.... Danimal wrote:

Any step forward is a good step in my book.

unless it's off a cliff
2011/8/25 21:30:39
Newbie.... What He Said .....Although many would say that we still have a lot of growing up to do!
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2011/8/25 21:05:04
Newbie.... ziggy72 wrote:
No...guns...?!? Whaaaaa? Seriously?! Because children use the program? A program that already contains a complete set of fighting moves, tanks, planes, bombs, zombie bits and a prop of AN AXE THROUGH SOMEONE'S HEAD but we can't have guns because, what, children might start remaking Reservior Dogs?!? Children, particularly boys, absolutely LOVE guns or have you not noticed?! Please Please reconsider your position - restrict them to over 18's if you have to, but don't exclude a critical part of story telling completely.

It does seem a strange stance to take with gun animations already in place for such movies

eg. machine gun, shot by machine gun, gun death, gun quick draw, two gun death, two gun quick draw
and electric shock, which as it's in the seated position I can only assume it's designed with an electric chair prop in mind.

If gun props cannot be included within the program but are obviously considered a must have by so many could they not be available to download as some kind of expansion pack. where the user would have to confirm that they are of a suitable age to do so.

2011/8/25 0:09:57
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions What are the prizes up for grabs this year?
2011/8/23 14:52:01
Various improvments Got to agree. Neutral mode and facial overide would be great. Maybe all these things will come when the powers that be have a chance to turn their attentions towards some kind of facial animation system...
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