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2011/6/3 12:09:24
Problem with New Upgade KerryK wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

Don't you find it a bit scary that the bugs are now deciding how Muvizu should look?

oh my god the bugs have become sentient!!!! we're DOOMED!

Oh I don't know, I like the way they're thinking
2011/6/3 11:46:20
Problem with New Upgade freakmoomin wrote:
i thought exactly the same

its quite usefull!

If the new UI brings the ability to move these boxes outside the main window (which has been mentioned before!) then I for one would be very happy to be able to see all the choices displayed before me like this bug has shown us!

Don't you find it a bit scary that the bugs are now deciding how Muvizu should look?
2011/6/3 0:13:53
How make the character sit on bed Hi gabrielarnone

In the object properties for the bed de- select the option "can be stood on"
if the character seems to be sinking into the bed after this then follow this tutorial http://www.muvizu.com/Video/15553/Raising-objects-and-characters-using-ground-p

to raise her to the required height

Hope this helps


2011/6/2 21:41:10
Problem with New Upgade restarted muvizu and all is well again..............stranger than a strange thing
2011/6/2 21:32:33
Problem with New Upgade here aswell

I hear you zig....sorry Neil
2011/6/2 21:16:44
Problem with New Upgade or here

2011/6/2 21:00:53
Problem with New Upgade Anyone know what is happening here?

2011/6/2 10:23:29
The newest Muvizu release... freakmoomin wrote:
yeah i must admit, the shadows being so light is a bit of a problem.....an intensity shadow slider would be great but even just having the shadow darker by default like before is better than the way it is just now.

its pretty hard to get any depth in a scene without good shadows.

Agreed. The new version with it's New found smoothness really needs decent shadows to make the most of it
2011/5/31 21:54:41
The newest Muvizu release... CrazyDave wrote:
Cool, looks like we may need some kind of adjustable shadow darkness/intensity slider: one that would preferably work on both individual and non-individual shadows in a uniform way

Yes, yes and yes again!!!
2011/5/31 17:03:07
The newest Muvizu release... just checked out the walking/running on the spot option for character actions. It's good to have but I would really like it to be a mode that simply stops a character from moving physicaly forward but still has the character acting as if he is moving (as if on a treadmill).

when we animate a character's actions and have them moving forward they still perform the actions as they travel. I still want to be able to do this but have the little guys moving on the spot when required.


2011/5/31 14:59:58
The newest Muvizu release... CrazyDave wrote:
Hi Dreeko,

With regards the differences in the lighting engine... The code within the lighting engine has changed subtly with the Engine upgrade, and it turns out that subtle changes in the lighting engine can have un-subtle effects on the lighting of an entire scene. I was aware of this and tried to calibrate the lights in such a way that in general, lighting on most scenes is roughly the same as the previous version.

It was impossible to get this exactly right however and so a certain amount of tweaking will be necessary when loading old sets in order to get it "just right". It's the same for colour/contrast/brightness on camera post-process effects: as the calculation method has changed (and improved!) it introduces backward-compatibility issues that can be unfeasible to fix.

Cheers, Dave.

No probs Dave
It's all for the greater good I'm sure!
2011/5/31 14:38:41
The newest Muvizu release... Danimal wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
PS: Any chance of my ancient request for a walking on the spot mode making it into the next version?

There are two new actions in the update called "walk on the spot" and "run on the spot" under Themes -->Miscellaneous. I think this would do what you wanted as you could then have them in front of a moving background, yes?

Oooo never noticed I'll need to check it out later!
Thanks for pointing it out!

2011/5/31 12:38:22
Hi all, perspective query Jamie wrote:

A snap-to or align feature is planned but as of yet we've no date for when, so unfortunetly there isn't an easy way to align backdrops.

Glad to be of help!

I may have a few techniques that may help with aligning backdrops to each other.
If you create a floor plan shape in Paint or Photoshop and import the image onto a ground plane you can use this as a guide and place backdrops around the perimeter. If the ground plane cannot be enlarged to the size you require then just section your floor plan into diffenert images and tile as many ground planes as required.

Hope this helps.
If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then, I'll knock together a video tutorial at some point to really confuse matters!

2011/5/31 12:07:15
The newest Muvizu release... Hi folks

I've been pottering around with the new Muvizu (the 64 bit beasty)

Very Nice

I love the wobbly mode. Hats of to the animators on that one.
The swaying foliage is a bit odd looking though, it reminds me of the sit-on toys you see in kids play parks. you know the ones where the child sits on a seat which is supported by a spring (see below)

I aint seen any plants or grass that move around like that.

I have also experienced the same problems with the brightness of sets with the new version (see below)

I've got to adjust the brightness of all lights and environments on all sets which is a bit of a pain.

Also all my favourites have disappeared for characters etc which is probably due to the fact that i installed the new version in a different location from the old one. (something to keep i mind if you are thinking of doing the same.)

Great to see that animation options have been added to the brightness and colour of the environment. Maybe at some point when we animate lights/environments we could blend between colours over time rather than just 'click' blue, 'click' orange' etc

Texture on abstract objects will really make things easier, but I would have loved to see scaleable textures (uniform and non uniform) for backdrops.

All in, it's good to see new stuff added for us to play around with considering it is mainly an update to allow other updates.

Can't wait to see what the new UI brings to the party
All eyes on Neil now then eh?.....



PS: Any chance of my ancient request for a walking on the spot mode making it into the next version?
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2011/5/29 21:22:39
Industrial-scale collaboration bigwally wrote:

You missed one....

The idea of rewriting history with a time machine is nothing new and with hitler and Nazis being a fairly pivotal point in the twentieth century. It is not a great surprise than more than one person has combined the two already. The logo at the end is practically identical to the one I created for the poster further up this thread. But anyone who comes up with a title parodying the name of another will naturally find themselves making it in a similar style to the original.

Good find though!


2011/5/29 20:58:28
Industrial-scale collaboration Can I suggest that we create a list of everyone who's interested in being part of "Back to the Führer" and what they wish to do on the project.

I'll kick off ...

Dreeko - voices/head & eyes direction
(preferred choices. Happy with others aswell though!)

If the next person who posts their name and choices,copies and pastes mine below theirs and all following contributors follow suit then we will be able to see who can do what tasks and how many more we need to begin once the script is done


2011/5/26 16:16:45
Industrial-scale collaboration toonarama wrote:
and Muvizuer MR (Ricky) Grove might be able to help us out at reasonable rates?

If his rates are free then fair enough!
I dont think anyone should gave to put there hands in their pockets for a project such as this. Not everyone would be willing (or able) to stump up hard cash

Let's keep money out of this as far as production is concerned, or we could end up with everyone wanting a wage for their input

Better to just concentrate on making a great movie and not on what we or others can make out of it.


2011/5/26 15:36:50
Industrial-scale collaboration toonarama wrote:
Of course

With Dreeko's mimmickry talents haven't we got any actor we need anyway?

Im happy to give as many voices as i can muster, as im sure danimal and others are too!

Unknown voice actors are sometimes better in my opinion as you only have the characters image in your head and not the actor.

2011/5/26 15:32:09
Industrial-scale collaboration Maybe down the line once we have a few cracking movies under our belt that we could show to prospective voice artists, along with a dazzling script some one may feel charitable enough to contribute but I think the chances of enticing big names for movie no.1 is a bit of a pipe dream just now.
Who knows though, stranger things have happened..


2011/5/26 15:00:34
Industrial-scale collaboration artpen wrote:

Stephen fry might be tempted......
edited by artpen on 26/05/2011

Along with Gene hackman, Robert deniro and Joe pasquali lol!
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