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2011/5/25 13:18:05
Muvizu movie Vote It looks like the comedy/spoof genre has won the vote this time round and "Back to the fuhrer" looks like the being the movie which will become the first open "wreckamovie" style collaborated movie made using Muvizu.

2011/5/24 23:08:25
Industrial-scale collaboration Emily wrote:
mysto wrote:

Back to the Führer!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha! Bloody brilliant title DREEKO!!
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Just for fun..

2011/5/23 15:29:00
Industrial-scale collaboration omnissiuntone wrote:
How about at the end Nick Clegg gets hold of the time machine and uses it to go back and change the result of the election, or something? Just an idle thought which occurred to me.

Do you see this as a series or a one off movie?
2011/5/23 12:59:42
Garage Band Trailer... Danimal wrote:
Looks great! I know we just had a thread about this not long ago, but what video editing software are you using again>

I use Sony Vegas. I think Mysto uses adobe premier
2011/5/22 17:17:51
Industrial-scale collaboration Ah!! Time travel. Superb! My favourite kind of story!
You'll need to be tight on the plot so there is all works within the rules of the space time continueum !

PS: you could call it..."Back to the Führer" lol!
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2011/5/22 11:09:43
Industrial-scale collaboration omnissiuntone wrote:
I've got an idea for a fairly epic project which would require quite a few collaborators, inspired by Iron Sky, for which I'd write the script and let other people do pretty much everything else. Anyone interested?

Knowing your overwhelming scripting prowess I'm obviously interested but can we have more details about your movie pitch?
2011/5/21 13:18:27
website collaboration features toonarama wrote:
I think this could be solved (to an extent) simply by setting up a new user for each collaboration and sharing the password between the members and then everything can be uploaded privately.

The best ideas are always the simplest!
2011/5/20 23:54:51
website collaboration features artpen wrote:
Hi Dreeko, Sounds like a good idea, I have also been thinking about our assets on our profile pages.
I think they should have a locking system where you can lock down your assets, and can only be browsed
by people involved in the project, or by your chosen friends.
I say this because I think our community are a very creative bunch, and I think they will be a lot of prying
eyes out there looking for and stealing our stuff naughty
I might seem paranoid, but I'd hate to see our hard earned work, scripts, sounds, and ideas stolen.
Honestly, you'll be surprised how many computer Wizkids are out there with no imagination.
Anyway, I would like to help in any project, but we need to lock down our assets first.Drink

A way of sharing assets privately between collaborators is something which would be fantastic for many reasons. perhaps a joint account option would be a direction preferred..
2011/5/20 23:05:28
website collaboration features It seems that there are a lot of users out there who wish to be part of a muvivu community collaborative movie. So with this in mind, I have been wondering what features (if any) would help to encourage others or to enable this to happen?

Here's a little idea..

At the moment this is what happens:
You have an idea for a movie, but you want it to be a collaborative effort. So you post your request on the forum and hope that someone comes to the rescue.

This is what could happen:
You have an idea for a movie, but you want it to be a collaborative effort. So you create a "Movie pitch" post detailing the movie idea, timescale you would like to see it done by or whatever piece of information you think someone would need to know who may want to be part your movie. Also in a movie pitch post there would be a "casting" feature.

An individual who wants to join the cast of your movie would click on a "cast me" button within the post and by doing so would be added to a list along with anyone else who has clicked on the same button. in addition to being on the list, a person would have at the bottom of their posts (in every thread they post in) an icon (possibly a star) which signifies that they are part of a collaborative movie .A forum member with two, three or more collaborative movies on the go would have two, three or more stars at the bottom of their posts and if someone clicks on a particular star it would link straight to the "movie pitch" post showing the curious star clicker what film they are involved with. Every star would link to the specific movie pitch post which earned the forum member the particular star.

what do you think? fancy being star struck?

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2011/5/20 15:40:57
Industrial-scale collaboration toonarama wrote:
but I think that someone will need to "take the lead" so that everyone knows what they are doing and keeps the project moving along.

Yes I think that this is the case. Someone will have to take a "producers" role to guide the process from the start to finish and it may be best for that person to be the one who's idea/vision it is that everyone is helping to realise in movie form. But I'm sure if the ideas/script man wants to be just that, then I imagine the overseer hat could be worn by anyone who was willing.

2011/5/20 13:33:53
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system claireq wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
im starting to fear for my job.........but in saying that......ive been afraid of mocap for about 8 years and im still here

P45 is at the door! Stick Out Tongue
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I imagine it would be a great tool to get a general animation in place that could be tweaked with keyframes for exaggeration and a more cartoony quality.

2011/5/19 22:16:55
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system Very interesting Jon!

I can see Muvizu HQ turning into a dance studio!
" And next on the floor..It's Crazy Dave!!....Oh dear,... could someone phone an ambulance..." LOL!

2011/5/18 23:47:19
Industrial-scale collaboration Danimal wrote:
I'm still very new to using the software and getting the results I imagine but I sure do love acting and can throw out a voice or two. I've also found a real enjoyment in the editing process. Anyone needing help? I'd be happy to give it a shot.

Great a volunteer!

better than ten pressed man as they say!
2011/5/18 23:42:37
Muvizu movie Vote If we put our Muvizu community heads together and make a movie. what genre would you like it to be? and what part of the movie making process would you like to take on?
2011/5/18 23:33:33
Industrial-scale collaboration Danimal wrote:
I'm not working with anyone because I cannot let my artistic vision be compromised.

Or no wait, it's probably because I'm a jerk. One or the other...

But you could help someone else with their vision

As I said earlier I'm working on a couple of collaborative projects. In doing so I think I have managed steer myself away from my "one man band" approach to making a movie. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy having full control over the clips that I make on my own, but sharing the process has given me the opportunity to see how other minds tick when confronted with the same idea.

Breaking down the different processes of making a Muvizu movie into really specific tasks that can be shared out to others is an interesting approach which hasn't really been explored yet as far as I know, but would be a great project to be part of.

The different tasks as I see them are...

The general story outline
The script
The audio (music and voices)
Set creation
Object creation
Character creation
Character direction/movement
Head and eyes direction
Camera direction/movement
and finally editing

Not everyone is good at, or enjoys the above steps so why not enter into a project where you can do the task that is your strength and allow others to step into the waters which you sometime find to deep.



2011/5/18 13:03:46
Industrial-scale collaboration I'm collaborating with a few Muvizu- ers at the moment and can thoroughly recommend to others that it's something they should definitely give a go!

2 or more heads truly are (as they say) better than 1


2011/5/17 19:58:46
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... ziggy72 wrote:
New one for the heartbroken among you

Matt's Story. Sets will be uploaded soon...

Great anim from ziggy
And the sets are definitely worth a download!
2011/5/17 11:52:45
Facial animation mos6507 wrote:
I would like to again mention how Xtranormal does things as a point of contrast. Not to say how it does it is best, but it is is pretty effective.
It just has an icon for expressions and you pick the type of expression (happy, sad, surprised, disgusted, angry) and control the percentage and duration.
The problem with this, in my experience is you can not have someone gradually get sad or gradually get more and more angry. It resets the expression before firing off the next expression.
I have managed to have a character get more and more sad by repeating the same sad icon a few times and ramping up the percentage, and it worked well in that isolated context, but there is a noticeable stair-stepping effect when it moves from one icon to the next.
Anyway, the way this works is a series of morphs. The character can still talk over this, but with the more realistic characters that have fully modeled mouths, it can interfere with lipsync. If a surprised expression pulls the mouth open and face back, they won't completely close their lips during lipsync. It's hard to do this right.
This is one of those things that is hard to simplify. You really need to provide some advanced switches. Like to turn off mouth influence or be able to raise individual eyebrows, control ease in-ease-out, etc...
I have played around a little with IClone and they have a new facial tool that lets you puppeteer the face in realtime with the mouse and other controls. This is awesome, but it's kind of overkill.
As I said in an earlier thread, emotion is conveyed by the whole enchilada. You have the dialogue, the face, but also the gestures. For stylized characters rather than the Beowulf-types of IClone, a simplified expression system is more than enough.

Very interesting
I think the number keypad which is used for implementing character animations could be a route the devs may go when it comes to the facial animation. Expressions assigned to the different keys
press 1 for happy 2 for sad etc. but hopefully the expressions would blend between each other as we switch,( like the head and eye movements) with the ability to select and use expressions in-between that we could then assign to different keys and expand the choice.

I wouldn't like to see just a frantic swapping of emotions on the characters, which would happen if a blending system is not put in place.

Can't wait to see what's ahead..


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2011/5/16 13:51:45
A couple of feature/functionality request Hi
Your requests have been raised on the forum many times before ( especially the waypoints one) by other users including myself. You are not alone with your wishes!
The separate audio tracks feature is one that will appear at some point(according to the devs) but like all the other requests we don't know when. Same goes for the method of moving characters etc around.
We have recently been told that a new update to Muvizu will be available "soon" It has been undergoing a major overhaul to the game engine and animation system for the last few months and this will apparently enable a lot of new features to be added which previouly wouldn't be possible.

So sit tight. Good things a coming!


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2011/5/13 13:51:08
Youtube and copyrighted music toonarama wrote:
It's annoying really because I have already asked 3 songwriters from the late seventies - early eighties for permission to use one of their tracks and (unbelievably) they have all responded by saying "yes"

Who are these generous music superstars of yesteryear?
We all want a piece of them! Lol!
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