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2014/4/29 0:54:43
What you Muvizuing at the minute? I'm working on a 5 minute long music video, just have to finish the last 60 seconds, the final rendering will be at 1920 x 1080 and I am expecting a large file size, so any tips such as best format etc. would be appreciated.
2014/4/27 14:10:06
Character Actions? For normal characters there are two uses under Arms folded in Category Sad/Strong and Arms folded Category Angry/Subtle or if you are using Beefy then he has "Fold arms" under Happy, Sad, Angry & Scared, Sinister has 8 uses and Heroine has "Cross arms" under Angry.
2014/4/7 17:49:10
Chains around Dalek Ah! Trickery, my department...

Depends on the angles of course! One way would be to use Lamb's ob_windowpane1.ase from her windows-with_transparency file and replace it with transparent chains, lay the panel at 45 degrees (the low collision should allow it) over the object. I didn't have a Dalek handy, there's never one around when you want one! So I used a cylinder instead.

I did a very quick mock up. As you can see from a 180 degree pan, there are a number of angles you can shoot from. Using four single chains and adjusting the horizontal angles for each should work better I would think, imagine picture 5 which is unworkable, with the angles twisted!

2013/12/15 23:11:23
Hello All Welcome StarLite Moon.
2013/11/11 1:32:02
Object Lock doesn't work properly. Ha! So I'm not the only one that gets caught by this also. Today I just finished another set that was built from the middle outwards and at one stage went to move a small item only to find that I had also clicked on a large one too, was funny to see the whole building explode outwards, only funny because like you primaveranz, I also save all the time, from my programming days I use the Grandfather, Father and Son backup method, else I would have been devastated.

The set is a single Courtroom in a Courthouse and if you look at my screenshot in the assets section you'll see that like a dumbass, I forgot to put a floor in the lower holding cells, it's just grass! Thought I was screwed at that point because the area was so small that I couldn't create an object within so I was surprised to find that I could manage to squeeze a small ground plate in under the building from the outside, clip through the walls and manage to drag it into a center section from the inside and there expand the size to cover the area and all without disturbing any other objects, doesn't usually happen that way. Must have been my lucky day.
2013/11/5 14:27:59
Hello Muvizu Community Hi Guys,

It never feels good being the new guy! Thought it's about time that I popped on to say Hello, introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and maybe explain how I got here in the first place!

AKA Roy Noonan, I'm a web designer, Grandfather to 6 little un's (soon to be 7) and I also run an international PC gaming community called RAW recruits which has been going for around seven years now and has over fifty members from around the world. Playing such games as Call of Duty, FEAR, Red Orchestra, Worms etc amongst others. We have our own domain server, voice server and a dedicated games server located in a data centre in France. I am also very fortunate to have recruited a number of I.T. professionals along the way, so we count among our numbers, web designers, database management, front and back end developers, programmers, network engineers & graphic designers. Also quite a few talented none professionals.

I mention all this because it's very relevant to my use of Muvizu. I first came across Muvizu just a matter of a few weeks ago, was greatly impressed by the software and how easy and simple it was to use. My first thoughts were of how I could use this to get people from my gaming community involved in a few new projects.

There's an example of a previous Christmas one at "" coincidentally also using the Unreal engine. It's not as it first appears be be, just another violent gaming video, if you watch it through, it actually has a quite moving story about a Christmas truce and the futility of war, the music is great too and was composed by another of our members. It was rushed out in only a few days because Xmas was upon us by then!

Anyway, the point was that if we could produce that, limited by the character actions within game over which we had no control, I saw immediately the possibilities that Muvizu gave us for future projects and there is nothing like a good project for bringing a community together!

Although I haven't yet produced any animations, at least officially published ones, I have done a couple of animations aimed solely to get a message across to members of our community and try to explain what Muvizo was and how easy it was to use: Muvizu! WHAT? Just watch. Also, if you do watch it, the end credits are not about me being egotistical lol, I was trying to show just how many different roles there are for members to get involved with, even if they don't do the actual animating itself!

Also: Voice Actors Wanted This again was done to get a message across, the only human voices in this video are mine at the beginning and the guy Swat at the end, the main in-house joke being how Microsoft Anna gets all the names wrong when members join our voice server and she announces them.

So here I am. I also have a confession to make, I'm also not the prolific set builder that I appear to be, on which note I would like to thank toonarama, Jean_mix, urbanlamb & Dannynw23 for their kind words in the Assets section and to Mike_Num_5 For his encouraging words in his PM. Also rather embarrassingly, thanks to the Muvizu team for the mention in the November newsletter, which prompted me to post here earlier then I intended. I was in the middle of reading all the forum posts and learning about you guys first!

No, most of the sets I uploaded were just single elements of one huge set that I designed, called "City by Day" (167MB), that was before I discovered that there was a size limitation on the uploads (I hadn't read that part in the forum then!), so I just redid and modified those sections so that people here could use them if they wanted.

I also did the same set with night lighting called unimaginatively "City by Night" but the lights killed it for me and brought my machine grinding to it's knees! So I never got to finish it as it lagged too much for me. As a gamer I have have a good machine, i7 over-clocked CPU with two 460 GPU's but only 4GB of memory so maybe when I get more I'll go back and finish it.

It took me twenty seven minutes to load the night one just to get the screen-shot lol.

If anyone is interested in finishing it, the links can be found below:-

Well, I think that I have waffled on for long enough now except to say that within our members there isn't anyone that does 3D modelling, there was and he was very good but an upset in his love life left him vowing to never go online again! Long story... Suffice to say that if any of you guys want to help us out, you'll get a very warm welcome.



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