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2014/6/17 13:02:17
Fatal Error Message primaveranz wrote:
Have you logged a Support Call?

I have not logged a support ticket yet. But if the problem persists I will be.
2014/6/16 20:24:01
Fatal Error Message Hello,
When I try to change the actions on some of my characters, I keep getting this "Fatal Error" message window. When I click on it, Muvizu then shuts down. What is going on? This is highly frustrating since I am using Muvizu for my job and I need it to work efficiently.
2014/6/9 16:04:01
Importing Objects from the "Online" Tab Ok, now I have a different issue. I am clicking on the "online" tab to try and find some things I'd like to use, but in the display area it says "There are no objects." There were things showing up the other day when I clicked on that, and now they are gone. Please help!
2014/6/6 19:32:00
Importing Objects from the "Online" Tab Hello,
I'm new to Muvizu and am trying to import some objects that I'm finding under the "Online" tab in the Create window. (For example, a bicycle.) I click on it and it "downloads"; however, once I do that the box pops up that says "Import Object" and has a number of drop-down menus (i.e. ID textures, map alpha to).
I do not know where to go from here in order to get the object into my scene. Someone help the new person, please!
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