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2010/8/9 15:04:50
It won't move around! My camera is stuck - it will only look around with the right click (like, look around but not move!).

The other two clicks - left - and both left and right together!
2010/8/9 10:54:37
It's UPSIDE DOWN!!! It's working now - turns out the player I was using to watch it!
2010/8/9 9:25:12
It's UPSIDE DOWN!!! I exported my video 1280 x 720, with Microsoft Codec one, and it's upside down! What the hell can fix this?
2010/8/9 9:24:09
How Do I Get A Different Camera To Record? I can't get camera 2 recording without deleting camera 1 - how do you record multiple cameras at the same time?
2010/8/8 22:24:52
Talking... I cannot get it to record multiple cameras at the same time/or even change the one that's recording!
2010/8/8 21:25:02
Talking... I still can't find the walking animation! Sorry!
2010/8/8 20:38:42
Talking... Thanks - so it recognizes the words you say/noises and imitates them? How do you get them to do animations while talking (like pointing)? Also, how do you get them to walk somewhere and if you know, do you know how to get them walking angrily, happily, etc.

And thanks - the DirectX worked this time!
2010/8/8 20:12:02
Talking... How do you get them to mouth the words? I'm a bit new at this, and would really like to know how to make them mouth the words!
2010/8/8 19:00:52
Windows 7 and a 64 bit machine It always says installation failed!
2010/8/8 15:41:32
Windows 7 and a 64 bit machine Tigerbeer wrote:

Does the software work on windows 7 running a 64 bit operating system. The program starts to launch and then stops and a screen come up saying that it failed and the problem is being checked with Microsoft



Same here (sane specs as well) - this needs sorting out, and I would really appreciate it if someone comes on to inform us!

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