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2016/6/30 20:05:22
Running on the spot Sh*t, there go's my cover

Haha, I wish I worked for muvizu...but I'm affraid I have no knowledge of making such an awesome tool.
I have no idea though why you get emails from me as being Jamie. What kind of emails are you talking about? Could you post an example?
2016/6/29 21:17:50
Where will I find Mandy's UV? ziggy72 wrote:
Nah, can't download the link. And Muvizu can import TGAs directly, it just doesn't show them as options when you import unless you select 'show all' in the filters.

Went something wrong with the link there, I think it works now. http://www.ikes.nl/downloads/ao_zuboxGirl_Textures.zip
But as I am importing the tga in muvizu, there seems to be something wrong with the clothes textures. Her bodyparts load in correctly though.
2016/6/29 18:58:51
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Well, umodel also extracts textures in tga format. I think you need these: http://www.ikes.nl/downloads/ao_zuboxGirl_Textures.zip (maybe you have to right click, save as...)

You can find online converters to convert the tga files to png if needed.

edited by ikes on 29/06/2016 Went something wrong with the link, I think it works now.
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2016/6/28 6:52:35
Look down a microscope Thanks guys!,

I'm glad to help you out if I can...
2016/6/27 21:51:36
Look down a microscope Hi,

A suggestion what I could think of, is to use the action "object" and make him look down with direct eyes and head movement?

Don't know if it fits your needs...

2016/6/24 13:33:51
Running on the spot Machiya wrote:
ikes wrote:
You can also use the run on spot action instead of character movement.

...a bit more info, pls. It's not like there is a root-bone you can move. Would be great for the occasional fine movement ;0)
or I have missed something .

Hi Machiya,

I'm not sure what your goal is. The action "Run on the Spot" does just that, run in the place where he stands, without moving anywhere. This is typecally used if you have a moving background and you want the actor to run/walk in front of the camera. If you want a character to move in your scene, you can only use direct character movement by walking or running.

Hope this makes it more clear.

2016/6/23 18:36:50
MrDrWho13 wrote:
If you change the recording device to WASAPI and choose your speakers then it should record the output of your computer. (For me the default was MME)

In Windows 7 I think you need to go in to the Windows sound settings to enable it, but it seems to work in Windows 10 for me where I haven't touched those settings.

All those recordings I have made by pointing my mic to my speakers might not have to be done anymore? I am going to see if I have those settings on my computer and audacity. In audacity i only have Windows Dire (which is short for something, and MME). I could not find anything named WASAPI. I have Audacity 2.0.0 (Unicode). Does it need to be updated?

It would be great to be able to record from the speakers.

Hi Rocque,

You can enable the stereo mix. Take a look here for some solutions:
2016/6/23 18:17:30
Patient lying in bed PatMarrNC wrote:

what ZIP program and version did you use to create this archive? I downloaded it but my version of 7ZIP doesn't know how to extract it

Uh, I just packed it in windows 7 by rightclicking the folders and "copy to zip"? No idea why you can't open it.
I've just also packed it as rar, maybe you can open that...

Thanks everybody for the compliments, I'm glad this opens up new posibilities.
2016/6/23 16:01:26
Patient lying in bed Thanks Ziggy!

Indeed not every upk file is able to read with umodel, and the newer actors seem to consist of loose parts, like head, hair, legs, etc.
I did not have the time to look through every file yet. Also from some files you can extract the textures.
2016/6/23 15:08:57
Patient lying in bed PatMarrNC wrote:
awesome Ikes!

Since you already know how to do it, any chance you'd be willing to extract the basic mesh for each of the Muvizu characters and post the collection somewhere in OBJ format?

For the purpose intended, details don't matter.. just the basic shape and size.

Yeah, I will see what I can do. I will just import the mesh in blender, position it on the skeletal and export it as an OBJ. I will also save the blender file, so you can pose the model in blender in pose mode. I'm not sure if it is in the right size. You will have to experiment with that yourself.

I have extracted the default actors and uploaded them here as OBJ and blender:
edited by ikes on 23/06/2016
2016/6/23 14:23:32
Patient lying in bed PatMarrNC wrote:
primaveranz wrote:

Is there a way to extract the 3D mesh for one of the Muvizu dummies into a modelling tool, or do you have to create it from scratch?

The quick answer is "no, we can't export a character mesh from Muvizu"

Well, actually there is. With a program called umodel. You can use that to explore the upk files in Muvizu Play/MuvizuGame/Content/Packages/
from there you can export meshes as psk file and for that is a blender plugin to import the model. It does only import the static mesh. I could not find any props or hair, but I did extract fatman's body as well as the skeletal.

Look here for more information:

blender plugin:
2016/6/22 6:33:09
Running on the spot You can also use the run on spot action instead of character movement.
2016/6/21 15:08:29
Download Mandy Are you connected through a router? This could have to do with your router's firewall. Because Mandy is a exe file and Rosie is a zip. The exe file may be blocked by the firewall because it could pose a threat.
2016/6/13 11:44:32
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Hi MrDrWho,

Thanks for your reply.

By a gizmo I mean for more precise movement and rotation control on axes. Scaling is not really necessary, but it would be nice to have a bigger scaling range than the sliders do.

I did try AVI as animated textures, but it gives me a kind of washed out look, no cristal clear images. I am sure I do something wrong with the codecs, it gave me all kinds of scrambled clips with different settings. What would be nice though is to be able to import translucent movies to overlay on the camera to orientate the scene camera to the movie.
2016/6/13 10:23:57
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Well, to stay a bit on topic here, if this gets through to the developers at all. What I would like to see in muvizu to name a few:

  • keyframed movement and rotation separated on the timeline and also rotation on all three axes
  • a move, rotate and scale gizmo on selected objects.
  • keyframed movement and rotation of groups, of characters, of head and eye-movement and open / close mouth
  • ability to trim actions at beginning and end on the timeline
  • keyframed actions of characters (hopefully if possible, keyframed poses (IK) with transitions in between)
  • dialogue system with more than one audioclip per character and movable blocks on the timeline, more like the soundeffects.
  • keyframed animation control of hands, like orientation, rotation, open, grab, etc
  • import of 2D flash and gif animations in textures, camera overlay, ...
  • more actions, like getting up from a lying position, falling, jumping, climbing, driving, normalized running
2016/6/6 20:56:13
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports You can bypass the collision if you set the movement of the object you want to place inside to keyframe and put a keyframe at frame 0 and position your object inside. Note that scaling and keep upright do not work after you keyframe it. If you want to place a lot of object inside your model, it's maybe not the best solution.
2016/5/30 19:08:57
Depth of field and layers PatMarrNC wrote:
Having said that... in a 3D world, I'm struggling to understand why I'd need layers or channels at all.

Well, you could see it as a replacement for the blue- or green screen, exept you don't have to filter out the blue or green. Also to have the shadows and depth field seperately is quite handy for post production.
2016/5/30 16:42:32
Depth of field and layers PatMarrNC wrote:
My wish for Muvizu layers is that they followed the Z-order paradigm that layers follow in video editors. In other words, the top layer moves to the front, and the bottom layer recedes to the back. It would make it easier to make it all work together without having to troubleshoot positioning in my video editor.

Hi Pat,

That would actually make no sense, because you allready work in 3d where you have a "stack order" and video editors are 2d. If something in 3d space is behind a tree for instance on a layer and you move that layer to the top, it would be before the tree. But what happens than if you rotate around that tree? I think the word layers is a bit confusing in 3d. To call it channels would make more sense.

2016/5/16 18:14:22
Outerra / Anteworld As I was reading in the forum of outerra I came across this post about using video's and this was the answer of an administrator:

"Non-commercial is fine, even the case with running ads on the site where the content is shown. Commercial use is handled individually on request, but for small scale we are usually fine when you use the full version with no extra requirements."

I think if you're not making a blockbuster, you can use the video's.
2016/5/16 16:32:55
Outerra / Anteworld Hi Pat,

I had the thought already that you were shooting rockets yourself, haha. It happend to me also, that I accidentally pressed the button and with a quite loud volume setting, my heart jumped..

I was not aware that you can not use the film footage for commercially purpose, that is a bit of a bummer. Hope that changes in the future.

If muvizu and outerra would melt to one program, that would really be awesome! Alltough the muvizu world is a lot smaller and since it's based on unreal engine, i'm not sure if they can combine their programs.
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