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Muvizu Glasgow Youth Film FestivalWith Christmas upon us and the New Year just around the corner, all of us at Muvizu HQ would like to thank all our users for their hard work and support throughout 2010.

As you know, our free Muvizu 3D animation software has gone through quite a few changes in the past 12 months as we've added more and more features, largely driven by your requests and discussions in the forums. Who would have thought, for instance, that you'd finally be able to open a door, or play a guitar, or train your own dragon? OK, so I lied about the dragon.

Our plans for the coming year are as ambitious as those for 2010. We've started upgrading our core Unreal Engine 3 technology and the morpheme blending system, which is a huge task and one that we expect to take until the end of March. This means that you'll need to wait a while for extra features in the application. Please bear with us.

However, we will use these early months to focus on sharing and collaboration features for the website. We've had a few months now to see how people are getting on with importing their own 3D assets into the Muvizu application so now it's time to think about how best to integrate this function into the website.

We want to do this for a few reasons, mainly to encourage sharing of user-made content but also to limit the size of the Muvizu download. The more sets of assets we put in the app, the bigger and more bloated it gets, so it makes sense for us to try to separate out as many assets as we can and make them available - still free, of course - for download from the site.

So, what happens after the big tech upgrade? In no particular order, we've been considering an enhanced locomotion system to make object and character control easier and more accurate. We've also given thought to a facial animation system. Vehicle physics and allowing characters to get in and out of cars is another idea under consideration.

Other items on the to-do, or would-like-to-do, list include titles and subtitles, scene transition effects, a text-to-speech tool within the app, character visual effects, multi-track dialogue, moving foliage and water. There's even talk of a quadruped.

We've not yet done our planning schedule for this, or even finished arguing among ourselves about which features should be tackled first. Your thoughts about this will be taken into account, especially those written down on a large, brown envelope stuffed with cash and posted to Muvizu HQ in Glasgow and marked "for the attention of the MD".

So, 2011 should be a lot of fun. We'll have more competitions and we're going to try to attend more events. The logo at the top of this spiel is for the Glasgow Youth Film Festival in February, an event at which we'll be running some animation workshops - more details as and when we work them out.

If you know of any animation events that you think we should consider visiting, let us know. Any schools or colleges interested in using Muvizu for fun or for learning should also get in touch, we're happy to help out however we can.

We're off now until the New Year, so please bear with us if your videos take a little longer than usual to appear on our site. We will try to get in to the office now and then to publish them if we're unable to access our content system remotely (this happens quite a bit, thanks to IP addresses being reset every time BT's home broadband service falls over).

Thanks once again for all your videos, all your suggestions, all your forum posts and all your hard work and hours spent using Muvizu. We really appreciate it and hope that wherever you are you have a great Christmas and a happy 2011.

Best wishes, with all the trimmings,

The Muvizu team

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  1. jonbez Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • jonbez - Over a year ago
    • Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. mysto Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • mysto - Over a year ago
    • Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!
  3. lchicker
    • lchicker - Over a year ago
  4. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • Sounds as though there a lot of exciting developments heading our way in 2011 ... Cool
      Keep up the great work guys ... HAPPY CHRISTMAS ... and... A REALLY BRILLIANT NEW YEAR
      Cheers Ian
  5. rgrove
    • rgrove - Over a year ago
    • Thank YOU Muvizu Team for all of your hard work. Hope your holidays are great. And a special thanks from the Machinima Expo for helping us put together a great festival of machinima. You guys are the best.