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Muvizu decorates its space at the CMCMuvizu attended last week's Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, and what a brilliant event it was. We met lots of new people, showed Muvizu to anyone who was interested - and plenty were - and generally had a fantastic time.

We should explain that the CMC is "the UK's premier meeting place for the children's content industries"; for which read TV channels, production companies, writers, filmmakers, distributors and a whole lot more.

The organisers of this year's CMC had been bowled a few googlies by fate, but even so they pulled out all the stops on our behalf to ensure that we could give 3D animation demos in spaces where such things are usually not allowed.

Special thanks to Alison, Rachael, May and Greg at the CMC for being so flexible and creative in finding ways to accommodate us.

We'd also like to thank Matt, one of our early-adopter users, who rocked up to the event on all three days and helped us out, and Dreeko, one of our high-maintenance users, who travelled with us in his now official capacity as Muvizu ambassador.

Californian intern Max demonstrates his drinking problemDreeko also becomes our first user to be able to say that he's demonstrated Muvizu to delegates from Aardman, CITV and others.

Another thank you goes to our unfortunate intern, Max (pictured left), who was over from California for some work experience and got press-ganged into the Sheffield trip.

As you can see from the photograph here, working so closely with Muvizu people seems to have given the lad a drinking problem, not to mention a steep laundry bill.

And now to other matters, namely our next release ... which is slated for a week from now, Monday July 18.

It's not a huge release because we're holding back the new user interface until Jamie's test team is happy with it; it's been totally reworked in C#, whereas it was previously handled by Scaleform, because this should give us far more flexibility.

The important changes in next week's release are these:

    • An improved locomotion system; far more accurate as to where a character will end up
    • A slider to control shadow intensity
    • 64-bit optimisation; this should fix performance problems with the current release
    • Mappable textures on characters
Bug-fixes for:
    • TGA-saving, now much improved and should avoid crashes
    • To stop the director escaping the sky dome
    • Wobbly walk stop
    • Look-at remaining applied when unwanted
    • Sepia-effect glitch with dark lights
    • Audio recorded via the app being forgotten
    • Anti-aliasing should no longer cause certain machines to hang
All things being equal, our plan is to release again at the end of next month - this will introduce the reworked interface plus a fair few more enhancements.

As usual, keep the comments coming and let rip in the forums. We like a lively debate, but we should caution you, though, that the mission statement of our latest corporate client reads like this:

"ITT Geospatial Systems is a global supplier of innovative night vision, remote sensing and navigation solutions that provide sight and situational awareness at the space, airborne, ground and soldier levels."

So, play nicely or we may just ask our new friends in high places - and I do mean in orbit, here - to take a closer interest. We're talking military-grade laser hair removal at the very least ... from space :-)

Best regards,
The Muvizu team

PS: We're looking for another tester. Ideally, the candidate should be called Jim, but failing that, this sort of experience would help:
Bug-tracking software use in a professional role
The ability to write and execute test plans
An understanding of social media/networking
Website testing experience
Familiarity with 3D environments - Unreal 3 games engine experience a bonus
An interest in animated shorts/web clips
The ability to use a range of video-, audio- and image-editing software
Knowledge of computer hardware
Interested? Message pyrrho for details.

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  1. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • Sounds as though you are having a great time guys .. Keep up the great work and if I knew anything about bug tracking software and test plans I would change my name to Jim just for the hell of it :O)
  2. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • By the way ... for some reason the "Like" button above isn't working in my IE browser
  3. mysto Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • mysto - Over a year ago
    • Congratulations on your well deserved success!
  4. Danimal Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Danimal - Over a year ago
    • •An improved locomotion system; far more accurate as to where a character will end up •A slider to control shadow intensity •Mappable textures on characters •Look-at remaining applied when unwanted •Sepia-effect glitch with dark lights These are all totally awesome improvements, but the better locomotion system makes me ELATED! Thanks!
  5. dwino
    • dwino - Over a year ago
    • Great Work! Btw, what do you mean by these improvements?:

      To stop the director escaping the sky dome
      Wobbly walk stop
      Look-at remaining applied when unwanted

      Not sure what those are...thanks.