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    • Over a year ago
    • My school project:
      I spent a month on it and it was well received. I'd like to know what Muvizuers think of my first animation. Please tell me what you think of it. Thanks to Dylly and Urbanlamb for assets.
      • Over a year ago by primaveranz
      • I enjoyed it, thanks ;) Some good camera work and nice touches of humour. You worked well, allowing for the limitations of the software e.g. no weapons or even "Trojan Horse". Keep it up!
      • 8 months ago by Yukisoa
      • It took me a month to complete, but it was definitely worth the effort. I was wondering how Muvizuers felt about my first attempt at animation. Kindly share your thoughts with me.
      • 7 months ago by asternapprove
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      • 7 months ago by dryfirewood
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      • 5 months ago by larsenlola
      • You may download, install and run Muvizu:Play free of charge. A licence for Muvizu:Play+ can be yours for a one-off payment of $69.99 - allowing you to create watermark-free HD animations without any commercial restrictions at all.a href="https://di
      • 5 months ago by TomHiddleston
      • I just watched your animation and I have to say, it's really impressive. The storyline was engaging and the visuals were stunning. I especially loved the use of the assets from Dylly and Urbanlamb,
      • 3 months ago by ahmet7
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      • 1 week ago by malansanni77
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    • Over a year ago
    • Is there a way I can make a character lip sync to multiple tracks in one take? I have four audio tracks for one character but I can only sync one track to her at a time. I can get around this by doing multiple takes, but is there a better way?


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