• Over a year ago
    • My Computer Specifications:

      - AMD Athlon x2 250
      - ATI Radeon 2100 Graphic
      - Ram 1 Gb
      - VGA 512 Mb
      - 2.99 GHz

      The problem muvizu why I could not be run ... there muvizu could support the specification above ... if there is no version number,., ...
      • Over a year ago by Stupidzer
      • so where i can get a software like muvizu...please share...

        i want to make a cartoon..
    • Over a year ago
    • Shader model 3 graphics card is kind of what's inside ... I beg radeon graphic has been 2 weeks I seek not find it ...

      please help me solve this problem ...

      sorry my english before ... less you understand,,,
      • Over a year ago by ziggy72
      • Dude, if the program doesn't like your hardware, there's nothing you can do unfortunately. Muvizu likes gaming hardware and if that's not what you have then it will give you problems.
      • Over a year ago by Stupidzer
      • muvizu that matches the same specs with my computer .. What version?

        I ask for her help,.,.