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Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • I want to show the passage of time with a clock hands moving around fast. Anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this within Muvizu
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • that would probably be a good task for your video editor. You can find lots of images online of clocks with no hands. Pop one into your 2d graphics editor and start drawing in the hands, then put the resulting graphics on the time line. Or....
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • or maybe you could put the clock face on a backdrop and use two key framed primitives as the clock hands,
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • or find a time-lapse clock on youtube. There are many that are made available with an open attribution style license. But you have to give the creator credit.
      • Over a year ago by primaveranz
      • I had to use Moviestorm to create that effect for this video. https://vimeo.com/80974781 and then add it in in post prod. It wasn't easy possible in Muvizu.
      • Over a year ago by Witchy
      • Thanks guys, much appreciated. I will look into all of your suggestions. Many thanks
      • Over a year ago by gimmick
      • Hello, Make a round hole in the face of your 3D clock. Behind, put a backdrop with a small looped & accelerated video (AVI) that shows the movement of the needles.