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Muvizu chat

    • 2 months ago
    • It seems that no one is responsible for the product. I already paid for the license more than 20 days ago and I have nothing. I have no answer here on the official page, or in the email that I was asked to consult, since nobody ever answered me.
      • 2 months ago by SoloCrowd
      • I purchased and Had my similar issues. I emailed to mesh something, and got a bot reply that they are on vacation until the 6th. that's tomorrow so hopefullt we both hear something.
    • 2 months ago
    • It seems incredible that to this day I still have no news of my purchase and it has already been credited to my card.
      Always take so long to prove the license?
      Isn't it automatic?
    • 2 months ago
    • I sent the email to support@meshmellow.cn and nobody has answered me all day,
      I'm really worried, because I made the purchase following all the steps on 17/04/2020.
      I do not have paypal, but the page took the data from the card and charged me.