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Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • The licensing problem comes from upgrading to a new PC or operating system. I am having the same issue, where the trial date is ticking down and I have a full Muvizu Play+ license. It is an ongoing problem and needs to be addressed. I submitted a tic
      • Over a year ago by sammer
      • Contact Muvizu Support: Reach out to Muvizu's customer service immediately for assistance along with your licensing trouble. They could have get entry to to your account records and can provide personalised assist to help resolve the trouble. \
      • Over a year ago by dltanner99
      • Hi Sammer,

        I submitted a ticket about a week ago. I hope to get a response or a newly issued license soon, I'd rather not have to repurchase the software again to get full use out of it.
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    • Over a year ago
    • Hi Clayster, I appreciate it! My email address is dltanner99@aol.com.
      • Over a year ago by clayster2012
      • No problem, I just emailed the file
      • Over a year ago by dltanner99
      • Hi Clayster. I received the same error, that this feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu. I wdownloaded the 64-bit version of Muvizu a week or so ago. I could try downloading it again.
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • Clayster have you tried downloading the set from the site to see if there's a problem that way. Also have you used any objects from content packs in the scene?
      • Over a year ago by dltanner99
      • Hi Clayster, I am still unable to open the scene without the error message. Any update for me?
      • Over a year ago by clayster2012
      • MrDrWho13, yes I did download from the site, everything seems fine, I did us things from the nature pack, like the trees and flowers
      • Over a year ago by dltanner99
      • Hi Clayster - I sent you an uodate elsewhere. I bought content packs from the Muvizu Team, and they are all failing with maximum number of activations permitted exceeded. Others have had the same problem. It may be related. I will let you know.